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Super Colon Cleanse

Super Purificação Intestinal Health mais 120 Cápsulas

Preço: R$34.96

by Eduardo V. on 21 de Outubro de 2013
Super Colon Cleanse is a great product.
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by Cindy G. on 28 de Agosto de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Super Colon Cleanse is great. My husband needs help staying regular and this is very mellow on his insides and does not create bloating and gas.
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by Martha B. on 8 de Março de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
I ordered the Super Colon Cleanse by Health Plus years ago. I wanted to try it again. It hasn't failed me yet. Thanks eVitamins!
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by Anonymous on 31 de Dezembro de 2012
I would recommend trying this product. The first two days I had to stay very close to the bathroom, but as time went on I became very regular and had no problems. It works great!
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by Jeff Wiest on 26 de Dezembro de 2012
I was having problems with oily skin, foot odor, bloating, lack of energy, even bad breath. I have been taking super colon cleanse for two weeks as directed, its working wonders. I'm 53 and don't have the best diet. In short, i'm very impressed!
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by Randy on 20 de Dezembro de 2012
I have one word to desribe this product: awesome! I cant say enough good things about it. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and feel like a totally new person. The bloating in my stomach is gone and my appetite has greatly diminished. I'm eating better foods now than I ever have in my life and I just feel 1000% better. You could spend a lot more for other products, but why?
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by Anonymous on 9 de Dezembro de 2012
I think Super Colon Cleanse is fantastic. It works very quickly and I have reordered 3 more bottles for family.
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by Anonymous on 25 de Novembro de 2012
I've been using Super Colon Cleanse for a year. I previously used another colon cleanse and find that taking 5-6 of these capsules at a time, twice a day, along with a lot of heavy water guzzling, works. I sleep with two full bottles of water next to me bed. The instant I awaken I down an entire bottle. As soon as I have a bowel movement (which is usually 10-15 minutes later) I down the second bottle. This provokes the second bowel movement by breakfast. Do not drink average amounts of water when taking this product or it won't work. Drink water like you're trapped in the desert and just found a lake. Also, take Digestive Enzymes 2x a day since the psyllium content of most cleansing products will flush your natural bacteria out too. A queasy feeling and loose stools will become permanent without enzyme replacement. Digestive enzymes will firm your stools and the colon cleanse will flush them. Also, take fish oil and a flax seed oil supplement to keep your organs and skin hydrated. One big improvement for me when cleansing is smoother skin, particularly around my nose which is prone to scaly, red rashes - which I did not expect.
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by Anonymous on 21 de Novembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
Super Colon Cleanse is a good product and I really like the service you guys provide. Thanks.
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by Anonymous on 21 de Novembro de 2012
Super Colon Cleanse was recommended to me by a co-worker. I went on vacation for 2 weeks, and when I came back my co- worker had lost a noticeable amount of weight. I asked what she was doing different and, just like a commercial, she told me that Super Colon Cleanse works! I immediately went and purchased a bottle - now I'm justing waiting for my own results. I have to admit it is a good product. You might have some cramping or discomfort the first few days, but it is ok after a few days.
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