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Red Yeast Rice

Solaray Levedura de Arroz Vermelho de 600 mg 45 Cápsulas Vegetarianas

Preço: R$ 58,64

by Loretta Kryzanek on 16 de Dezembro de 2013
My husband has used Solaray Red Yeast Rice tablets and has lowered his cholesterol considerably. He is now under the magic 200. I am now a believer and have started the tablets myself as I have reacted to prescription cholesterol lowering medications.
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by Anonymous on 19 de Novembro de 2013
I have a family history of high overall cholesterol and high LDL levels, although the HDLs are equally high (good ratio). However, when my total cholesterol shot up to 285 and my LDL to 185, I felt I had to do something. I did not want to take an expensive and potentially liver and muscle-damaging prescription statin, so I thought I would try Red Yeast Rice after reading about clinical studies that showed it was safe and effective. I bought two home cholesterol test kits. I used one before starting the Red Yeast Rice just as a basis and then one after I used this product for six weeks. My overall cholesterol dropped 60 points! I'm thrilled and will follow up with a professional lab test to confirm these results. Needless to say, I will keep using this medication.
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by John J. Braz Jr. on 31 de Outubro de 2013
I really can't say how long I've been using Red Yeast Rice- all I know its been quite a few years and I know it works!I've recommended it to others to help lower their cholesterol. I've found the price with eVitamins to be very reasonable and it beats all the stores in my area. It's great and works for me!
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by Anonymous on 16 de Outubro de 2013
After taking Red Yeast Rice for 2 months, my total chloresterol dropped from 274 to 237. This is the second time I've used the product with exactly the same results. This is approx. a 13.5% reduction. It does work. Exercise and diet alone doesn't seem to do anything for me.
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by Anonymous on 15 de Outubro de 2013
I was recommended the use of Red Yeast Rice by an Alternative Medical Practioner, as the side effects of prescription Cholesterol reducing medication proved to have adverse side-effects (muscles in my legs aching). I have been taking them for the last 2 months and am waiting for a blood test to determine if they have been effective in reducing my Cholesterol levels. Before I started taking them my count was '12' (quite high). So when I have another test I will make known the results. Thank you very much!
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by R. Murray Frith on 7 de Outubro de 2013
Red Yeast Rice was recommended by my acupuncturist at first, for high cholesterol. I had tried all the other natural products recommended in books & various health care practitioners (garlic, co-q 10, niacin, fiber, etc.), as well as being practically a vegetarian (just a little fish & chicken), eating very little butter, eggs and cheese. But my levels kept creeping up, topping out at 258 about 3 months ago. After 2 months of Red Yeast Rice, it went down to 219! Now, I enjoy butter, cheese... whatever I want.
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by Linda Vandercook on 2 de Outubro de 2013
I have been taking red yeast rice 600mg for three months since I am unable to take Lipator or Tricor due to side effects. In February, my cholesterol was 255. Today, June 9, my reading averaged at 211, a substantial decrease! I don't have any noticable side effects, and was so pleased to see my overall reading reduced.
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by Marie Phillips on 22 de Setembro de 2013
Since I have been taking Red Rice Yeast every day, my cholestorol has dropped 40+points. Diet and excersise did not help, nor did garlic and other supllements. After reading about the possible benefits of Red Rice Yeast I decided to try it back in 2000. It helped tremendously without the side effects one might get from prescription medications, and since I am a hypersensitive person, this was a godsend. It may not work for everyone, but its worked for me. Thank You!
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by Wy Neeley on 21 de Setembro de 2013
My husband could not take medication for his high cholesterol because it made him light headed and gave him tunnel vision. Also, we found out it is hard on the liver. The owner of our local health food store recommended Red Yeast Rice. He has his cholesterol checked regularly and it is around 200 every time.
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by Janet Holmes on 9 de Setembro de 2013
My husband has been taking this product for several months, wanting to take himself off a prescription cholesterol-lowering medication. So far, the blood work has shown it to be "doing the job" He's going to continue with it, as it surely doesn't have the downside of any known side effects.
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