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R$38.97 R$29.09
Health From the Sun MygraStick Roll-On

"Muito Bom. Efeito bem rápido!"

"This MygraStick Roll-On by Health From the Sun is such a great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for relief! I tried this in a last stitch to avoid taking Advil or other pain relievers. And the results were great. I was shocked how well it worked. Just put a little on my forehead and it helped melt my headache away and keep it at bay. Love it!"
- Harley Kensington
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R$66.20 R$35.73
Now Foods Rhodiola 500 mg

"Effective., I am past 40 years old and exercise regularly and find Now Foods Rhodiola functionally useful in increasing energy levels and stamina and boost exercise ability and performance. Furthermore I believe this supplement aids in making me feel calm and serene. I do not get agitated or stressed easily but am able to remain calm and am better able to exert self-control. "
- Sukanya

"Works well when taken early in the morning in empty stomach. Helps in physical and mental exercise. However dosage should be limited to one capsule a day as it's 500 mg. Try with 250 mg and then increase the dosage. "
- Pranshu Sugara
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R$20.20 R$10.93
Now Foods Melatonin

"Quando quero dormir melhor, mais rápido e acordar mais disposta, utilizo a melatonina, ou quando durmo um pouco mais tarde e quero repor também utilizo a melatonina, Recomendo!!"
- Leila Cristina Miranda Moreira

"Muito bom suplementar com melatonina. Sono reparador. Recomendo utilizar 5mg (3mg é fraca e 10mg muito forte). A marca é muito recomendada."
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R$40.81 R$31.19
Hyland's Nerve Tonic

"I am so happy I found Hyland's Nerve Tonic. I don't have to take Paxil anymore. I feel so much better taking this nerve tonic. Thank you Hyland's!"
- Teodora

"Hyland's Nerve Tonic works great. My anxiety levels have gone way down. It's like a non-prescription anxiety medication!"
- Anonymous
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R$18.40 R$15.62
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"Sempre tomo durante o dia, no trabalho, é bem relaxante. O gosto é muito bom."
- Priscila Ramos

"Great tea for a relaxing night with a good book. The flavor and the smell of this tea are amazing, sweet and comforting. Loved it!"
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes
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R$147.16 R$119.95
FoodScience of Vermont Behavior Balance - DMG

"Great vitamins for my autistic son. We have really noticed the difference when he has missed taking them. They have really helped with the behavior."
- Pina Buda

"My grandson has adhd and aspberger syndrome. His moods and behavior have changed dramatically since he started taking Behavior Balance. I ordered too late once and he was without them for several days. For a while, he became cross and argumentative before the pills got back into his system. I highly recommend Behavior Balance to everyone."
- Anonymous
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R$79.12 R$60.55
Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Ashwagandha

"When under stress, one of these just brings you down a notch or two but you're still able to function normally. Wonderful stuff. "
- Ngaire Reid

"I'm thrilled with this product and how it has helped with my auto immune disorder."
- salma white
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R$138.37 R$110.69
Nature's Plus Rhodiola Extended Release

"Muito bom suplemento de Rhodiola. Aumenta a disposição e o foco mental. Mais motivação para o seu dia. Recomendo, alivia o stress."

"Feels like Rhodiola Extended Release helps with PMS-like symptoms of grouchiness. I love it, works well with no side effects."
- J.S.
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R$66.06 R$42.95
Zahlers CalmEase

"This product is very safe as the ingredients are all herbal, that's according to my pharmacist. I've had mixed results but for the price it is definitely a good product to try. 5 stars."
- Nathan Ward

"Very soothing and relaxing. I give it to my kid when he starts acting fidgety and is stressed out, or anytime anybody in the family has a hard time falling asleep."
- Samantha
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R$40.81 R$31.19
Hyland's Calms Forte

"This one is working for me, but I used in conjunction with Body Calm Supreme."
- Gaspa Salinas
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R$58.51 R$46.81
Nature's Plus Mega-Stress Complex Sustained Release

"Mega-Stress Complex are fantastic pills. I don't miss my daily dose for anything."
- Chris D.

"Love it! I have used mega Stress Complex off and on for over the last 8 years and it has made a huge difference with the anxiety attacks I get. I can't say enough about how much I love it. I am also a huge fan of Nature's Plus in general since I have never gone wrong with their products."
- Erika
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R$95.50 R$61.00
Natural Vitality Natural Calm Plus Calcium


"Great product - helps with my severe leg cramps."
- adixiechick69
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R$125.82 R$84.90
Natrol SAF Stress & Anxiety Formula

"Me and my girlfriend bought the stress & anxiety day and night formula yesterday. We both tried 1 tablet of the night and we both woke up the next morning feeling really bad. In fact she had nightmares the whole night that were really weird feeling and I woke up this morning feeling like my kidneys and liver was damaged and really sore. About a half an hour after I took the pill last night I felt both the left and right sides of my abdomen twitching. I couldn't sleep for like 2 hours because I was more awake after I took the pill. My girlfriend isn't taking anything except birth control by (YAZ) so there is no excuse for it not to work for her. For me, I'm not sure if it would have done that to me anyway, but I took a ultimate liver cleanse tablet by puranol the same day and also a glucosamine/chondroitin/msm tablet by spring valley for joint health. I took both these at least 8 hours before I took the pill from natrol. We did not like this product and kept us up while making us more stressed the next day."
- Billy

"SAF Stress & Anxiety Formula is great! If I am really stressed out, start freaking out about life, or in a really bad mood, I take 3 or 4. Half an hour later, I feel much better. I don't take it every day, just when I feel stressed out. It really helps."
- Anonymous
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R$130.64 R$76.45
Source Naturals Theanine Serene
R$42.32 R$32.40
Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Ashwagandha

"It works and has good price. "
- Malgorzata Wiciun-Dowgiallo

"This gives me great energy when I take it mid-morning with my routine for hot flashes. At noon I take Evening Primrose Oil and at night Melatonin. My hot flashes have been cut back 90 percent."
- Cindy Stevens
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R$38.60 R$26.11
Natrol Kava Kava 200 mg

"Not a strong supplement that will send you to sleep but definitely helps feel calm. Took 2 at night."
- Rachael Allen
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R$110.36 R$79.38
Zahlers L-Tryptophan

"Zahlers L-Tryptophan helps me fall asleep more easily and I feel more relaxed while on it too."
- John Dwek
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R$97.48 R$77.98
Buried Treasure Stress B Gone

"Stress "B" gone is wonderful. I have neuropathy and I find that I do not have as much pain now that I am using this on a regular basis. In addition, I have been more alert and definitely have more energy. As far as the taste, just mix with orange juice and it has a more orange taste. Not bitter, really tastes great. I am now on auto ship."
- Linda
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R$59.80 R$47.81
Nature's Plus Ultra Stress With Iron Sustained Release
R$152.72 R$122.18
Nature's Plus Mega-Stress Complex Sustained Release
R$125.45 R$79.98
Michael's Adrenal Xtra Energy Support

"Haven't noticed an improvement in my energy level/foggy thinking, etc. but to be fair I have only been taking it for about a week."
- Lisa Bivens
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R$91.82 R$58.57
Futurebiotics Stressassist
R$150.70 R$103.17
Natural Vitality Natural Calm

"It does what it says it should do, great product, use it all the time."
- Ralph DON
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R$91.96 R$58.68
Michael's Adrenal Factors Stress Support

"I had given up on my doctors helping me - I suffer from constant fatigue, sometimes sleep trouble and neck and back pain. My doctors had me on antidepressants, which did not help and caused high blood pressure. I started taking Adrenal Factors after doing my own research and I have to swear by it! It has absolutely helped me, and I won't go a day without it. The recommended dose is 3 tablets, but I take 2 and it has made me feel normal again! I love Adrenal Factors!"
- Susan
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