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Esteem Senior homem total 90 Cápsulas

Preço: R$85.23

By Nimish S. on 19 de Outubro de 2014
Compra verificada
It is a worthy product for a man like me of 61 years. It gives total wellness -- improves joints, digestion and sleep. One must try it along with any other medication for any specific disease.
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By Naresh Sood on 27 de Agosto de 2017
Compra verificada
I am 67 years old and have been using it from the last one month. I can feel the overall difference within the first week of its use. I recommend it to be used by all adults of my age to remain fit even at this age.
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Great Item! Feel Great!
By Cara Hasper on 28 de Dezembro de 2016
Compra verificada
Great item! You can really feel a difference when taking these. Recommended!
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By Robert Wright on 6 de Agosto de 2015
Compra verificada
A most complete multivitamin supplement, I have used this for over 3 years as I find it comprehensively meets the needs of an active senior.
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By Karla K. on 16 de Setembro de 2013
Compra verificada
Senior TOTAL MAN has helped my senior husband feel better and they seem to help his mood as well. Be sure to take them regularly (he takes two tablets twice a day).
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By Anonymous on 24 de Dezembro de 2012
What do I think of Senior TOTAL MAN?? I think there is nothing like it! Why do I say that? Because in my humble opinion I have never seen a more complete, well thought out Multi- that delivers on its promise. After taking SENIOR TOTAL MAN for 3 months I am really sold and can't imagine life without it. I feel positively great--what else is there?
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By Anonymous on 21 de Dezembro de 2012
Compra verificada
Used total man before, but when I seen this 'senior' total man, I had to try it (I'm 58), and it is a very good product, and your site is cheaper than the doctors office. Thanks much!
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By Sam McKnight on 24 de Novembro de 2012
Recently, on the advice of my workout trainer, I started taking SR TOTAL MAN and what A difference in my stamina and overall health. I am much stronger, can workout longer and in general really "feel super". I definently have found a friend I can rely on in SR TOTAL MAN--I really love it. Thanks ESTEEM for such a sensible product for us older guys.
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By Harry Armstrong on 9 de Novembro de 2012
I never thought I needed any special vitamins until I got past 60 but man do we ever start to slow down when we do. A friend told me of his great success with SR TOTAL MAN and that I should try it. I can say that I have been on this multiple for some time now and I never felt better--its as if I rolled the clock back. I would never have believed a supplement could make such a difference in a persons life but this one has. Great product!
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By Homer Long on 7 de Novembro de 2012
I live alone now and have for some time. My daughter has been on my case lately telling me I look poorly. She knows I really don't like to cook much and as a result I just kind of "piece" around on whatever I can find to eat. Further she tells me I need nutrition to sustain life. To make a long story short she has me on Sr.TOTAL MAM vitamins these past few weeks and I must admit I am really feeling good. I didn't think I cared how I felt but I know better and I owe it all to her. A really good product.
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