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R$12.05 R$9.20
Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Lotion

"You seriously cannot beat the price of this Cocoa Butter Lotion! First off, the smell of this lotion is amazing! And it is a super light weight and does not feel heavy or leave a weird residue. It makes my skin feel really soft and silky. I've even used it on some of my inverse psoriasis and it seemed to calm it and help the skin not flare up as much. Works very well! "
- Harley Kensington

"I used it and had a horrible skin reaction. Wore same shoes I stuck on my feet that day a week later and my feet broke out!"
- Cici
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R$36.26 R$30.82
Love and Toast Body Lotion

"Hidratante corporal bem perfumado, ele é bastante hidratante e bem cheiroso. Eu achei o cheiro bem doce, e ele tem uma ótima fixação na pele, referente a hidratação e perfume, porquê você passa de manhã cedo e a noite quando volta para a casa ainda está cheirosa e hidratada. "
- Tata

"A locao corporal de mel da Love and Toast e maravilhosa, o cheiro e surpreendentemente otimo e a sensacao que deixa e que voce esta hidrata duranto o dia inteiro. O cheiro nao e muito forte mas mesmo assim as pessoas sempre perguntao pois gostaram do cheiro. Eu apaixonada por esse produto."
- Monica W
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R$86.94 R$62.62
Futurebiotics 30 Day Beauty Secret

"Good..., Good multivitamin. I felt energetic after I started using this."
- Radhika Sharma

"I used 30 Day Beauty Secret for three months some years back. It worked and co-workers attested to that. Now I'm done with childbearing and I want to start taking care of myself and looking good once again."
- Jacqueline U.
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R$36.26 R$24.45
Home Health Products Almond Glow Skin Lotion

"Feels great and smells great, what more can I say?"
- Michelle

"Easily absorbed by skin, leaves your skin soft & smooth, not greasy. Create your own scents by mixing in few drops of your favorite essential oils."
- Valentyn
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R$36.26 R$30.82
Love and Toast Body Lotion

"Adorei este body lotion super hidratante com um perfume bem suave e atraente. Essa embalagem muito linda e eficiente no momento de usar o creme, porquê facilita quando está acabando. Idela para adotar como seu preferido! "
- Tata

"Eu amei esse hidratante da Love & Toast. A embalagem é bonita, o cheiro é muito bom. Ela é fácil de passar, suave, não é gordurosa, é absorvida fácil pela pele. Adoro ter comigo no trabalho e aplicar o dia todo. "
- kdano
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R$47.01 R$42.33
Deep Steep Dry Oil Body Spritzer

"Esse óleo para o corpo faz jus ao nome, ele é bem oleoso. Fácil de aplicar por ser spray e cheiroso, eu gosto de tudo de lavanda, acho bem calmante, ele também tem um cheirinho de camomila bem leve. 1 spray cobre uma grande área do corpo. Ótimo para o inverno quando a pele resseca bastante. Ele é absorvido bem pela pele mas eu só uso em casa, de preferência antes de dormir porque eu não gosto da sensação de óleo na pele durante o dia. "
- kdano

"I loved this brands' products from the first item I tried. Recently started using Deep Steep Dry Oil Body Spritzer Lavender Chamomile and has become a top favorite. I have very dry skin and using Deep Steep Dry Oil has helped my skin maintain proper moisture. It is very light exactly as the label of the product describes and gives a very delicate aroma to the skin. Being in a spray bottle makes it so easy to apply for everyday use, specially when you are always hurry to leave home. Love it!"
- Eva C.
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R$43.56 R$33.32
Reviva Labs Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion

"I love it! I started using this product before I found out I was pregnant and all through my pregnancy. I didn't get one stretch mark. I used it for about 2 months after my baby was born and my skin looks like it did before I got pregnant. I would recommend this product to anyone who is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It really works."
- Alycia Thomas

"I started using Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion when I was 5 months pregnant. I am now 39 weeks and have 3 stretch marks. Maybe it would have been worse if I hadn't used it."
- jen
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R$32.63 R$20.55
Now Foods Pure Cocoa Butter

"自然なオーガニックのみを使ったものなので、安心して使えました。肌にも しっ とりして、夏でも エアコンなどで乾燥したり、日焼け後の乾燥にも使っ てみた いとおもってます。今のところ肌が しっとりしていいです。"
- Momoka Fukatsu

"Manteiga de Cacau 100% pura, o melhor hidratante natural para sua pele. Essa daqui tem o cheiro bem forte e é bastante concentrada, chega fica dura na embalagem. Eu uso como hidratante para os pés para dormir e é super eficaz. "
- Tata
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R$36.26 R$22.83
Now Foods Shea Butter

"Thanks Now Foods. I have made some body oil with shea butter virgin coconut oil and some essential oils. It is absolutely fantastic. Only once a week massage keeps my skin soft and smooth without dryness, even in November. My eczema does not itch anymore. "
- Purnima Dutta

"It has quite good texture. It has to be warmed up a bit before use. But it leaves oily feeling on hands. No fragrance. But skin is very smooth and soft after only one usage. "
- Valentyn
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R$61.67 R$38.84
Now Foods Argan Oil

"I use a couple of drops of this, a couple drops of tamanu oil and a couple of drops of rosehip oil in the morning after serum. Easily absorbed, guaranteed radiant skin for the rest of the day. "
- Laura Lu Zhai

"Argan Oil from Now is the best. It makes my skin soft and smooth and gradually erased my wrinkles."
- Allan C.
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R$47.01 R$42.33
Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Lotion

"Adorei esse locao corporal, alem do cheiro ser maravilhoso a sensacao que deixa na pele e demais!! Achei um pouco cara mas depois que provei entendi o por que do preco, a qualidade e excelente. O frasco nao e pequeno entao sei que vai render um pouco, alem disso ele e bem concentrado, nao precisa passar muito para encontrar o resultado desejo. Enfim, super indico pelo cheiro e pela qualidade."
- Monica W

"Esse hidratante é maravilhoso, ele simplesmente deixa um toque super macio e muito hidratado no corpo e nas mãos. O melhor é o cheiro delicioso que ele tem, é um perfume gostoso de Manga com Papaya, mas bem suave não parece o cheiro das frutas não, é alguma mistura com óleo de argan que me fez concluir que eles realmente acertaram na proposta deste produto! Quando eu tomo banho e passo eu nem preciso usar perfume. Eu gostei da embalagem também, além de linda cabe perfeito na bolsa. "
- Tata
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R$38.08 R$25.70
Home Health Products Liquid Lanolin

"I use Lanolin on my feet it is the greatest thing ever!"
- Maryann Davis

"I use Home Health Liquid Lanolin faithfully. My feet and hands, in particular, seem to dry out (from gardening and housework) and I have found that slathering liquid lanolin on my hands and feet really has improved my skin condition. It has helped to soften my elbow skin as well. I don't think I'd want to be without it now! I just massage it in and sit and relax for awhile and then add lotion to it and rub it in the rest of the way. I think it's great stuff!"
- Debbie
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R$14.52 R$8.86
Skin by Ann Webb Face and Body Lotion

"I bought this product for them & also for myself. It's a pleasant, light & refreshing lotion which is wonderful in the winter months, keeping my face hydrated & protected all day."
- Andrew

"This Ann Webb Face and Body Lotion is exactly what I need for the colder, dryer months. It helps to hydrate my skin without being to oily. There is no scent to this cream. I just put it on in the morning after showering and washing my face. It is great for sensitive skin types."
- KHiller
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R$43.56 R$31.36
Avalon Organics Hand and Body Lotion

"I really like this organic Lavender Hand & Body Lotion and have a bottle on my desk at the office to share with others. It is well liked by the "lavender lovers"!"
- Cindi

"The Organic Lavendar Hand & Body Lotion smells alright, but it leaves a greasy feeling on my skin."
- Anonymous
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R$41.75 R$31.96
Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion

"I agree that the Alba Botanica lotion is wonderful but take exception with the previous review since the first ingredient is actually water. The botanicals are made into an infusion by soaking the botanicals in water."
- Anonymous

"I love Alba Botanica's unscented body lotion! Out of all the ingredients, not one of them is water (which is usually the first ingredient in most other products), and it works so well! It is my only choice."
- Anonymous
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R$47.15 R$31.80
Nubian Heritage Body Wash

"I love this body wash except I use it as an intimate cleanser. Great for when you're having that not so fresh feeling. Great for after workout and smells pretty ok to me not too strong and the fact that it's sudsy is a plus. "

"It smells like wild flowers and lavender and it lathers well."
- T Hunter
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R$54.41 R$34.27
Now Foods Vitamin E Cream 28,000 IU

"I've used every single kind of vitamin E lotion and cream out there, and this one takes the cake. It is super moisturising, very gentle on skin and DOES NOT CONTAIN DIMETHICONE or any silicone. "
- Valentyn

"Vitamin E Cream 28,000 IU is an excellent moisturizer and doesn't leave your face feeling greasy after. I have also been noticing marks on the area I applied it to seem to be fading. Great product! "
- Safraz K.
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R$18.48 R$11.82
Skin by Ann Webb Face and Body Cream

"I really love Face and Body Cream as a moisturizer. It does exactly what it promises to do. I used the vanilla moisturizer before this, and there was a big difference in texture. The body cream has the consistently of an ointment. That may be a little hard to adjust to at first, but it is not a deal breaker. I rated it four stars only because it leaves an oily layer on my face that broke me out for a while. Other people may have the same problem. "
- Kelly B.

"Very effective moisturizer, really thick and lasting without being greasy, safe (non-toxic) ingredients, I'll buy it forever."
- Andrew
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R$60.22 R$45.85
Life-Flo Pure Organic Shea Butter

"This is my favorite butter of all!!! It is great for dry skin, it really feels better immediately. In the winter, when cold gets my skin drier, I use this butter and it is the best! I have tried a lot of creams and expensive products, but nothing like this butter! I really recommend it! And it smells really good! If you are a lover of natural products like me, you will love this shea butter! "
- Maria Luisa Alcaraz Gaytan

"I use this as a hair product and also as lotion for my skin. I have thick hair and the shea butter helps seal in moisture. I have cystic acne and the product has never broken me out. And I usually have to reapply lotion throughout the day but not with this product. Your hands and feet stay hydrated all day."
- Dejra Piper
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R$49.69 R$16.70
Larenim Argan Oil

"Мы покупала такое масло в Марокко и оно закончилось. Нашли в этом магазине и заказали. Пришло все в хорошей упаковке. Отличное Аргановое масло - похоже на оригинальное но по запаху и эффекту - концентрация где-то 50%."
- Konstantin Kharchenko

"To καλύτερο λαδάκι. Κάνει για τα νύχια, τα μαλλιά, το πρόσωπο. Εγώ το χρησιμοποιώ στα νύχια και μου έχει κάνει πολύ καλή δουλειά. Εξαιρετικό."
- Xara Koukouvini
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R$36.26 R$29.00
Yes To Body Wash

"Searching high and low for a great body wash that ease my irritated skin in the winter months. This Cucumbers Soothing Body Wash from Yes To is where my search stopped. The smell is crisp and refreshing. My skin always feels wonderful and calm after use. Highly recommend."
- Allie C

"Очень мягкий, я даже не ожидала, что настолько. Не сушит кожу, прекрасно увлажняет и освежает. Очень хорошо пенится, засчет чего очень экономично расходуется. Приятно пахнет, плюс ко всему еще и состав натуральный."
- Alex Wilke
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R$47.01 R$42.33
Deep Steep Argan Oil Body Butter

"I love using this Argan Oil Body Butter. It goes on smooth and feels like it gets under my skin so to speak. After a use my skin feels soft and very well moisturized. The smell is light and lasts for a long time so I don't have to use any heavy perfumes after I use this product. It's a fantastic option and I highly recommend it!"
- C.W.

"Хороший питательный крем для сухой кожи, Хороший питательный крем для сухой кожи, который замечательно подойдет на лето. Для зимы питания все же недостаточно. После нанесения очень приятный цветочный аромат остается на коже на весь день. Кожа мягкая и нежная, но после душа необходимо обновлять слой, поэтому это скорее не баттер, а крем. Обладателям жирной и нормальной кожи ,возможно, вполне хватит и зимой."
- Anna Wilke
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R$36.26 R$32.63
The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion

"Honest Company Face and Body Lotion in the Sweet Orange Vanilla scent is my go to, must have lotion choice. The scent is out of this world without being over powering at all. There is no greasy texture left on my skin at all after I use it. It rubs in great and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft. When ordering I always order more than one tube because I can't get enough of it and sometimes over use just because I can't part with it. "
- C.W.

"The Honest Company is quickly becoming my favorite bodycare/haircare company. I got this body lotion together with the conditioning detangling spray and I love them both so much. This body lotion is very light, absorbs very easily, yet is very nourishing and smells very subtle. I love the smell. I usually use coconut oil alone as a moisturizer, but this one is a great on-the-go moisturizer when I want something that sinks in super easily and is also less messy to apply compared to pure coconut oil. This body lotion works great as a hand and nail cream. My cuticles are very happy! I haven't tried it for the face yet, but I'm sure it would be just as great because it's so gentle. I'll definitely be repurchasing once I run out. Such a clean product with a lovely smell for a tiny price - I'm a customer for life! "
- Vita Pedrazzi
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Ocean Potion Suncare Moisturizing Aloe Lotion

"Great option for keeping skin moisturized and cared for especially when a sunburn happens or a minor burn happens in the kitchen. It rubs in well and smells wonderful as well. Easy to use and great easy to read packaging."
- Allie C

"Love this lotion. Smells awesome n makes my baby boys skin so soft!"
- Andrew
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