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R$54.26 R$29.29
Now Foods Tribulus

"Produto excelente! Ideal para intensificar o ritmo de treinos. Tomei alternando uma/duas cápsulas por dia e senti uma grande diferença na qualidade dos treinos."
- Babi Domingos

"Excelente Produto!!!!! Obtive ótimos resultados."
- Anonymous
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R$79.60 R$42.97
Now Foods Tribulus

"Já utilizei este produto. Não digo que seja excelente mas sim muito bom. A marca é Top! Não senti grande diferença com o uso de tribulus para fins de ganho de massa muscular."

"Produto muito bom, e chegou rápido no Brasil"
- Anonymous
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R$152.00 R$101.76
Libido Edge TestaEdge Cream for Men

"This product works wonders!!! "
- Joseph Martin

"this is my first time using this cream and it worked great my lower back hurt all the time and I rub some of this cream on my back and the pain was gone"
- Eldon Conorquie
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R$206.16 R$132.85
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

"Um preço super acessível e o produto completo."
- francisco Weslay Ramalho lima

"One of the most complete supplements on the market!"
- Savio Dos Santos Mendes
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R$71.13 R$45.43
Universal Nutrition Creatine

"Rápida absorção, cristais nao diluem."
- Jones Cordeiro

"Melhor Creatina"
- MARCOS Roberto Marini
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R$91.66 R$68.74
Irwin Naturals Advanced Yohimbe-Plus

"Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is very strong product! I only need one or two softgels for a good and fast result. I highly recommend this supplement."
- Frank V.

"I have used Advanced Yohimbe-Plus for the past one month one tablet daily. Initially (2 or 3 weeks) the results were great but now I see no difference. It is as good as not taking the tablet. In fact I took 2 tablets yesterday night and still I feel nothing. I have decided to stop taking this tablet. In fact I feel better now by not taking this tablet."
- P
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R$237.11 R$152.98
Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

"I have been lifting on and off for several years and have been getting back into it after a wrist injury. I stack this with NoXplode before I lift, creatine after lift and consume about 100g additional protein than what I would normally consume. Prior to using Animal Stak I had hit a plateau, could only bench 160lbs, curl 150lb, and shrug 315. After 1 month, I am benching 205, curling 190, and shrugging 405, am excited to do cycle two. "
- Charles

"Animal Stak is a great supplement, found an improvement in muscle density, definition after 1 week. I found it hard putting on weight, but this helped a lot -- was 68-69 KG now 72-74 KG - target 80KG. I train hard 5 days a week at 6:45 am, currently bench 90KG. I will report back after my second cycle of Stak, goal 110KG - 120KG. This is the first animal cycle, starting M-Stak next. I had this with Animal Pump, and Pak."
- Iby
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R$101.18 R$65.76
Universal Nutrition Natural Sterol Complex

"Nice product. Gives a good pump post workout and maintains the pump during most of the time of the day.Can be taken in small quantity also other than the prescribed serving size. "
- sunny anand

"I take two before bed, two 1/2 hour before workout w/ fat burner and creatine and two after a workout with protein. Started this regiment 3 weeks ago, lots of improvement from previous schedule."
- Dan
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R$57.88 R$39.78
PrimaForce Yohimbine HCI

"Muito bom!!!"
- Dhedy Thugs

"I was very pleased with the results of Yohimbine! Since the first week of use it has already shown good results."
- Mauricio Scandiuzzi Schmidt
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R$65.12 R$45.83
Optimum Nutrition Tribulus

"Produto otimo, eleva muito o libido."
- Ivanilson Ferreira maia

"ótimo produto, aos poucos você sente a diferença no treino que só vai aumentando, produto com grande qualidade sem falar no preço. Ótimo tanto na qualidade quanto no valor."
- marcos vinicius de morais anacleto
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R$57.02 R$36.49
Universal Nutrition Creatine

"Gostei muito desse produto creatina muito boa!"
- Washington Junior

"Não tem sabor, não dilui muito fácil com água."
- Lucas Alexandre
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R$144.76 R$78.16
Now Foods Tribulus

"Excelente produto!!! Me deu muita disposição nos treinos e também no dia a dia."
- Elder Batista Candido

"Tribulus de excelente qualidade !! "
- Yuri Pereira Rocha
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R$69.83 R$44.53
Natural Sport Tribulus 1100

"Produto Muito Bom, gostei muito Libido auto."
- Ivanilson Ferreira maia

"Melhor Tribulus do mercado"
- Paulo Eduardo do Nascimento Quirino
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R$289.56 R$260.59
Novex BioTech Epidril Cutting Gel

"Epidril is a very good product. I would suggest this to people who are in pretty tip-top shape already and need just a little extra to put them over the top. As a certified fitness trainer I see many diffrent products, but as a user of cutting gel myself for over a year, I would say it's worth every penny. You will get the lean boxer style look to your physique in no time. With a sound diet and proper exercise your fitness goals will and can be achieved."
- Dwight

"I tried this product for 3 months. It showed no results at all. I was very disappointed with my results."
- Bobby
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R$145.71 R$84.56
Universal Nutrition GH Max

"Já utilizei esse suplemento e tive ganhos incriveis. Por isso estou comprando novamente. Recomendo. "

"Achei otimo! Ganhei peso e centímetros de biceps. "
- Darlyson Azevedo
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R$108.56 R$58.61
Now Foods IGF-1 Plus Liposomal Spray

"Produto totalmente econômico e eficaz!"
- raphael guedes barbutti

"Comecei a tomar, e senti mais disposição para o treino"
- Alexander de Ataide Castro
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R$121.23 R$77.32
Natural Balance Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid

"This worked for me. I do recommend to start low and work up to the amount that works for you without getting the side affects. This is why I like the liquid."
- Everett

"I bought the Yohimbe Power Max 2000 Liquid so I could better control the amount I take since yohimbe is known to have bad side effects. I have no problem taking 1 dropper full twice a day and I did get results the first day. I'm very happy with the liquid yohimbe. Give it a try but just start out with low dosage and work your way up to till you find what works for you but doesn't give side effects. "
- Anonymous
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R$28.89 R$16.89
Source Naturals Tribulus

"Produto muito bom para quem busca aumentar a testo endógena, ganhei força logo nas primeiras semanas e tive um aumento no meu peso!"
- Luiz Henrique

"Excelente produto eu e toda a família fazemos uso e recomendo a todos, excelentes resultados, estou comprando novamente."
- Olavo Bilac Gomes Lima
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R$180.82 R$126.01
Ultralab Nutrition Human Growth Complex

"Eu me senti muito bem, meus sintomas da menopausa sumiram, emagreci enquanto estava fazendo o tratamento com HGC, para mim foi ótimo por isso comprei novamente para continuar o tratamento."
- Benedita Inêz

"Taking more than a week. Yesterday passed a blood test for growth hormone. No change. And feel no change. This thing is not working."
- Azizov Eduard Eduardovich
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R$166.48 R$108.56
Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

"O pré treino mais forte que já provei."
- Everton Araújo

"Really good!, Excellent product, it gave me a lot of energy for my training."
- Victor Lelis
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R$97.70 R$75.95
AllMax Nutrition TribX90

"Esse é o melhor Tribulus que já usei, potente e concentrado, de outras marcas precisava tomar 2 cápsulas. Fez toda diferença na libido."

"Melhor tribullus do mercado! Excelente concentração de sapopinas e matéria prima de excelente qualidade."
- Thiago M. Duarte
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R$90.46 R$75.04
Prolab Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate Powder

"Atendimento do Evitamins? Otimo pode confiar, produto chegou antes do prazo e tudo certo. Muto boa a creatina da prolab. Efeitos surpreendentes!"
- Thiago M.

"Fantastic , simply amazing that's all I can say about Creatine Monohydrate Powder."
- Jimmy John
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R$48.33 R$37.36
Twinlab Yohimbe Fuel

"Gave me good energy for the gym, only need to take one pill as this is enough to give me a boost before a great gym session. Definitely recommended this product, it's well worth the money."
- kirk

"I was using Yohimbe for a few months and a friend of mine told me about Twinlab's brand. I must say I have noticed a big difference. I have noticed a longer duration during intimate moments, and more sensitivity. I also can appreciate, as will others I'm sure, how quickly it worked. I am a permanant Twinlab customer now. Thanks."
- J.P.
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R$102.77 R$65.54
Michael's Testosterone Factors

"Dá muita energia e aumenta o nível da testosterona, excelente produto e preço."
- William Moreira

"Works instantly! I bought them for my husband when we were trying to get pregnant and it gave us a boost in the bedroom. So we continued to use it!"
- Raymond Kendrick
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