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11 Good Reasons to Pucker Up: Health Perks of Kissing

Whether you like to double-cheek on the hello or just enjoy smooching with your special someone, kissing promises more health benefits than you'd expect. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

As a popular saying goes, “a kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” But more than just a magnificent trick, kissing is considered as one way to keep people together. In fact, many people can tell if a relationship will last after the first kiss.

Kissing feels so good for many people, and they will be glad to know that this romantic activity packs in health benefits as well! Health experts say that kissing triggers an entire spectrum of physiological processes which boost the immunity and grooms the body too! So better pucker up with your loved one and get ready for a smooching session.

Here are some of the health perks of kissing:

  1. Bring on the wet kiss. Experts say that extra saliva washes bacteria off the teeth, and this can lead to the breakdown of oral plaque. With this discovery, you can get rid of plaque and achieve oral health through kissing. But of course, do not go on kissing right after meals! Make sure to brush your teeth first before smooching with your partner.
  2. A tongue-tangling French kiss is the bomb. In addition, a serious French kiss is a good way to exercise the underlying facial muscles. This could keep you happier and younger. Now, isn’t that amazing?
  3. Lose weight by kissing. Yes! According to Bryant Stamford, PhD, a University of Louisville professor and director of the health promotion center, kissing might help you shed off those unwanted pounds. This is possible because you burn two calories per minute when you engage in a really passionate kiss.
  4. Kissing can be a form of meditation. Kissing can help you manage your stress because it provides tension relief. It frees your mind from all the things that cause your worries and clears it for a new day ahead.
  5. Kissing and all the things it engenders make you strong and healthy. Because kissing makes you active (including sex and other whole body activities it may trigger), it could maintain your health.
  6. Kissing possesses the power of bonding. For humans and even animals, the act of kissing is a kind of bonding behavior.
  7. It engenders touch. Often hailed as the “mother of the senses,” kissing can be extremely calming or extremely stimulating, depending on the person you’re kissing.
  8. The release of oxytocin can be triggered by kissing. Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone which has a great role in sexual reproduction. It is released in great amounts during and after childbirth. It also facilitates breastfeeding after the stimulation of the nipples of the mother. In kissing, oxytocin translates into the bonding benefits between a man and a woman. Medical experts also claim that kissing is only one of several ways to release the hormone.
  9. When you kiss, you will know if it is love or lust. Experts expound kissing as something that is contextual. It's an affirmation of attachment to the person you’re kissing, so it can be wildly romantic, wildly sexual or genuinely gratifying.
  10. Kissing stimulates the brain. When you kiss your partner, you mind goes to work. You might experience euphoria, your sex drive or a sense of calm. You might also get excited just thinking about what might happen next after the kiss you just shared with your loved one.
  11. Finally, a kiss helps to keep your state of mind perfectly stable. When kissing, you create intimacy and it helps boost your self-esteem. When a person kisses you, you feel well because you get a sense that you are attractive and capable of being loved by someone.

Different cultures attach different meanings to a kiss. Some cultures are disgusted with the exchange of saliva while others are fine with it. In some countries, there are various types of kisses intended for different types of persons such as friends, parents and loved ones. It is interesting to know the facts related to kissing to enrich your knowledge and to reap the health benefits that come with it.


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