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Stakich Raw Honey

"Eu comprei esse mel 2 vezes já. Ele é muito bom mas não tem nada de extraordinário. Seria ótimo se o gosto fosse mais forte porém é delicioso pra usar no chá, granola, açaí, vitamina... eu uso mel em quase tudo. Principalmente com leite morno à noite antes de dormir e na granola com fruta e chia. O tamanho é ideal e dura bastante mas ele é um pouco grudento e as vezes dá trabalho pra tirar com uma colher e sempre gruda na colher a não ser que você more em um lugar bem quente onde o mel fique mais em seu formato líquido. Na minha casa ele fica no formato de pasta. Apesar disso sempre compro e gosto bastante. "
- kdano

"Uma delícia de mel... "
- Talita Oliveira
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R$98.41 R$83.63
Stakich Enriched Raw Honey

"The Enriched Raw Honey by Stakich in the Cinnamon flavor is excellent. The cinnamon flavor in it is very strong and this honey is very sweet. Products seems to last a long time since a little bit of it goes a long way. You don't have to use a ton to make something sweeter or give it a nice flavor. I really like this honey on toast and in oatmeal. A very taste honey, would highly recommend if you want to try something different than regular honey. "
- Harley Kensington

"It has a very good taste. I have put it in yogurt, toast, and oatmeal. It will last a long time because, you only need to use a little."
- Eric Ryerson
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R$81.42 R$69.19
Stakich Honey Stix

"I love the Honey Stix in the Wild Flower. They make the perfect snack when I'm looking for something sweet and they're just the right size. I've even using them in place of a tablespoon of honey in my tea. I just open one and let it dissolve in my tea and it's just the right amount of sweetness and honey to make it taste amazing. These are a great snack that I would definitely recommend!"
- Harley Kensington

"Who doesn't love honey? These are great, not just as a sweet treat but I like carrying them around more as a travel-sized honey pack for my tea. They pack much easier than the other packages you get. Plus, if you crazy something sweet, you can always suck on the straw and not feel too guilty. Great proportion and little to no mess. I love these."
- EK
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Stakich Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream

- Anonymous

"This product arrived a day early and was much larger quantity than I expected. My skin absorbs this readily, no greasy feel. I look forward to reporting on longer term results."
- M. Morgan
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R$81.42 R$71.51
Stakich Variety Honey Stix

"These are such an amazing snack that I never get bored of! The variety honey stix pack comes with a bunch of different options. They have Blackberry honey, clover honey, orange blossom honey, wildflower honey, cinnamon and buckwheat honey. My favorites are the orange blossom, cinnamon, and the blackberry. I typically just have a stick or two if I'm craving something sweet. I've even tried mixing some of the different flavors in tea and they were great! "
- Harley Kensington

"I love all the different flavors in this variety pack! I've tried figuring out which color is which but sometimes I still get surprised. I like to pick one out at random when I'm crazing a sweet treat. They're also great for mixing into drinks or tea for extra flavor and travel very well. I like having the different flavor options. I wish they were more clearly labeled though."
- EK
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R$122.13 R$103.81
Stakich Raw Honey with Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis

"I had bought some Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis Enriched Raw Honey a couple of months ago and like it. I use it for baking instead of sugar."
- Deborah D.
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R$65.49 R$55.65
Stakich Liquid Wildflower Honey

"I love the Stakich Wildflower Honey! I use it mostly to be put into Hot Tea but I also use it to sweeten Iced Teas. It is not an overly sweet honey it's very mild and tastes amazing. I've always used this before when I had a sore throat and it helped keep the scratching and coughing away. Just took a spoon full and ate it on it's own. The 2 lb seems like to last quite a while too. "
- Harley Kensington
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Stakich Honey Bear

"The Stakich Honey Bear is the perfect size of honey to keep at my desk at work. I really enjoy it in Green Tea as it adds a really nice sweetness. It's nice it comes in a small size like this so I can just keep it in my desk instead of having to set it on top. I do not recommend to ever leave the bear upside down though if you're trying to get the last bit out it seems to leak. "
- Harley Kensington
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R$84.96 R$72.22
Stakich Honey Stix

"These cinnamon sticks are great for a sweet treat without the mess. Just snipe the top and you've got honey without any clean up. They're also great for flavoring tea, whether at home or on the go. I like to throw a few in my bag or suitcase for when I'm traveling to spice up my tea. Much easier than other packages of honey out there."
- EK
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Stakich Bee Pollen

"This is a great product. I simply love the flora sweetness."
- Kaijie Yang
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R$110.13 R$84.27
Stakich DMAE Face Firming Skin Cream

"Best of the best product for all my Family! Very very good product. Highly recommended!"
- Anton S.
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