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R$67.69 R$37.94
Dose Per Serving: 10,000 IU
Solgar Vitamin D

"Dose incrível para se obter níveis de vitamina D em alta performance, recomendo!"
- Daniel Peregrino de Brito

"Boa qualidade! Excelente custo-beneficio! Cápsulas pequenas e de fácil deglutição!"
- Osmar Colleoni
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R$51.40 R$28.79
Solgar Skin, Nails & Hair Adv. MSM

"For some strange reason these Skin, Nails & Hair pills made my mouth dry and my heart race. It was almost the same effect drinking high levels of caffeine would give."
- Jessica Warner

"When I moved from Australia to the UK, the cold climate created havoc on my skin, hair and nails. I was losing lots of hair, my skin was dry and my nails were brittle. I started taking these tablets a year ago, and since then my hair has thickened up again and is growing so much faster, my skin is softer and no longer suffers dry patches and my nails are white and grow strong and much faster. Even my fiance has noticed the difference. I highly recommend this product - it's helped me to feel myself again."
- Jessica Meek
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R$43.44 R$29.54
Dose Per Serving: 25 mg ($0.09)
Solgar Gentle Iron

"Capsules of the small size, are easily swallowed, there are no unpleasant feelings, either nausea, or frustration, etc. After a week of application I have felt improvements, the head has ceased to be turned, cheerfulness has appeared. I drank capsules 2 months on 1 piece a day. I have stopped two weeks ago. Today I have made blood test, hemoglobin 136. I am happy!!! Bank big, in her 180 capsules, ideally"
- Alexa

"Solgar's Gentle Iron has worked to restore the low iron levels in my daughter. Last winter she had pneumonia and her body became run down. This product helped to boost her energy levels. It is an easy pill for her to swallow and has been very gentle on her stomach. "
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R$79.64 R$54.16
Dose Per Serving: 120 mg
Solgar Hyaluronic Acid

"It s an amazing product. My skin looks so much nicer! "
- Baron Pires

"HA helped me with hip pain and in more than a year that I'm using it the skin looks better. I've observed an even tone and more younger look. It is a good product, I'll recommend."
- alex
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R$72.76 R$49.46
Solgar VM-75

"VM-75 by Solgar has boosted my immune system so much that my sinus problems are essentially gone. I wish I had known about it earlier!"
- Michael

"Solgar's VM-75 is the best multi-vitamin I have ever used. I never catch cold or the flu when taking one tablet everyday and I have more energy too. I highly recommend this multi-vitamin to everyone"
- Jan Troxell
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R$51.40 R$28.79
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg ($0.16)
Solgar GABA

"I tried many brands and this one, Solgar's, to my mind is very effective. It does not give any side effects and does everything stated on the bottle."
- Ludmila L

"I have taken GABA for about three months. I began taking it for weight loss recommended by DREAMSHAPE but had no results. After taking it for one month, I noticed a decrease in stress and I was able to get to sleep quicker then usual and I am taking Zyprexa for that. GABA works better then Zyprexa and doesn't make me drowsy so I will keep taking it."
- Susan Stanley
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R$52.13 R$29.19
Dose Per Serving: 1,000 mg ($0.13)
Solgar Ester-C Plus Vitamin C

"Very good package. Tablets are a little bit larger than expected."
- Carlo
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R$95.57 R$64.99
Dose Per Serving: 5 mg ($0.30)
Solgar Astaxanthin

"Produto ótimo, qualidade 100%!"

"Produto excelente. Melhorou minha qualidade de vida. Aliviaram minhas dores. Vou comprar novamente assim que puder!"
- Maria da Conceição Sousa
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R$52.13 R$35.45
Dose Per Serving: 400 mg ($0.16)
Solgar Chelated Magnesium
R$115.48 R$78.54
Dose Per Serving: 500 mg
Solgar Wild Alaskan Full Spectrum Omega Salmon Oil

"Very good balance of omega fats."
- Mansoor
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R$64.07 R$35.91
Dose Per Serving: 10 mg
Solgar Melatonin

"Pra mim faz esta melatonina faz efeito ."

"These are great and definitely help me to sleep. I wish I'd known about these years ago."
- Karen Cooley
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R$87.24 R$59.31
Solgar Bilberry Ginko Eyebright Complex + Lutein

"It is a good herb for old age eyes and diabetic eyes."
- Chandra Prakash Dassani

"This always makes my eyes feel better. At eye exam Dr. Said my eye pressure was 15 which is great...I myself attribute it to these....."
- Melody montminy
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