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10 Best Uses for Ginseng

By , Managing Editor
Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Ginseng Supplements
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Since we took a break from the normal schedule yesterday to examine an important health issue, here we are today with a look at one of our favorite herbs: ginseng.

There are multiple forms of ginseng, such as Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng or American ginseng, and they carry many of the same benefits for health. Ginseng has been used as an herbal remedy for thousands of years, treating a number of conditions. Native to Asia, but now grown throughout the world, the active compounds within ginseng are called ginsenosides, which provide its medicinal properties. Ginseng is used by millions on a regular basis to help with what ails them.

On this fine Tuesday, here are 10 reasons to try adding ginseng to your routine:

1. Increase Energy -- This supplement is beneficial for athletes looking to amp up their performance. Taking ginseng helps increase stamina for better performance and athletic endurance. And by athletic, we don't just mean professionals -- if you're chasing after your kids all day, that's pretty athletic.

2. Better Focus -- Probably the most common use for ginseng, taking this herb promotes better concentration and attention span. Ginseng has been shown to interact with certain neurotransmitters in the brain, maintaining proper function. This effect can be beneficial at school or at work.

3. Memory Support -- In line with ginseng's other mental health benefits, this root can improve memory for better information retention. Everything from the grocery list to the names of acquaintances can be easier to manage.

4. Reduce Stress -- Ginseng can also help calm anyone who's experiencing more constant stress or anxiety, again, contributing to overall mental health and wellbeing. Individuals with depression and chronic fatigue can also benefit, as ginseng can improve mood and regulate emotions.

5. Fight Infection -- For anyone suffering from a virus, especially those related to the lungs and respiratory system, ginseng helps strengthen the immune system, supporting the body's natural defenses. It's also called an adaptogen for its widespread antioxidant benefits within the body.

6. Cancer Treatment -- Ginseng has been used in the treatment of cancers like breast, liver, lung, ovarian and skin cancer. Mainly, it can help patients undergoing cancer treatment fight the subsequent chronic fatigue, helping them remain more alert and active. The antioxidant properties of ginseng (it contains vitamins as well as the mineral zinc) may also play a role in cancer prevention.

7. Digestive Wellbeing -- Digestive issues like loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting can be relieved with ginseng. It also has a cleansing quality, working with the liver to help rid the body of harmful toxins.

8. Beauty Solution -- You can find ginseng in soaps and other cosmetic products. It's invigorating properties make it a popular choice to feel awakened and refreshed, especially when used as a fragrance.

9. Sexual Health -- Men, in particular, can benefit from adding ginseng to their routine when it comes to intimacy. This herb has been used for issues like premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction (ED) for years to improve performance.

10. Pain Relief -- Using this herb may also be helpful in relieving minor aches and pains like headaches or joint pain.

As always, speak with your physician before adding ginseng to your routine, especially if you've been diagnosed with a medical condition and are currently undergoing treatment. Ginseng supplements are available in many forms including teas and capsules, so you can find the one that fits your routine best. Shop for all of your herbal needs at eVitamins and we'll be back next week with another great supplement!

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