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Twinlab Stress B-Complex

"Stress B-Complex is a very good supplement to reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality."
- Josevane L.

"I had taken these vitamins before and felt that I needed them again due to job stress. I am very pleased with the product and the service."
- Christine Kint
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R$97.54 R$82.90
Nature's Plus Mega B-150 Sustained Release

"Excellent product! I've been using Mega B-150 Sustained Release for six months and just had physical and my B levels are perfect!"
- Kimberly A.

"Vitamin B is a must but with Mega B-150, you get so much more for your money! Great product with a great price!"
- Kimberly Akins
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R$73.16 R$38.39
Now Foods B-100

"Ótima fonte de minerais! Meu médico recomendou para a anemia. Me sinto com muito mais disposição."
- D. Monteiro

"The best B complex vitamin, I prefer this to others."
- Kimberly Bustamante
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R$43.88 R$25.69
eVitamins Vitamin B Complex

"Its so appropriate and a wonderful beneficial..Its at its best price in satisfied.. "

"eVitamins own Vitamin B Complex is pound-for-pound the best B complex on the site. It's a quality supplement with great dosage levels and is about half the price of other B complex supplements. Highly recommended, it's a great deal."
- Tommy W.
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R$16.07 R$10.27
Thompson B Complex with C

"Ótimo produto, auxilia as necessidades diárias de vitamina B e ajuda na minha saúde."
- Anderson Carvalho Nascimento

"Recomendo!, Essa composição (sem RDAs exorbitantes, nem formulações incompletas) melhorou muito o meu humor juntamente da minha qualidade de sono e da minha sensação de bem-estar. Gosto muito e confio nos produtos da Thompson. Outro crédito a se dar é a inclusão de vitamina C no blend."
- Tales Pinheiro
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R$54.86 R$28.77
Now Foods Nutritional Yeast

"Tastes really good, it's great to add flavor to foods and make more cheesy/rich flavor sauces."
- Amanda Souza Viceconte

"It is absolutely amazing. Makes our vegan cheese so much better. "
- Shelby Anderson
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R$93.29 R$73.16
Buried Treasure B Complete Vitamins - Liquid

"My chronic mouth sores/ulcers stopped within 3 days of beginning B Complete Liquid. I would highly recommend it to anyone."
- Anonymous

"Wow! My son has had a problem with mouth ulcers. He gets them continuously. As soon as he would get rid of one, he would get another. I started giving him B Complete Vitamins Liquid and the ulcers went away and he hasn't had another one! I'm about to order another bottle. Thank you!"
- Anonymous
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R$73.16 R$49.85
Country Life Coenzyme B-Complex

"Arrived really fast fine product."
- Theodoros Tsimrikidis

"I've used Coenzyme B-Complex in the following manner: 2 capsules daily, away from food and not near bedtime. The results are excellent. I feel centered and energized. In this world of stress and insomnia, many people should take this product to alleviate their ills."
- Anonymous
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R$26.68 R$18.67
Nature's Life B-50 Complex

"I have been taking the NatureMost B-Complex daily for over 6 years, and I wouldn't want to be without it ! One time I ran out of them & purchased a different brand of B-complex because I couldn't get to the vitamin store & within the next 2 days I did go get this supplement because the other brand did nothing for me. My general well-being is improved, my hair & nails are improved as well as my stress & energy levels-immediate results-& helps me to think clearly. This supplement is easy to take due to it's size & coating, and leaves no bitter aftertaste. I take it with or without food, so no problem either way. Highly recommend as a regular part of supplement maintenance."
- Anonymous

"This seemed to upset my stomach even with food, so I switched to a food-based B-complex which agrees with me much better."
- Anonymous
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R$161.00 R$84.51
Now Foods B-100
R$123.34 R$104.86
Nature's Plus Super B-50 Vegetarian Capsules

"As a vegetarian, I have to have a B-complex supplement & I have found this product essential for getting me through the day."
- Sarah Chick
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R$94.98 R$56.99
New Chapter Coenzyme B Food Complex

"This B Complex is great!"
- Ted Hirsch
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R$62.18 R$39.69
Nature's Answer Liquid Vitamin B Complex

"Excellent product if you don't like taking pills. Juice makes it much more palatable, but you can still get a bit of a vitamin taste. It mixes just fine, no clumps or gritty textures."
- Bruce Kent
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R$93.29 R$71.42
Twinlab Super B Complex

"Why can't you make a PURE product? What if it does not taste good? We can always take it with juice. It is not bad enough that it has artificial color and flavor, you have to total it by adding Fructose? Honey? Sugar? How about adding High Fructose Corn Syrup and make it a real killer, why go halfway? I will never purchase any product that counterproductive to my health. "
- Anonymous
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R$51.20 R$39.14
World Organic Ultra-B Liquid in Raisin Juice

"This handles my B complex shortage without the harsh stomach upsetting that most B complex tablets create for me. It tastes the best of all the liquid B complex I have tried. The label here says it has parabens, however, it no longer does and parabens are not listed on the labels of the bottles."
- GK Sweigart
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R$70.60 R$44.41
Natrol B-100 Complex

"B-100 Complex, although potent, has a very rank smell and taste. Aside from that, it works as advertised providing a heavy dose of vitamin b complex."
- Anton
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R$58.49 R$34.20
Source Naturals B-50 Complex
R$133.59 R$78.18
Source Naturals B-50 Complex

"Estou consumindo o B-50 Complex, da Source Naturals'. Considero um suplemente com a dosagem adequada de seus ingredientes, o que vem a atender as necessidades de reposição de vitaminas do complexo B. Vitaminas como a Niacina, a Piridoxina e a Riboflavina têm função importante como antioxidantes e atuam beneficamente no sistema cardiovascular. A ingestão de suplementos vitamínicos e minerais é fundamental para suprir nossas carências nutricionais, preservar a saúde e combater o envelhecimento."
- Edson Tito Teixeira
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R$32.90 R$20.75
Nutrition Now B Complex Gummy Vitamins

"Good product. Nice taste"
- Rachael Allen
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R$13.51 R$8.62
Thompson B Complex with Rice Bran

"Providencial para quem sofre de dores e fadiga crônica (fibromialgia)! Estou suplementando há apenas uma semana e os meus ganhos já são notáveis nesses pontos citados. Inclusive, estou acordando com mais vitalidade e estou conseguindo manter um bom humor no decorrer do dia. Tenho tido muita confiança nos produtos da Thompson. Um outro ponto positivo desse blend, para mim, é a dosagem de cada vitamina, pois não extrapolam na porcentagem da dosagem diária recomendada, como a grande maioria dos outros disponíveis no mercado."
- Tales Pinheiro
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R$43.92 R$32.94
Life Extension BioActive Complete B-Complex

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R$13.51 R$8.62
Thompson B 50 Complex

"I would say that its the greatest proportion of vitamins needed to treat issues like acne and the Thompson's company has got equally mixed proportions of 50 mg of all the vitamins in it... Go for it!👍"
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R$42.42 R$25.44
Nature's Life Stress B Complex with C

"I get migraines often, but after taking this, it is less frequent. Good product!"
- Anonymous
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R$87.66 R$56.99
Zahlers B Complex

"Wow this formula has 100mg of each B vitamins so I went for it. feel more energized as well as relaxed on it."
- Sheila
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