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10 Ways to Relieve PMS Naturally

PMS can wreak havoc on a woman's mood, tolerance levels, disposition and daily routine. Here are the ten best ways to combat PMS naturally. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

PMS can be horrible. There’s no other way to put it. Month after month, we have to deal with the moodiness, fatigue, headaches, cramps and all the other uncomfortable side effects our womanly cycles put us through.

Some use birth control to make PMS tolerable, and others just deal with it…but can the rest of the world deal with you? That’s the question.

Don’t succumb to PMS defeat. It takes up too much of your life to let it slide every month. You deserve to be at your best all the time.

While you probably have already tried all of the over-the-counter remedies, have you ever tried to combat your PMS naturally? Many people don’t realize that they are deficient in certain vitamins that cause them to suffer from PMS symptoms. And for people who don’t have vitamin deficiencies, herbs can sometimes alleviate some of the natural occurring symptoms that happen from menstruation.

Starting the ten ways to alleviate PMS list are vitamins. You can take supplements if you are like most people and don’t have the time to fit in all of your vitamins through the recommended six meals a day.

Natural Relief No. 1: Calcium

Did you know that the medical community really doesn’t know why women have PMS? According to endocrinologist, Susan Thys-Jacobs of St. Lukes Roosevelt, symptoms are a lot like those of people who don’t consume enough calcium.

So does this mean that right before your period your calcium needs go up and you become deficient? Researchers don’t know yet, but they do know that participants in a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, who took 1200 milligrams of calcium a day, felt relief from their PMS.

Natural Relief No. 2: Magnesium

If moodiness is your main problem, magnesium may help you. According to a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology, women with PMS had low levels of magnesium. Those who received 360 mg, three times a day for two cycles reported their mood had improved.

Natural Relief No. 3: Vitamin E

According to Brazilian researchers, vitamin E may ease PMS symptoms. Participants in a study published in the journal, Reproductive Health, received two grams of vitamin E and reported relief in PMS symptoms. While they don’t know for sure why this vitamin helps ease symptoms, they believe it may have something to do with prolactin levels, which rise before your period starts.

Natural Relief No. 4: Vitamin B6

Many researchers have found vitamin B6 to be an effective way to alleviate PMS symptoms. For some people, who experience mild depression, this vitamin can even help them.

Researchers advise taking no more than 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 per day.

Natural Relief No. 5: Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 or thiamine is also another vitamin that may be able to ward off your PMS. In a Nurses’ Health Study, women were given a high dose of thiamine. Of these women, they were significantly less likely to develop PMS.

Natural Relief No. 6: Vitamin B2

The same Nurses’ Health Study looked at the effect of vitamin B2 and it was also effective in reducing the likelihood of PMS symptoms for women in the study.

An interesting tidbit though, if you’re thinking about just taking a vitamin B complex, they already tried it and it didn’t have as much of an affect on PMS.

Natural Relief No. 7: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is tricky to figure out. For some people, too much vitamin C can cause PMS and not enough vitamin C can also cause PMS. That’s because the vitamin has a lot to do with estrogen production and if you have too much you may have a really low level of estrogen and if you have not enough, you may have a really high level of estrogen.

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements from the National Institutes of Health, women need 75 mg of vitamin C.

Natural Relief No. 8 Evening Primrose Oil

Many women take evening primrose oil to help with breast tenderness during PMS. There’s no scientific proof that it works to relieve symptoms but with so many women saying it helps them it’s hard to look away.

Natural Relief No. 9: Chaste Tree Berry

Women use chaste berry for PMS and for irregular periods. Three studies have found that women find either complete or improved relief from their PMS. If you try it, keep it mind that in the studies, it took at least three cycles before kicking in.

Natural Relief No. 10: Peppermint

Get some peppermint to calm down your upset stomach, deflate your bloated belly and your pounding head. You can drink it in tea or get extract to drop it in just about anything.

Always Contact Your Doctor

Before you start any new vitamin or herbal remedy regimen, speak to your doctor. Vitamins and herbs can have adverse side effects and can interact with prescription and even non-prescription drugs. Stay healthy, feel better, and consult with doctor first.


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