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14 Ways to Rekindle Romance

Don't let the monotony of everyday life wear on your marriage. Here are some ways to keep things interesting with your spouse. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

Throughout a long-term relationship, the flame could die down in a slow manner as the years pass by. Couples could lose interest in one another and spend each day as a part of the routine of marriage. People having troubles could still ignite the fire through taking action and translating love through words and deeds.

Of course, there’s no need to wait for Valentine’s Day to revive the romance once again. There are simple, easy and very effective ways to achieve the goal. People can even carry these things out within the comfort of their own homes. Take a look at some of the romantic ways to rekindle romance between a husband and a wife.

  1. Hold hands. Remember how the both of you felt electricity when you held hands for the first time? You can revive the feeling all over again by holding hands every time you’re together.
  2. Share happy memories. Recall those moments that made you feel like you had butterflies in your tummy and remember why the two of you fell in love with each other.
  3. Write love letters. Even if it just says “I love you,” a simple love note can do wonders.
  4. Pamper your spouse. You can give your loved one a back, foot, hand or neck massage or treat him to a spa treatment.
  5. Do random acts of kindness. Do something unexpected for your spouse. It will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Have a romantic dinner. For a change, why not try preparing your dinner together? Prepare the foods that you love, place candles on the dining table, order flowers, play your favorite music and dress up for your date.
  7. Compliment each other. Tell your spouse the things that you love about him. Praise him for his achievements and other positive things happening in your lives. You'll see how good it feels when it comes back around.
  8. Spend the day together. Do you remember the last time you have spent quality time with each other? Why not go for a walk and have fun? Do the things you both enjoy. Watch a movie or play your favorite sport or board game.
  9. Share your dreams. Take time to listen to each other and lay out your plans.
  10. Give your spouse a day off. Switch roles and have your man make dinner while you do the dishes, or change up the laundry routine. Try to take the tasks and chores your spouse usually does.
  11. Do something worthwhile together. Try volunteering for a cause, such as charity work, house-building and many others. You must be able to accomplish the task together.
  12. Date your spouse. Find a time to set a romantic date at your favorite restaurant. Follow it with a trip to the gelato shop or wine bar and make sure you have an overnight sitter for the kids.
  13. Show your love for each other. If you have children, make sure that you exert effort to show your children that you love your husband or wife and you’re not ashamed to show it to them.
  14. ​Don't fear vulnerability. Part of love and marriage is being able to trust another person completely and you should embrace this trust. Don't be afraid of opening yourself up.​

Through simple means, you can make the relationship stronger and more romantic even if seasons have made your skin wrinkle and your hair white.


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