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R$ 63,78 R$ 37,71
Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve 5 mg

"Produto diferenciado. Sabor Morango, muito agradável. A Marca Natrol tem excelente qualidade na minha opinião. Consumumos aqui em casa há bastante tempo. Gostamos dos resultados. "
- Leopoldo Carlos Stefanes

"Produto excelente, tanto no efeito quanto no sabor!! Tenho o sono muito leve e ele me ajuda a entrar em sono profundo!!"
- Marcelo F. N.
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R$ 38,74 R$ 31,52
Natrol Sleep 'N Restore

"Gostei muito. Realmente me fez dormir melhor. Mas os tabletes são bem fedorentos. Contudo, recomendo o uso eventual, pois, pode-se acabar comprometendo a produção natural desse hormônio pelo nosso organismo. "

"Very good product. The only thing that helped get me a good nights sleep."
- Ariana Lyons
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R$ 112,68 R$ 95,79
Nature's Plus Sleep Assure

"My son takes this when he has issues sleeping and finds that it helps him to stay asleep when he gets there - he finds that it works well for him."
- stacy james

"My husband works nights and needed something to keep him asleep. This has been wonderful. Even if he gets up to use the restroom he can go right back to sleep. He says he's had quality sleep which he hasn't had in months. He's a long haul truck driver and he thinks because this product helps him have such a good nights sleep that he can stay awake during the night. He gives this product a 10 star. "
- Creed
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R$ 46,25 R$ 35,35
Hyland's Calms Forte

"I've been using Calms Forte for years. Great stuff. It calms and helps me relax and sleep."
- Robert A.

"I heard great things about this product and though I would try it during a period of unexplainable insomnia. Unfortunately, it did very little to help me. I'm notorious for mentally working my way out of sleep supplements. I would try it first before just letting my review turn you away."
- Johnny
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R$ 98,15 R$ 63,14
Kirkland Signature Sleep Aid

"Acho esse produto muito bom. Não uso ele todos os dias mas muito nos domingos quando eu quero dormir cedo já que tenho que levantar cedo na segunda feira."

"This product works as intended."
- Regina Dapkus
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R$ 104,68 R$ 78,51
Irwin Naturals Power to Sleep PM

"I was suffering from Insomnia for 3 years. I have tried many cures including many sleep supplements. All of them either did not work or worked only for a few days. I purchased this product after doing lots of research and reading reviews where everyone were very positive about this product. I can say that this product changed my life. Just after a few doses, I was able to get into regular sleep cycles and my insomnia is almost cured now. "
- Ramesh K

"Auxílio importante para manter bons níveis de sono!! Só não gostei muito do cheiro dele, meio desagradável, porém o efeito compensa. Embalagem bem segura e sem perigos de uma possível violação. Possui vários componentes em sua fórmula que ajudam no sono, como a melatonina e o gaba. Ótimo produto, recomendo."
- Daniel Peregrino de Brito
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R$ 88,38 R$ 66,29
Life Extension Natural Sleep Melatonin

"Este produto oferece efetivamente um sono com maior qualidade. Quando utilizado principalmente nas noites em que se tem menos tempo para descansar, o seu efeito se concretiza ainda mais. Recomendaria o uso para atletas e workholics. "
- Guilherme Sivieri Rama Reyna

"Indispensable for those who want to improve the quality of sleep. Guaranteed quality product."
- Babi Domingos
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R$ 24,55 R$ 20,84
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"Chá realmente gostoso ajuda a relaxar, não senti o gosto de caramelo, senti somente o gosto das expeciarias. Vou comprar novamente pois gostei bastante. Não tem cafeina não causa agitação. O site fez o envio muito rapido chegou no brasil em monos de 20 dias o que foi surpreendente e me fez acreditar e comprar novamente. Embalagem impecável. Super recomendo."
- Juliane Fortunato

"I was not the biggest fan of this tea's flavor. It did help wonderfully with restlessness before bed however."
- Meghan Johns
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R$ 98,15 R$ 68,69
Swisse Sleep

"I've been using this product for about 7 months now and I am so happy I came across it. I love that each bottle is a 2 month supply so I don't have to purchase too frequently. Tablet is small and easy to swallow. I love the Swisse line. I use it for all my needs! "
- Paige Jacoks

"For me my issue was always staying asleep once I did fall asleep. Have tried every thing under the sun and found this one to be a winner. Everyone is different but highly recommend giving this one a try if you are over the run of the mill Melatonin. "
- Harold S.
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R$ 78,51 R$ 44,63
Enzymatic Therapy Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalizing Sleep Formula

"I bought the product for my daughter who has been taking medication to sleep for some months now. I tried it before I gave it to her and I had a very good nights sleep. She slept well but was groggy when she woke up the next morning. She researched some of the ingredients online and had just about every adverse reaction that can be had. She decided not to give it another try but I will use it again when she gives back what she didn't use."
- Anonymous

"Love it, love it, love it! Fatigued to Fantastic Revitalizing Sleep Formula helps me sleep through the night, without waking up at 4 am. And I don't feel groggy in the morning. I highly recommend it! As I mentioned in my review for the Daily Energy B Complex, I'm pretty cynical about the claims most supplements make, but these really do work."
- Zulu
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R$ 97,95 R$ 60,83
Enzymatic Therapy Remifemin Good Night

"I love the Remifemin Good Night. I have not had sleep like this in months. I have all my friends using it!"
- Anonymous

"I haven't had this good a night's sleep in over a year. Since trying Remifemin Good Night, during the day, my mood is wonderful, and I've been waking up refreshed... like I'm finally having a good sleep."
- Linda
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R$ 24,55 R$ 20,84
Yogi Tea Organic Teas Blend

"Um chá delicioso e com um aroma maravilhoso que acalma e acalenta antes de dormir. Me ajudou bastante a ter um noite tranquila de sono."
- Danuta Carneiro Raposo Nunes

"Eu uso esse chá antes de dormir naquelas noites que eu sei que o sono vai demorar pra chegar. O gosto é delicioso fácil prático. Eu uso 1 sachê as vezes uso 2 e o sono chega em questão de minutos. Não coloco muita água pra não ter que levantar e ir ao banheiro no meio da noite o que deixa ele mais forte e funciona mais rápido. Pra quem quer um método mais natural que ajude a dormir esse chá é ideal. Tá no topo da minha lista e eu sempre tenho uma caixinha em casa."
- kdano
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R$ 87,84 R$ 66,65
Natural Balance California Poppy Extract

- ramiro de leon gaspar

"I like that it has no alcohol in it. And it is effective for me."
- Nikki Schreiber
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R$ 92,06
Advil PM Pain Reliever and Nighttime Sleep-Aid

"Excellent product, I was really rested."

"One pill is sufficient to induce a good night's sleep and taken with one ordinary paracetamol also provides arthritic pain relief without overdoing the doses of either. Also, it is worth noting that too much diphenhydramine may have some undesirable side-effects (mood swings in my case). So as a precaution against excessive build-up in the system and also becoming zombie-like during the day, I alternate this medication with a doxylamine/paracetamol pill."
- Stephen Hancock
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R$ 57,69 R$ 44,12
Hyland's Sleep

"Ótimo!!! eu dormi super bem com esse remedio!!"
- Natalia Palmeira

"Helps me go to sleep but doesn't help me stay asleep like a sleeping pill."
- Linda Kelly-Penny
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R$ 54,45 R$ 41,61
Hyland's Calms Forte

"This one is working for me, but I used in conjunction with Body Calm Supreme."
- Gaspa Salinas
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R$ 49,05 R$ 31,30
Natural Balance Super Melatonin

"I have insomnia. I am always thinking of something. The first day I used this, I slept 3 hours, the second 6 and after that, I can sleep my 8 hours."
- Nik
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R$ 51,51 R$ 38,22
Natra-Bio Insomnia Relief

"I love this product! I've tried many other natural remedies, but nothing has been as effective for me. Natra Bio's Isomnia Relief not only lets me fall asleep more quickly, and stay asleep, it allows me to wake up after 7 or 8 hours, without an alarm, feeling refreshed. There is no residual feeling of drowziness. I just wish the tablet form, as opposed to the liquid formula, was more widely available."
- Anonymous

"Insomnia Relief Tablets work for me even if I wake up with 6 or more hours of sleep and still need more sleep (due to heavy work, stress, or illness). Normally, when I've waken after 6 hours of sleep or near the usual rising time, I cannot fall asleep again. I keep Insomnia Relief Tablets by my bed. When I take one on those mornings, I fall asleep again, and wake an hour or two later when I've had 8 to 9 hours of sleep. It hasn't failed once! A miracle for me. Oh they are a bit hard, so I crunch them up before putting them under my tongue."
- Mindy
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R$ 112,68 R$ 95,79
Nature's Plus Valerian Extended Release

"I couldn't live without it. I give it a five-star rating."
- Evelyn T.

"I like this product a lot. If I need good sleep I usually just take this product. the problem is, I am without now and I am not getting a good night sleep because I don't have my Valerian Extended release."
- Evelyn Tanner
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R$ 45,76 R$ 34,98
Hyland's Calm 'n Restful

"It Works very well!!"
- Natalia Palmeira

"O melhor tranquilizante e indutor de sono para crianças! Fácil de ingerir e o efeito é muito rápido."
- Mildred Freire
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R$ 122,70 R$ 69,72
Enzymatic Therapy Sleep Tonight!

"I take this about 30 minutes before I want to go to bed and before I know it I'm out. I'm only giving it 4 stars because I feel somewhat groggy in the morning and often wake up after a few hours (although this last issue is consistent for me with whatever product I use)."
- Anonymous

"Took it two nights. Tossed and turned all night both times. Sleep was much worse than usual. "
- Anonymous
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R$ 61,67 R$ 47,14
Bach Flower Remedies Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts

"Love this product. Make my sleep more effective and I relax more."
- selma horie arakaki

"I find these help with the amount of time it usually takes me to fall asleep. Good for mild anxiety, worry or stress -- taken right before bed. The taste is good --orange flavor. Works better than some OTC sleeping pills but has no groggy feeling in the morning. On really anxious night,s I take these sleep melts + Bach Rescue remedy drops + Yogi Organic Kava tea before bed. :) "
- Jennifer
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R$ 63,78 R$ 37,71
Natrol Advanced Melatonin Calm Sleep

"The tab dissolve instantly and brings me straight good 8 hours of rest to recover from hard day. It also has great strawberry taste, no bitter aftertaste at all. "
- Adriana Duarte

"I sleep better with this supplements."
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R$ 58,92 R$ 44,19
Life Extension Glycine

"I take this just before bed along with source naturals calm thoughts. Makes me feel relaxed and sleepy. I have also noticed that my clarity of thoughts has increased with glycine. Things become so clear after taking glycine. Totally gets my brain to the present making meditation even more easier. "
- Ritwik Kukreja

"Looks very good."
- ???
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