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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax 280 g

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UPC: 857084000231
Item #: 11546
Peso Total: 1.13 lbs (0.51 kg)
Formato da Embalagem: 280 g
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Tamanho Selecionado: 280 g
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Informações sobre o produto

UPC: 857084000231
Peso Total: 1.13 lbs (0.51 kg)
Formato da Embalagem: 280 g

Somatomax is a unique new nighttime formula that can majorly increase the amount of HGH you release by over 1,600% during the first few hours of sleep, which is when the vast majority of HGH is released. Somatomax produces important physiological, biochemical, and behavioral effects when taken orally. The possible benefits that Somatomax administration has upon athletic performances are remarkable.

Recomendações de uso: As a dietary supplement, take one heaping scoop of Somatomax with water or beverage 30 minutes prior to bedtime.

Aviso Legal: Embalagens e materiais dos produtos podem conter informações adicionais e diferentes das que são mostradas em nosso site. Nós recomendamos que você não dependa exclusivamente das informações apresentadas e que sempre leia os rótulos, avisos e instruções antes de usar ou consumir um produto. Por favor, leia nosso aviso legal completo abaixo.
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3.2 out of 5 stars

Compra verificada
by D. J. A. on 10 de Abril de 2013

Somatomax is fantastic, but don't take more than it says. If anything, take less. Don't abuse it!
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by Dennis on 11 de Janeiro de 2013

I started taking Somatomax one day when I came home for lunch the package had arrived. I read the instructions and immediately took a quarter scoop for the mood enhancing effect and went back to work. I am not sure how, but it definitely worked, I was calm, focused and almost didn't have a care in the word, it actually was kind of euphoric. I then started taking the recommended dosage at night before bedtime and once again as stated, I got great restful sleep. I continued taking Somatomax for up to a week as recommended and I am not sure but I believe that it may have gotten built up in my system because I became almost narcoleptic. I work in agriculture in a non-supervised environment and about a week in to taking it, I fell asleep on the job and was woke up by a coworker at quitting time having no memory of even falling asleep and I apparently had been asleep for hours. Whenever taking Somatomax my blood pressure would also rise and my face would get flush and I sometimes experienced a tingling sensation in my hands and feet. I began feeling lethargic. I stopped taking it and have no plans of taking it again in the future. I took Somatomax for a 16 day period. I am not sure of any growth hormone gains, but from what I experienced, I wouldn't recommend it and I feel that it may actually be dangerous to your health and if anyone is considering using it, I strongly recommend discussing it with a doctor first.
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by Rick Petersen on 2 de Outubro de 2012

I took one scoop of Somatomax for its sleep benefit at about 10 pm. It punched my lights out until 6am the next morning. Upon awaking I staggered into the bathroom and almost fell into the linen cabinet. My head ached and my blood pressure was elevated (156/92 with a pulse of 84). I was seriously disoriented for about 24 hours. I'm a 71 year old male on medications for an under active thyroid (synthroid .175mg) and blood pressure meds and testosterone supplementation 10ccs every two weeks. This is 48 hrs later and I still don't feel normal. My advice on this product is that there are no studies that I could find out about and not enough info on the product itself when I purchased it from the retailer. I think this product causes interactions with medications and customers need to be made aware of this possibility before they have serious consequences. The 2nd night without taking any more Somatomax I crashed again and had a scary nightmare, and awoke about 4am again with a headache and high blood pressure. If you are older or on any medications I strongly urge you to use a small amount of this stuff to see how well your body tolerates it. It has been about 72 hours now and I still feel some disorientation. This is more powerful than anything I have ever taken for sleep!!!
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by Jacqueline Hernandez on 8 de Julho de 2012

Somatomax is the best product when it comes to rest. I usually take it at night, makes me a little drowsy if anything. When I wake up its as if I fell asleep for hours at night. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or eat something real quick. You feel amazing and positive the next day. Muscle wise I feel a little tighter and a little bigger in the bicep area. Of course, if you work out and take other supplements combined with it, it should help out and do the job. Over all I would recommend Somatomax to everyone out there.
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