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Thyroid Factors

Michael's Thyroid Factors

by Michael's

Preço: R$49.65

By Diana Gordy on 21 de Setembro de 2015
A thyroid test by the doctors reads my thyroid as being "ok" however, other tests have showed low iodine. When I first got thyroid factors, I began taking and almost immediately had better energy as well as was finally able to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately I am terrible at remembering to take my vitamins and supplements. Lately, I have began walking and really working at eating healthier. I added the thyroid factor back into my regimen and the results have been awesome. Thanks to all of the above, I am losing a healthy 1 to 2 pounds a week. I must say, however, that when I would forget to take the thyroid factor for a few days, my weight lose slowed down drastically.
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By Paula B. on 17 de Janeiro de 2013
I have been using Thyroid Factors for over a year and the improvement in my health has been amazing! I have so much more energy. I use this one tablet a day in combination with Nutri Thyroid, a bovine thyroid supplement.
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By Anonymous on 17 de Dezembro de 2012
Thyroid Factors has given me more energy, started working immediately and I have lost 2 lbs every week I have been using it.
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By Anonymous on 15 de Novembro de 2012
Thyroid Factors do not work. My doctor just did tests again and it came back low. However, I do have more energy than I have had in years and I have a decreased appetite.
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By Anonymous on 14 de Outubro de 2012
This product works quite well for me. I've tried other natural Thyroid supplements without success.
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By Anonymous on 10 de Maio de 2012
I have better bowel function and have lost 2 pounds in the week that I have used Thyroid Factors.
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By cathy on 20 de Fevereiro de 2012
I have been able to stop taking meds. by using Michael’s Thyroid Factors. I now use a combination of various pills and have been able to get my numbers up and better than it was with meds. I am very glad to have found this product to use. However I am finding it difficult to find this product in the health food stores. I do not like to order things on line, but it maybe the only way I can get this product.
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By Jennifer on 6 de Fevereiro de 2012
Thyroid Factors is a phenomenal product. I had a thyroidectomy in 1999 and my thyroid levels have been out of balance ever since. I started taking this product less than a week ago and my hypothyroid symptoms have improved dramatically. I also take the Adrenal Factors and I can't say enough about these two products. I went from feeling helpless, sick, and depressed to feeling normal and balanced. Highly recommended!
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