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Carlson Labs A vitamina B-6 Líquido 4 onças

Preço: R$47.60

by Sandra S. on 30 de Novembro de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
My son takes Vitamin B6 Liquid along with his all-natural supplement for ADD. It definitely makes a big difference in him.
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by Sandra S. on 24 de Setembro de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Carlson's B-6 Liquid is great. My 6 year old son has ADD and I give him some HTP-10 along with this and it keeps him focused. Great stuff.
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by Ashley Anderson on 28 de Dezembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I am very satisfied with the Carlson Vitamin B-6 Liquid. My son is autistic and he needs these vitamins on a daily basis to carry on a productive life.
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by Christine on 25 de Novembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I bought Vitamin B-6 Liquid for my 8 year old ADHD boy. I saw the improvement of this behavior within 2 weeks.
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by Kathy Stoklosa on 10 de Julho de 2012
I wanted to try the use of B-6 and Magnesium in the treatment of my son with Asperger Syndrome, a form of Autism. The research shows that symptoms of decreased attention & concentration & poor eye contact might improve with this vitamin supplement combination. He was unable to tolerate taking the B-6 tablets due to the unpleasant taste and inability to swallow the pills. Now, with Carlson Labs B-6 liquid, I can put the vitamin in any of his drinks and he does not even know he is taking it. There is no taste or color! This liquid has been easily tolerated by my son, who now knows what is in his morning milk. He gladly accepts this drink and can actually verbalize an improvement in some of his symptoms. I am thrilled to have been able to provide this intervention for my son in such a non-invasive, even imperceiveable method with this liquid vitamin. Thank you.
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by Jill Rowland on 9 de Julho de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
Thank God I found this product! My infant daughter has infantile spasms, and this is the perfect product for her. There have been many studies done to suggest B6 is helpful for this. In Japan B6 is the first line drug! Until now, I have been crushing up B6 tablets; this is so much easier. THANK YOU!
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by Jason Tripp on 16 de Maio de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I have two young daughters with B-6 dependent seizures. This liquid form of the vitamin has been great for them, so much easier than crushing tablets. It's better tasting too. We've been using it for almost a year with no end in site. I would definitely recommend it.
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by James Hollis on 31 de Março de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
My son has to take seizure meds (Keppra), it makes him very angry. The B6 has helped control his rage. The liquid form is very convenient, no more crushing...
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by Earl D on 23 de Março de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
It works great. I used it for my son who has seizures and I've seen a reduction in them. Also, I was able to lower his other meds.
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by Anonymous on 18 de Janeiro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
This worked out much better than smashing up tablets. My son is on anti-seizure medications that have behavioral side effects. His neurologist suggested B6 would help reduce some of them. All I do is mix this with a little of his favorite flavor syrup (the stuff they use for Italian soda) and my 4yr old takes it happily. No smashing or trying to hide it in a food that I have no idea if he got it all. Very happy with it. Only improvement would be already flavored with something other than just sugar. It is helping with the side effects. It took about 2 weeks for them to completely disappear.
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