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R$59.08 R$45.35
Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C 1000 mg

"Emergen-C possui 1000 mg de Vitamina C, é tão gostoso parece suco! Dentro desta caixa vem uns saquinhos com um pó efervescente de fácil preparo! Ótimo para complementar a nutrição! "
- Talita Oliveira

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R$16.25 R$10.41
Thompson B Complex with C

"Complexo b de suas a três vezes mais forte que os nacionais e ainda contém vitamina c, no mesmo custo de um nacional com a metade de tabletes."
- raphael guedes barbutti

"Tenho me sentido mais disposta com a utilização deste produto. Recomendo!"
- Rosângela Cruz
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R$28.14 R$17.74
ChildLife Vitamin C Liquid

"If you don't prefer taking pills, this is perfect. It does have a bit of a citrus flavor and is best taken with juice or some other beverage. I still recommend the Vitamin C 1000 by now over this, but this does the job. Great for kids who can't take pills."
- Bruce Kent

"The Vitamin C supplement is a great product. I give it to all my kids when they become sick or during flu season. The taste is decent and they certainly don't mind taking it. I also sometimes mix it into a smoothie as well."
- James
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R$42.44 R$24.11
Now Foods C-1000

"Ótima Vitamina C, emagrece e da disposição."

"Procurava uma vitamina C com bioflavonoides e essa foi perfeita em qualidade, quantidade e preço. Apenas não aconselho para quem tem problema com a deglutição, pois o tamanho das capsulas são um pouquinho maior que o normal, mas nada demais, dá para engolir tranquilo."
- cleomar f s lira
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R$53.06 R$27.82
Now Foods Vitamin C Crystals

"I feel much more positive and energetic from this stuff. I use about 5 grams a day. Now I wonder if my depressions throughout my life haven´t been caused by simply a vitamin C deficiency. Now I have motivation to work in my mothers garden and she loves me "more". I cured her influensa by giving her just a few grams of vitamins C a day. Influensa in old people might be deadly. Thanks e-vitamins!"
- Emil

"Now that we are into what appears to be a particularly nasty flu season, I feel the best way to give my immune system a shot in the arm is with pure ascorbic acid. I've used the NOW brand for many years and have never bothered with a flu shot."
- Don Kaufman
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R$92.00 R$52.00
Now Foods C-1000

"Gosto de tomar o ano inteiro, por ser hidrossolúvel, não se acumula, minha imunidade agradece. Um Antioxidante importantíssimo, pode ser tomado diariamente."
- Márcio Cohim Guimarães Freitas

"É um produto excelente.... ótimo custo benefício... uso com frequência e o frasco com 250 caps é perfeito. Além de eu ser um fã dos produtos da now. "
- Marcus de Menezes Monteiro
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The Synergy Company Pure Radiance C

"I was pleasantly surprised at how effective this product is. I was originally skeptical that such a small amount wouldn't produce any noticeable results but the opposite has been true. I've been using for 3 months now and have noticed improvements in my skin, hair, eyes, energy and general well being. I'd recommend this to anyone - however, I'm thinking that, for best results, it probably helps if you're also following a fairly healthy diet, like myself."
- Shelley

"I love this Vitamin C product. I take Pure Radiance C daily in my morning "green" drink. It tastes very very good, not tongue-turning sour like synthetic ascorbic acid does. These products are the highest quality and made from real foods, so the body recognizes what's in them and can put it to use. "
- Amy Adler
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R$42.44 R$22.27
Now Foods C-1000 Sustained Release

"Bom, estou tomando. Não sei ao certo se está fazendo efeito. No entanto, ainda não fiquei doente desde quando comecei a tomar a um mês atras... entrega super rapido... 30 dias em Belem/PA."
- Joao Antonio Cunha Costa

"Winter is coming. This is great if you want to give your immune system a bit of pep. I always take this, year round, but make sure to take it in the winter. The tablet are a little large, but what I like is that there's no "tablet" after taste, which is usually horrible. This doesn't have that at all."
- Bruce Kent
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R$45.98 R$37.49
Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamin C Slices 250 mg

"맛도 영양도 눈까지 즐겁게 하는 비타민C에요~ 쫄깃한 젤리의 질감과 오렌지향이 어우러져 자꾸 손이 가게 만드는 비타민C 아이도 어른도 먹기에 부담없어 더더욱 좋네요~"
- Anonymous

"먹기에 매우 편리하고 맛도 좋아서 참 괜찮은 제품인것 같습니다 "
- sunmi
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R$48.85 R$39.08
Solgar Ester-C Plus 1000 mg Vitamin C
R$17.31 R$11.04
Thompson Sustained Release C 500 mg

"Vitamina C para minha imunidade, não fico sem e a marca Thompson é ótima!"
- Dalton Alves Amorim

"Excelente comprimidos pequenos de fácil ingestão e na dosagem sem exageros."
- Anna Frezer dos Santos Cruz Amorim
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R$28.99 R$18.53
Thompson Vitamin C Powder 5,000 mg

"Fácil de dissolver... gostei, muito boa!"
- Iidalina Munhoz Deana Ribeiro Borges

"Eu estava tendo resfriados constantes, até que usei essa vitamina. Ótima qualidade e custo beneficio perfeito. Recomendo."
- Delmir Alves
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R$35.36 R$18.55
Now Foods C-500 Complex

"Outro ótimo produto da Now Foods. Utilizo como forma de complementação na dieta com o objetivo de hipertrofia. Aliado a outros complexos vitamínicos e suplementos tem gerado bons resultados. Os comprimidos são grandes porém fáceis de engolir. Não apresentam gosto algum."
- Roseli Venturelli

- ???? ?S?S????
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R$24.74 R$12.96
Now Foods C-500

"A vitamina C é muito importante antes e depois do treino. O preço muito em conta. Gostei bastante!!!"
- Luis Antonio de Araujo Vares

"Produto de alta qualidade, ótimo custo benefício e dura por muito tempo"
- Wesley de Souza Cidade Luna
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R$212.36 R$133.78
Now Foods Vitamin C Crystals

"This is a great economical product that is free of additives. We use it throughout the winter to boost our immune system and fight colds and flu. We love it!"
- Karen Fleming

"Very good, Good product used for mega dosing... it helped to cure tooth infection instead of antibiotic (together with other things in 8 days)."
- Ron Gelfer
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R$35.01 R$23.08
Solaray C Super Bio-Plex

"Five stars because the only way I can take C is in the buffered form. Anything acidic causes problems with a sensitive bladder. A second reason for five stars is that I have come to trust Solaray. Their forumulas are always in line with latest reliable information and research on supplements."
- Anonymous

"My son has autism and the Super Bio-Plex Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids increased his ability to process information, increased his functional and expressive speech within the first 2 weeks. We use high doses."
- Anonymous
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R$59.05 R$42.53
Alacer Emergen-C Vitamin C 1000 mg

"These Alacer Emergen-C Super Orange are great. I start drinking them at the first sign of a cold and they help shorten the life of the cold. They taste great and you only have to take 1 packet a day. I prefer a milder flavor so I usually put in a bit more water then recommended. Just put it in my Blender Bottle and shake it up. "
- Harley Kensington

"Emergen-C is my go to when I feel a cold coming on. I just add a packet of this to my bottle of water and start pushing the vitamin C. It taste good and what could be easier. It usually does the trick to help prevent the cold or shorten the length of it."
- KHiller
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R$76.39 R$61.88
Garden of Life Living Vitamin C

"I love Living Vitamin C. We use it and avoid colds and the flu."
- Jeff W.

"Living Vitamin C from Garden of Life is an excellent product!"
- Jeff W.
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R$70.76 R$37.13
Now Foods C-500 Complex
R$61.28 R$41.36
American Health Ester C 500 mg

"Ester C is a great supplement to help me refrain from getting sick. As soon as I feel any cold or illness coming on I just start taking Ester C for a few days. I hardly ever get sick and feel great."
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R$43.83 R$29.58
American Health Ester C 1000 mg with Citrus Bioflavonoids

"ótimo produto, aumentou muito a resistência a gripe e resfriado. O único ponto negativo e o tamanho do comprimido, que é muito grande. "

"Ester C is supposed to be better than taking regular Vitamin C because it's more potent. I take this product throughout the winter/flu season (live in Chicago but I guess it really does not matter where you live, the virus is everywhere). This one has the bio's included so it's even more potent."
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R$25.49 R$21.66
Nature's Plus Orange Juice Jr 100 mg

"My kids love these and ask for them every day. Good product, especially in the cold/flu winter months. "
- Anonymous

"My children love the taste."
- Anonymous
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R$56.60 R$29.70
Now Foods C-1000

"C-1000 is a great buy. I have put this supplement on automatic shipment."
- Brandon D.

"C-1000 Buffered Sustained Release is a great product. I take two a day in the morning."
- Brandon D.
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R$106.16 R$55.72
Now Foods Sustained Release C-1000

"Excellent, Excellent product"
- Fernando Augusto Chagas
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