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Smooth Move Tea

Traditional Medicinals Suave movimento Chá 16 Sacos

Preço: R$20.03

by Helen on 11 de Março de 2015
I tried this tea for the first time yesterday at around 6pm & today @ 9am I could tell the tea SURELY does what it's suppose to! Definitely did its job! I've read that people often have cramping a couple hours after drinking this, but I didn't have any problems..
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You can always trust this
by Alan Chan on 6 de Abril de 2017
☑ Compra verificada
You can always trust this if you have a constipation issue. Once in a while, I use this to cleanse my system. Have a tea, wait for 10-15 hours and you will see the effect coming. Stay within walking distance from a washroom.
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by Sandy on 17 de Abril de 2013
I tried it and it totally worked for me the next morning. I had no cramping and had a good bowel movement in the morning. I plan to use it once a week or so to help clean out my colon.
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by Jennifer on 15 de Fevereiro de 2013
I used to use Klaritea as a laxative but was tired of paying $15 a bag. Came across Smooth Move and gave it a try. I usually drink it around 7:30 p.m. and by 8:30 p.m. can feel mild cramping letting me know it's working. Immediately in the morning it starts to work. I generally use this when I know I will be home to spare the folks at work because it really clears you out and smells terrible! Usually end up going a few times so it is very effective.
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by HoneyBear on 19 de Janeiro de 2013
I love Smooth Move Tea! Tastes great (without sugar or honey) and definitely works! You will have results the next morning. WARNING: To avoid stomach cramping you MUST drink 8 - 16oz of water about an hour after you drink a cup of this tea. Do not drink a cup and then go right to bed. I usually have a cup of tea around 5pm so I have plenty of time to drink water after. 1x - 2x per week is all you need. There is no need to drink a cup of Smooth Move every day (Besides, that's not healthy).
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by SDA on 3 de Novembro de 2012
I've tried many expensive cleanses, and had decent results, but they can get expensive and they often take weeks to produce any real results. I tried Smooth Move Tea at 10 pm, and had results by 6 am! I hate black licorice, so I was surprised when I actually really liked the taste of the tea...very pleasant. I did have some minor cramping, but I think that's to be expected with any cleanse and detox. I'm thrilled to have found this product! Will definitely use in moderation to stay regular.
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by Amber on 20 de Outubro de 2012
I really like Smooth Move Tea. I drink it at night and I don't drink anything after. And I have a cup in the morning. Sometimes I experience cramping, but I am not regular and it regulates me. I love it! And it taste great. I have used other laxative teas and never got results. They say you should wait the last possible moment to go after drinking the tea and I agree. Otherwise you are going to cramp and not see any results.
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by BJ on 29 de Agosto de 2012
I've been using Smooth Move Tea for years and it works like magic. I prefer it over other laxatives, because it is all natural. It gradually softens bowels, instead of rushed alternates. Taste great too! BJ
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by kris on 5 de Agosto de 2012
I tried Smooth Move Tea for the first time last night, I was shocked to discover I actually liked the taste. About 30 minutes after drinking it I could feel it start to work. By this morning it had fully kicked in!I had no stomach ache or cramping, which had worried me. I will definitely be using this tea again.
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by Anonymous on 29 de Julho de 2012
Smooth Move Tea is great. I use it at night and get relief in morning. I have noticed that if I have not had a bowel movement in some time, it will take longer to work. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 cups. I would suggest this to anyone who wants a smooth laxative.
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