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Superior Source No Shot B12

"Muito boa suplementação de vitamina B12 de 1000mg e contém vitamina B6 e ácido fólico o que garante ao corpo e mente proteção e agilidade. Recomendo."

"Produto excelente!!"
- kelly Rosario
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R$47.67 R$23.29
Natrol Vitamin B12

"Comprei este suplemento para entrega no Brasil. Recebi o produto lacrado e no prazo. Este tipo de formato que dissolve na boca é recomendado por alguns médicos que estudam dietas a base de vegetais, mas é difícil de se encontrar no Brasil. Recomendo o serviço."
- Nicolai Diniz Linhares

"Excelente produto. Com certeza comprarei novamente. Muito saboroso facilitando o consumo."
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R$56.11 R$47.01
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Equilíbrio perfeito entre os suplementos, sincronia perfeita, com micro tabletes fazendo um bem tão grande para o coração, acho perfeito."
- Claudia Poncy

"Muito bom esse produto, dissolve rapidamente e sabor doce."
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R$65.14 R$38.09
Source Naturals MethylCobalamin Vitamin B12

"My kids enjoy relish the cherry taste and I am happy that it gives them the much needed B12 in the most assimilable form as Methylcobalamin. "
- Das

"My kids love the taste. I use Vitamin B12 since we are on a vegan diet. Also one of my kids used to complain of aching legs and slept fitfully. After having started ON Methylcobalamin he is sleeping more peacefully. The good thing about the tablets is that they do not dissolve so fast thereby giving the body much more time to absorb the active ingredient 'Methylcobalamin'."
- Das
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R$32.99 R$17.80
Now Foods B-12

"Vitamin B-12 helps immensely with my extreme fatigue! A must try!"
- HealthFreak

"A vitamina B12 é uma das oito vitaminas do complexo B, e é muito encontrada em alimentos de origem animal.Ela é responsável por importantes funções no corpo. Sua reposição trás excelentes benefícios ao organismo."
- jose bernardes domingues junior
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R$121.44 R$101.95
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Before I was taking this product, I was using multiple vitamin supplements prescribed by my holistic physician. The cost was too much for my budget so I had to find something different to take. I began doing some research and I read the ingredients in this product and it had many of the nutrients that I needed. When I began this product I was very hesitant because I have a heart condition and I can not take any stimulants or caffeine. I had trouble with other "natural" supplements before. I was very pleased with the outcome. "
- Gloria Massey

"I love No Shot B12! It melts in the mouth very well."
- Dena M.
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R$44.00 R$23.74
Now Foods Methyl B-12

"Produto maravilhoso."
- Tharcisio

"Produto cumpre o que promete, no mesmo dia que usei consegui dormir tranquilamente. Adeus insônia."
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R$51.34 R$27.71
Now Foods B-12

"Excelente absorção, fácil de tomar, aumentou meus níveis rapidamente, indico."
- fatima crespo

"The taste is really good! I like it really much!"
- Isabella Bokeroth
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R$66.02 R$46.21
Garden of Life mykind Organics B12

"Tiene un sabor agradable "
- Amira Martínez Horti

"I received this Garden of Life myKind Organics Organic b12 Spray for attending an event. I was optimistic going into trying it because I had heard many testimonials to the product since it is USDA Organic and composted of whole foods. The taste alone made it impossible for me to continue to take it. The spray tasted awful and was very thick. It honestly left a really weird aftertaste and almost like a film in your mouth. Was not impressed."
- Harley Kensington
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R$124.74 R$104.82
Superior Source No Shot B12 Cyanocobalamin

"This B12 is an excellent product! My doctor put me on 10,000 mcg of B12 in October 2012. I could not find this high of dosage at regular pharmacies. My B-12 blood counts have returned to almost normal since I started taking this product. It is easy to use, dissolves quickly in your mouth, good taste, and has given me energy that I did not have before. My nails have started growing and the ridges are almost gone, and my hair is falling out less."
- Donna Cubstead

"Wonderful. I felt better than I HAVE IN YEARS."
- Anonymous
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R$66.02 R$35.64
Now Foods B-12

"a good replacement for sweets lol nicely packaged"
- Teeybaby
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R$28.44 R$16.63
Source Naturals B-12

"Bom gosto, dissolve legal sublingual"
- Vicente

"I was weary about the taste of the B-12 Sublingual 2000 mcg. This product is amazing!"
- Caleb P.
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R$12.44 R$7.98
Thompson B12 Lozenge 1,000 mcg

"Imunidade não baixa facil, elimina muito a dor corporal, muito bom."
- Ivanilson Ferreira maia

"Very good product and high quality, excellent delivery time for Brazil."
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R$52.08 R$34.31
Solaray Vitamin B-12

"Vitamin B-12 from Solaray is a very good product."
- Birgitte J.

"I saw results immediately using Vitamin B-12 5000 mcg."
- Anonymous
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R$47.67 R$37.76
Olympian Labs Mighty Methyl B-12

"Percebi que o produto é de excelente qualidade porém a minha cidade é muito úmida e os comprimidos dissolveram dentro da embalagem... Todos derreteram e não pude utilizar..."
- Katy

"I was very pleased that the Mighty Methyl B12 is offered and am very pleased with the product. Thank You!"
- Anonymous
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R$62.35 R$54.76
Heaven Sent Naturals Sublingual B12

"Produto muito bom, ajudou a melhorar meu sono e dar mais disposição.Porém o produto adquire umidade com o tempo e fica melado."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol

"I was told by my Primary Care Physician to take the sublingual form of B12 and the same day I took it I started to have more energy. The second day came along and I took it again and noticed I was feeling better again. I wasn't sure if it was from this B12. How can something help you this quickly, I thought. After 10 days taking it every morning I was definitely feeling better. I thoroughly enjoyed having more energy but it also decreased the headaches, dizzines and unsteadiness I had been experiencing for several months."
- Kim
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R$132.45 R$111.24
Superior Source No Shot B12 Cyanocobalamin

"Esse B-12 melhorou meus niveis de energia!"

"DO not like No Shot 10,000 mcg Cyano B12, B6 and Folic Acid 1,200. The Cyano is NOT item of choice."
- Patricia T.
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R$43.86 R$29.73
Jarrow Formulas Methyl B-12

"Very easy on the stomach and the taste is pretty good. Easy to take any time of the day."
- A Jackson
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R$62.32 R$36.44
Source Naturals Advanced B-12 Complex

"I finally found a reputable B-12 that has both methylocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin in a sublingual format."

"Advanced B-12 Complex 5 mg is easily tolerated with a nice flavor and it seems to give me the benefit of a higher dose of active B12. "
- Margaret H.
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R$51.31 R$30.00
Source Naturals Vitamin B-12

"Precisei tomar a vitamina B12 já que estava com deficiência, comecei a tomar e já notei diferença na disposição e na concentração."

"Taste is amazing."
- sarah messenger
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R$132.45 R$111.24
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Easy to take and recommended for children to suck on. Like the fact that it's painless compared to jabs."

"No Shot 10,000 mcg Methyl B12, B6 and Folic 1,200 mcg is overall a lot better than most in it's class. It's the only way to take B-12 and get some extras I need. Very good Product!"
- Colleen
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R$50.24 R$42.13
Superior Source No Shot B12

"I really have nothing bad to say. I'm going for a blood test soon and then I will be able to say if they were effective or not."
- Kathy H
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R$124.74 R$104.82
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Needed some energy and couldn't always get a b-12 shot from my doctor. This is the closest to the real shot. Very small pill and dissolves under the tongue quickly plus I do feel more energetic "
- Gramzie

"Spectacular results! Follow-up blood tests showed alleviation of macrocytic anema. This, in parallel to my sister who was having B12 injections for the same condition. Will be continuing this easy and effective therapy."
- Stella
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R$62.35 R$43.64
Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW B12 1000 mcg

"Energy levels are better and product does not leave me shaky."
- Jade J Neal
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