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R$64.73 R$38.86
Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength 10,000 mcg

"Found a remarkable change in the texture of my hair. It seems to have become thicker, ie. I can feel more hair whilst running the brush through the scalp. "
- Capt Naveen Irwin John

"Percebi que a queda do meu cabelo diminuiu bastante desde que comecei a usar este produto."
- Katy
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R$59.40 R$49.83
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Este produto é excelente, temos visto efeito em nossa filha!"
- Erenita Mirene de Oliveira Vasconcelos

"Fácil dissolução, sabor suave, tem ajudado muito o meu filho."
- Mildred Freire
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R$62.87 R$43.40
Carlson Labs Vitamin B-6 Liquid

"My son takes Vitamin B6 Liquid along with his all-natural supplement for ADD. It definitely makes a big difference in him. "
- Sandra S.

"Carlson's B-6 Liquid is great. My 6 year old son has ADD and I give him some HTP-10 along with this and it keeps him focused. Great stuff."
- Sandra S.
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R$58.25 R$48.81
Superior Source No Shot B12

"Muito bom esse produto, em apenas 1 mês de uso a minha taxa de B12 aumentou significativamente. Hoje em dia eu tomo toda semana."

"Apesar de um tratamento eficaz com Metil B12 ser a longo prazo, já estamos obtendo muitos ganhos com nosso filho autista, ele tem 4 anos."
- Lucas Barros
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R$81.88 R$61.42
Twinlab Stress B-Complex

"Stress B-Complex is a very good supplement to reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality."
- Josevane L.

"I had taken these vitamins before and felt that I needed them again due to job stress. I am very pleased with the product and the service."
- Christine Kint
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R$61.91 R$33.79
Source Naturals MethylCobalamin Vitamin B12 1 mg

"My kids enjoy relish the cherry taste and I am happy that it gives them the much needed B12 in the most assimilable form as Methylcobalamin. "
- Das

"My kids love the taste. I use Vitamin B12 since we are on a vegan diet. Also one of my kids used to complain of aching legs and slept fitfully. After having started ON Methylcobalamin he is sleeping more peacefully. The good thing about the tablets is that they do not dissolve so fast thereby giving the body much more time to absorb the active ingredient 'Methylcobalamin'."
- Das
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R$126.07 R$105.84
Superior Source No Shot B12

"I love No Shot B12! It melts in the mouth very well."
- Dena M.

"My son, age 5, has Apraxia (a speech disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently). After many years of not getting anywhere with his condition, I did some research and found a study on Methyl B-12 shots. It involved Apraxia patients and Autism patients. The study results were amazing. All of the patients made huge progress and some were even fully cured. I thought it was worth a shot. Although I couldn't get his medical doctor to give him shots, she did recommend a supplement. I did more research and found Superior Source. I talked with his doctor again and she suggested giving him 5,000 mcg two times a day. She said that would be equivalent to giving him a sub-q shot daily. After the 1st week, he started making new sounds, and his other words became clear. After just 2 1/2 weeks, he started using full sentences. He is improving everyday. We highly recommend this product!"
- Michelle Grammentz
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R$103.57 R$88.02
Nature's Plus Mega B-150 Sustained Release

"Excellent product! I've been using Mega B-150 Sustained Release for six months and just had physical and my B levels are perfect!"
- Kimberly A.

"Vitamin B is a must but with Mega B-150, you get so much more for your money! Great product with a great price!"
- Kimberly Akins
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R$155.42 R$81.56
Now Foods Alpha GPC 300 mg

"Ajuda muito nas dores de cabeça causadas pelo modafinil."
- Valdemir Benicio Coelho Junior

"Eu costumava tomar adderal por causa da minha TDAH e esta é uma alternativa maravilhosa que é natural e dura o dia todo. Eu simplesmente amo este produto meu foco tem sido melhor e eu só tomo este apenas 2 dias. O transporte é excelente, procuro sempre que possível comprar esse produto."
- Fabiano Santana da Silva
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R$77.69 R$40.75
Now Foods B-100

"Ótima fonte de minerais! Meu médico recomendou para a anemia. Me sinto com muito mais disposição."
- D. Monteiro

"The best B complex vitamin, I prefer this to others."
- Kimberly Bustamante
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R$31.05 R$16.27
Now Foods B-2 100 mg

"Fantastic value"
- Andrew

"Although it is too soon to know if this will help me with migraines, I can report no bad side effects. It does seem to have helped with my energy level as well."
- Shannon
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R$46.60 R$24.43
Now Foods Methyl B-12

"Produto cumpre o que promete, no mesmo dia que usei consegui dormir tranquilamente. Adeus insônia."

"Excelente produto, comecei a perceber a diminuição de alguns dos sintomas da deficiência de B12 em menos de 1 mês. Tomo duas vezes ao dia, sempre junto a uma refeição, geralmente no café da manhã e no lanche da tarde. A entrega ocorreu antes do esperado. Recomendo este produto, ótimo custo-benefício."
- João Francisco Baiochi
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R$58.26 R$30.58
Now Foods Nutritional Yeast

"Tastes really good, it's great to add flavor to foods and make more cheesy/rich flavor sauces."
- Amanda Souza Viceconte

"It is absolutely amazing. Makes our vegan cheese so much better. "
- Shelby Anderson
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R$97.12 R$76.16
Buried Treasure B Complete Vitamins - Liquid

"My chronic mouth sores/ulcers stopped within 3 days of beginning B Complete Liquid. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
- Anonymous

"Wow! My son has had a problem with mouth ulcers. He gets them continuously. As soon as he would get rid of one, he would get another. I started giving him B Complete Vitamins Liquid and the ulcers went away and he hasn't had another one! I'm about to order another bottle. Thank you!"
- Anonymous
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R$129.50 R$108.81
Superior Source No Shot B12 Cyanocobalamin

"This B12 is an excellent product! My doctor put me on 10,000 mcg of B12 in October 2012. I could not find this high of dosage at regular pharmacies. My B-12 blood counts have returned to almost normal since I started taking this product. It is easy to use, dissolves quickly in your mouth, good taste, and has given me energy that I did not have before. My nails have started growing and the ridges are almost gone, and my hair is falling out less."
- Donna Cubstead

"Wonderful. I felt better than I HAVE IN YEARS."
- Anonymous
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R$38.83 R$20.35
Now Foods Biotin

"Acelerou o crescimento do meu cabelo!"
- Silvia M Maestrelo

"I took biotin for my hair to get it to grow longer faster and as a bonus I hoped to get it a bit thicker... and it did just that. My hair grew about 2 inches in a little over a month. Also my eyebrows started to grow back a little anddddddd... MY EYELASHES grew longer! or maybe they got thicker? Im not sure myself but they are noticeably better."
- ?????????? ???????????
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R$69.92 R$36.67
Now Foods Biotin

"Item was just as described and I have noticed a change in my nails within a week. "
- Kimmy

"Great stuff, I can grow hair and fingernails like crazy now and my hair is a lot thicker too."
- ldeines
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R$31.05 R$16.27
Now Foods B-12

"Vitamin B-12 helps immensely with my extreme fatigue! A must try!"
- HealthFreak

"Comprei a vitamina B12 na minha primeira viagem aos Estados Unidos e de lá pra cá tomo diariamente. Percebi que minha imunidade contra doenças aumentou, também senti melhora na minha disposição e ajudou a diminuir os níveis do meu colesterol e triglicérides, pois estavam acima do normal."
- Valmir Ferreira
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R$59.78 R$50.14
Superior Source Biotin

"I hear nothing but good things about Superior Source and their products!! I cannot wait to try the Biotin 5,000."
- Melissa S.

"I like this product because it is easy and fast to take. Just throw one under your tongue and your set. The taste is slight and tolerable. This product has helped clear up all my eczema. Highly recommend for that."
- Alicia
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R$45.68 R$26.74
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"eVitamins own Vitamin B Complex is pound-for-pound the best B complex on the site. It's a quality supplement with great dosage levels and is about half the price of other B complex supplements. Highly recommended, it's a great deal."
- Tommy W.

"Vitamin B Complex keeps me focused through the day and much more calm. Really helped out on finals and studying."
- Evan S.
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R$15.96 R$9.31
Thompson B Complex with C

"Recomendo!, Essa composição (sem RDAs exorbitantes, nem formulações incompletas) melhorou muito o meu humor juntamente da minha qualidade de sono e da minha sensação de bem-estar. Gosto muito e confio nos produtos da Thompson. Outro crédito a se dar é a inclusão de vitamina C no blend."
- Tales Pinheiro

"I bought this product for my nephew advised by his pediatrician, who is pre-teen , and was complaining of weakness and apathy, after a few weeks notice improvement that has been proven by the pediatrician. I recommend using as directed by pediatrician. "
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R$38.83 R$20.35
Now Foods Inositol 500 mg

"Every night for about 1 year, I have been taking 1000mg of inositol, and I really like it! I feel more rested in the morning, and also my sleep is less unstable (usually I wake up often during the night)."
- Beatriz Rossi Corrales

"Helped me with depression and anxiety. I feel much better when I take it. I used to get nervous so quickly. Now I am much calmer, and it is also good for migraine. I will buy it again. I take 2 caps/day. One in the morning and one before I go to sleep. "
- Osama Iqneibi
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R$64.58 R$45.22
Garden of Life mykind Organics Organic B12 Spray

"I received this Garden of Life myKind Organics Organic b12 Spray for attending an event. I was optimistic going into trying it because I had heard many testimonials to the product since it is USDA Organic and composted of whole foods. The taste alone made it impossible for me to continue to take it. The spray tasted awful and was very thick. It honestly left a really weird aftertaste and almost like a film in your mouth. Was not impressed."
- Harley Kensington

"Tastes like a dessert! Raspberry flavor is very refreshing. Felt more energized in the morning. I feel that if someone was deficient in B12, this would help them a lot. The dosage is high and it is easy to take rather than pills. So easy and quick too."
- Lalita Thompson
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R$137.50 R$115.48
Superior Source No Shot B12 Cyanocobalamin

"Esse B-12 melhorou meus niveis de energia!"

"DO not like No Shot 10,000 mcg Cyano B12, B6 and Folic Acid 1,200. The Cyano is NOT item of choice."
- Patricia T.
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