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4.2 out of 5 stars
Raw Thyroid

Natural Sources Raw Thyroid

by Natural Sources

Preço: R$44.58

I feel much better
By Julie pitman on 28 de Janeiro de 2017
Compra verificada
I feel much better taking this product rather than the synthetic hormones given by my doctor... Thank you
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RAW THYROID Really works!
By Kate Farrant on 9 de Outubro de 2016
Compra verificada
This is my second order - It really works - more energy - I feel normal again!
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By Osama Iqneibi on 4 de Maio de 2016
Compra verificada
I am taking it for a few weeks now, I can say I feel difference in energy and less fatigue, less pain in the neck which I felt if my TSH level was high, so this means it is controlling it. Until now not loosing weight but I am not gaining weight either which is good. I used to see the number in the scale getting higher daily. I hope after a while I will start loosing weight. It is a good source for T3 which is good for metabolism. Highly recommend :-) Better to take it on an empty stomach, not with food like the synthetic thyroid supplement to get the best of it.
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By Alysa on 6 de Setembro de 2014
I absolutely love Raw Thyroid! I personally take quite a bit of it -- 6 capsules a day. But I have found that besides having way more energy, my hormones are better and the interstitial cystitis is feeling way better than it has in years. I think probably due to the fact that I'm producing more hormones. For those of you who are considering this product, I really like it but if your thyroid is really low you may have to take more than the package recommends to get results. My naturopath told me that some people take up to 12 a day. Of course, I'm not making a recommendation on how many you take but for me the recommended dosage wasn't enough. No more low energy, no more dry skin on my legs, and IC way better.
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By Diana on 22 de Maio de 2014
This product did not produce any positive results for me.
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By Creda C. on 23 de Janeiro de 2014
Compra verificada
Raw Thyroid works better for my body better than synthetic thyroid hormones.
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By Lailani Aleman on 30 de Abril de 2013
I had really high hopes for this product. After a 2 months of taking this supplement I can honestly say I felt no improvement in my energy levels. This product was a definite disappointment.
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By Maggie Villegas on 15 de Dezembro de 2012
Today is December 15, 2010 and I dragged myself into the vitamin store to purchase something for my thyroid. I was very tired and had no energy. I'm 59 years young and needed some energy and wanting to get rid of my dry throat. I take many vitamins and really don't get the energy I want. So I asked the sales clerk which Thyroid company he would recommend? Of course RAW THYROID. We get returning customers over and over. So I decided to give it a try and took it right on the spot. I knew if my body was needing this, I would feel the difference very soon. I'm telling you this because I felt the energy within two hours of taking it. I'm recommending it to my daughter and begging her to take it as well. Thank you so much for this GREAT product.
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By Hazel on 4 de Dezembro de 2012
When I started taking Raw Thyroid I itched horribly on my back. I was in misery. My skin was so dry it looked like dry powder and was flaky. I received instant relief. Now I have energy all the time. This is a miracle drug for me. Thank you for making it. I've been taking it about 3 years. When ever it gives out I can't hardly stand the itching.
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By Natalie on 1 de Dezembro de 2012
Raw Thyroid is really a miracle pill. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago and I was taking the synthetic thyroid which never did much. I started taking Raw Thyroid and I have not felt this good in many many years. What I thought was arthritis pain is gone. I can get up from a sitting position without moaning and groaning. I handle stressful situations more calmly. I no longer feel like I'm dragging myself around. I feel wonderful.
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