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Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops

"I absolutely love the Organic Lollipops by YumEarth Organics. All of the flavors are so delicious. I love that they have no artificial dyes, flavors or preservatives. It makes it easier to enjoy them and not feel super guilty or feel like you're just eating a bag of sugar. They're only 22 calories per pop which is so great. If you're looking for a better alternative to normal lollipops, these are the way to go. Would highly recommend these!"
- Harley Kensington

"Halloween is a week away and I just got in a bag of YumEarth's organic pops. I of course had to try a couple of the flavors to make sure they met the taste test and they did. I also gave one to my daughter's 1 year old and she enjoyed it. Suckers can be used for many different ages. "
- KHiller
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R$28.09 R$25.69
Yummy Earth Gummy Bears

"My kids love gummy fruit snacks and they enjoyed YumEarth gummy bears also. With Halloween right around the corner, I am going to purchase a few bags of these to have them take to school to pass out as their treat. A Halloween treat that is somewhat healthy. What could be better."
- KHiller

"Love this product. Good to know there is an organic alternative to the other gummy bears! No colors or flavors."
- Valentyn Melnychenko
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R$10.09 R$9.56
Yummy Earth Sour Beans

"For being Sour Beans, these are amazingly delicious! I'm not a fan of sour foods by any mean, but these aren't too sour. They're sour for a few seconds and then they go sweet. They're made with Real Fruit Juice so I can eat a few and not feel terrible about it. YumEarth Naturals did a great job with these. If you're looking for a better alternative to normal Jelly Beans, I would definitely recommend trying these!"
- Harley Kensington

"Sour and not too sweet. To me, it tastes artificial and too sugary. "
- Valentyn M
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R$11.96 R$7.50
Yummy Earth Organic Pops Lollipops

"Estes pops orgânicos (lollipops) são muito bons. Há uma variedade de sabores, o que o torna melhor ainda! O meu sabor favorito é o perfectly peach. A criançada adora! Na minha opinião, são bem melhores que já experimentei.:)"
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol

"These Organic Pops Lollipops are probably the best organic pops I've ever had. It is nice you get an assortment of flavors in the bag. My favorite are the Wet-Face Watermelon and the Strawberry Smash. The ingredients list makes them easy to eat and not feel guilty. There's only 70 Calories for 3 of them which is amazing. If you're looking for a candy treat this is the way to go. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$15.71 R$14.96
Yummy Earth Sour Beans

"These bags are the perfect size to add as a sweet treat for lunches. They're really convenient since they're already separated into the Sour Beans Snack Packs. They add a different spin to boring lunches. They're a very good value for receiving a 5 pack. If you're looking for something easy to throw into lunches that crave your sweet tooth, would definitely recommend these! "
- Harley Kensington
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