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10 Reasons to Focus On Your Gut Health

Taking better care of your gut can improve a whole host of health issues. And we're not talking about doing more crunches. Learn more about how to improve your health from the inside out. Learn more at eVitamins Schweiz.

More and more research is proving our health starts in our gut, which means we need to look after it.

Within your gut are both good and bad bacteria that help the gut remain in balance. The good bacteria are known as probiotics and they're known to have a wealth of benefits. Maintaining this delicate balance is the key to your health in so many ways -- here are some of the best:

1. Improved immunity.
Most of your immune system can be found within your gut. Keeping the right amount of good bacteria within the gut helps create antibodies to fight off threats of illness and keep you healthy.

2. Less gas/bloating.
A sluggish digestive system will often result in gas and/or bloating, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Good bacteria help the body break down your food efficiently to remove waste quickly.

3. Clearer skin.
Good bacteria have many benefits when it comes to the skin. They reduce inflammation (more on that later), inhibit bacteria growth and promote bacterial balance. They may also help reduce the sebum production that can cause acne.

4. Better nutrition.
When the gut is healthy, the nutrients you need from the food you eat can be more easily absorbed and utilized throughout the body. This means the calcium your bones need or the iron for your blood goes right where it needs to.

5. More energy.
If your gut and digestive system are working properly, more energy is being produced from the foods you eat, which can help you power through your day. This also supports your metabolism, to help you manage your weight.

6. The mind-gut connection.
Most of the serotonin within your body is actually produced in the gut. This supports the connection between your stomach and your brain, which signals a full feeling or even that nervous rumbling in your stomach.

7. Digestive regularity.
Constipation and diarrhea are two of the most common digestive problems. By keeping the bacteria within the gut balanced (good and bad bacteria), you can prevent these uncomfortable conditions and achieve regular removal of waste without discomfort.

8. Reduced inflammation.
When the gut flora are balanced, inflammation within the gut is reduced, which allows the body to properly digest food, make energy and all of the other benefits we've listed so far.

9. Healthier children.
While a baby is in utero, they're development is in the hands of their mother. If the mother has a balanced gut and healthy digestive system, so will the baby, which also means a stronger immune system.

10. Proper growth and development.
We need the gut to be balanced to deliver the nutrients the body's systems need as we age. If toxins and bad bacteria were preventing the body from getting the nutrients it needs, our development could be stunted.

Fermented foods (kimchi, yogurt, etc.) are a great way to get more probiotics into your body. Supplements make a great option because they can help you consume billions (literally) of probiotics of a mix of strains. You can find probiotic supplements in capsule and tablet form as well as powders and even some liquids. 

Make your gut health a priority to stay at the top of your game. Get everything you need to keep your gut healthy for head-to-toe wellness at eVitamins!

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