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Ultimate Cleanse

Nature's Secret Final Cleanse 120 120 Kit

Preço: R$89.17

by Craig on 30 de Dezembro de 2012
Just started Ultimate Cleanse today and experienced exactly what the bottle and paperwork said...Flu like symptoms. I will give it a chance and try it for a few more days. I had a successful BM earlier today and it was a relief. It had to be the cleanse because I rarely go mid-afternoon. Maybe my stars will increase once I notice more positive changes.
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by Janet StraightArrow on 18 de Dezembro de 2012
Three months after using Ultimate Cleanse I am still eliminating better than ever in my life. I also have to energy to exercise and take better care of myself in all ways. I recommend this product to all of my clients to consider to detox their organs, glands and increase absorption of nutrients when appropriate. It is slow and gentle allowing the body to work naturally without trauma. It goes deep because of the longer process than most.
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by Anonymous on 4 de Dezembro de 2012
I've been using this product but am not really feeling any different. I do go to the bathroom 2 or more times a day and it often feels urgent. I don't feel more energized. I'm not sure what I expected really, but I guess it can't be all bad - at least everything is getting out, right?
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by Anonymous on 11 de Novembro de 2012
I have been on ultimate cleanse for about 3 days. The taste is not that great but I can bear it. It took 3 days for me to have 3 bowel movements. It seems like it goes in deep because I can feel my stomach churning and cramping. I cant wait to see myself in 30 days.
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by Anonymous on 17 de Setembro de 2012
I really liked this product and the 1st few days I took the recommended dose. Which is 1 of each 3 times a day. Nothing big happened and so I read and it said double it until you get 3 bowel movements. I take 2 of each bottle 3 times a day and it makes me go 3 times a day. Yes you do get the morning cramps but there not that bad and usually when your done it feels alot better. The taste that everyone describes is the mint smell and it really doesn't affect me when I take it because you get used to it. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks now and might have to order another bottle because I doubled the dose and your suppose to take it for 30 days to cleanse your system. You can really tell when this stuff kicks in because your belly gets flatter and you wake up more refreshed and have more energy.
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by Anonymous on 22 de Julho de 2012
This product is TERRIBLE. I took it and at first 2 pills did the trick, eventually I had to take about 10 for it to have an effect. The taste is UNBEARABLE!!!! I might have vomited two to three times after taking it. It smells bad and tastes worse.
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by Anonymous on 27 de Junho de 2012
Ultimate Cleanse works great.I have a much higher level of energy and over all I feel great. Unlike other total body cleansing products that I've tried, this one really does promote three bowel movements a day. So if you do decide to take this, be sure you have access to a bathroom within 4-5 hours after you take this.
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by Crystal on 13 de Abril de 2012
I really do love Ultimate Cleanse ! Since moving, eating take out and processed food, I've gained about 18 pounds. I started working out and getting back on track like before and read about this product. It helped me shed 5 pounds. My tummy felt flatter, and and had more energy. I did get a bit of gas and in the morning, a small cramp (it's your warning that it's time to go) but that's a small price to pay when you're healing your body inside out. Good luck !!!
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by Patrick Odel on 10 de Março de 2012
This is only my 5th day taking Ultimate Cleanse and I am already noticing significant progress in bowel movements, my abdomen is getting dramatically flatter and I can feel the product working inside me. I know that it's all good with this product and look forward to the weeks to come.
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by Anonymous on 15 de Fevereiro de 2012
I just started using Ultimate Cleanse. My bowel activity has increased. This is just the first week. I plan to continue for 30 days. I'm not sure if built up waste or more recent waste is being expelled. Does anyone know how you can tell? Be ready to go 4-5 hours after taking Ultimate Cleanse.
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