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Theralogix Ovasitol - 1.48磅 (90日 供应)

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UPC: 813349010964
Item #: 349677
总重量: 1.29 lbs (0.59 kg)
包装形式: 90 Day Supply
价格: ¥ 1,028.70
促销价: ¥ 742.95
进口税: ¥ 0.00
运费到付: ¥ 0.00
90 Day Supply
Maximum quantity for this item
Minimum quantity for this item is 1
Theralogix Ovasitol
Now Foods Inositol
Twinlab Inositol 500 mg
Thompson Inositol 500 mg
Jarrow Formulas Inositol
Only Natural Pure Inositol Powder 550 mg

UPC: 813349010964
总重量: 1.29 lbs (0.59 kg)
包装形式: 90 Day Supply

  • 促进对胰岛素的敏感性
  • 支持正常的激素
  • 促进卵巢功能
来自Theralogix的Ovasitol是一种按科学配方制造的肌醇补充剂,可以促进正常月经周期和卵巢功能。它是第一个也是唯一一个肌醇补充剂由一个非营利的认证计划(NSF®国际)得到内容准确性,纯度和免于污染的独立验证。 Ovasitol由领先的生殖健康专家咨询委员会制定。
Ovasitol 含有无味的100%纯度肌醇粉。与水或任何其他饮料混合。像体内的正常40比1比例,每份用量提供2000毫克的肌醇和50毫克的D-手性肌醇。


注意:不含添加剂。 100%纯肌醇。不含麸质。

推荐用途: 每天与食物服用两勺,或根据医生的指示。早上一勺,傍晚一勺。搅拌直至粉末溶解。

Theralogix 评价.

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4.7 out of 5 stars

by Krichaya Piamngam on 25 September 2018

I like it!
This is my second bottle. It helps me with my cycles and hormone. I don't want to take a birth control anymore because I'm trying to get pregnant. I also don't want to take Provera. I heard good reviews about this product, so I gave it a try. The shipping was good. They sent me an email to let me know when my order was delayed. I didn't have to worry about a missing package.

by Kelly Pettit on 24 September 2018

Ovasitol review
I started taking my ovasitol on April 9, 2018. I started a light period on April 20,2018. I hadn’t had a cycle since the middle of December so this was a big deal to me! I suffer from many poly cystic ovary syndrome symptoms- elevated thyroid levels, weight gain, facial hair, irregular periods, infertility, anxiety, high tesetosterone, insulin resistance, you name it-i got it. I have a doctor’s appointment in November so I can check and see if my blood work results come back better now that I am taking ovasitol. I am also taking metformin and that drug really has some terrible side effects. I am hoping that the ovasitol can eventually replace the metformin. Ovasitol is so much easier to take. It is a small white powder that you put into any liquid (water is best) and dissolve it and drink! It’s slightly sweet so it makes it so much easier to take. When I take the night dose I actually don’t even put it in my drink. I just pour it in my mouth and take a swig of water and it’s gone! Evitamins also had great customer service too when I forgot to use a code. They refunded the money right back to me so I will definitely be using evitamins every time!

by Leila Holwood  on 14 September 2018

Helps with regulating period
I have pcos and so have irregular period and don’t ovulate regular. I’ve heard really good reviews about this product so thought I would give it a go. Have been taking it for a month and I feel like it has helped with regulating my period. I got it on 35 days and I had cramps heavier period. My periods have always been really light with no cramps since coming off the pill a year ago and has flutuated from 29 days to 60days. I also feel like it has helped with my skin even though it never really said it would help with that. I don’t feel it has helped me with my sugar cravings. I am taking it also to help with improving egg quality and getting pregnant again. The previous pregnancy was a miscarriage due to a bad egg so it would be interesting to see if it actually does help with egg quality. Overall I am really enjoying using this product and I am seeing changes. It’s probably one of the best supplements someone with pcos should take. Would recommend to anyone that is suffering from pcos. The effects will probably be more noticeable the longer I take it so am very excited to continue taking this product.
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by Melanie Sump on 12 September 2018

Highly recommend
Thank you eVitamins for making my shopping experience quick, easy and painless! First time ordering from you and loved it! I have been taking Ovasitol for 2 years and it has completely changed my life! It has drastically reduced my sugar cravings, I have lost weight, my A1C has lowered, and I have more ewcm. I was one that wasn't able to handle Metformin, but I have had no issues with Ovasitol at all!

by Alessandra Biagini  on 28 August 2018

Cheap, higly dissolvable and good shippings
Easy to use, no taste, high dissolvability in water! Next time I will try the pocket that are easier to carry like on holidays. Since I started using ovasitol by Theralogix my cicle started to settle down, that means that it works properly! Fast shippings, nice pocket, inside there is also a pocket with silica gel to avoid humidity. The powder is soft, the scoop is very easy to use. When I work and I need to take my ovasitol I just put a scoop in a little box, easy to carry with me, and I dissolve it in just half a glass of water. There is written that any liquid can be used, but I find water be the best solution. It works greatly also in tea! Just because the inositol is a sugar, even if it is tastless, it is gives little bit of sweetness to the drink. The only negative thing are shippings. They are a little bit too expensive to be shipped in Europe, It's not a problem of the company, though. I try to save money doing combined shippings of two packs at a time and it works! So that I can have more product, it lasts longer and I save money by the shipping. The good thing about the shippings is that they are very fast! It took less than 15 days to arrive in Ireland and for me this is extremely important! Sometimes I forget to renew my ovasitol box and I don't want to stop the cure, so it is easy to have a rapid recharge of the product! I think that all the girls with PCOS or reduced ovary perfomance should give Ovasitol by theralogix a chances, becouse it is easy to use, cheap (the cost is for 3 months use, 2 scoop a day and I haven't find yet another inositol so cheap, functional and that works well!) and highly dissolvable! Very recommended! I'll recommend it to all my friends! Thank you for this superb product!!! Alessandra - from Ireland

by Alexis  on 23 July 2018

Regulated me
Period came after taking Ovasitol for just 3 days
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