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OxyLife Phenocane w / curcumina e DLPA 60 Cápsulas Vegetarianas

Preço: R$70.33

by Susan O. on 3 de Maio de 2014
This product is excellent. I stopped taking all pain meds after just taking 1 to 2 capsules per day. I had severe low back pain from ruptured discs and severe jaw pain and it made both much better.
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by Dean Malkowski. RN on 29 de Dezembro de 2012
Phenocane was recommended to me by a massage therapist -nothing seemed to be helping my nagging lower-back and knee pain and I was not happy to be taking Ibuprofen almost daily. I bought a bottle and took one, not really expecting much - went to the gym and played racquetball for an hour and a half. Then it hit me - I couldn't have done that unless the pain had been reduced! For me, it works better than 2 Ibuprofen, lasts 6-8 hours and I observe no side effects whatever. For this active 55 yr old, this stuff works great!
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by Laurie on 11 de Dezembro de 2012
Phenocane w/ Curcumin & DLPA did alleviate my chronic back pain, however it really bothered my stomach. I felt the same symptoms as when I take Motrin. I ordered it because it claimed it did not cause stomach upset like Motrin, however for me that was not the case. I have a very sensitive stomach so it may not bother others as much as it did for me.
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by Anonymous on 3 de Dezembro de 2012
My husband ordered Phenocane for me because I was taking Ibuprofen and Aleve to relieve my back pain. I have bulging discs and moderate but progressive arthritis in my hip and knee joints. I had only taken Phenocane for a week before I began to notice a great difference in my discomfort. I have not had to take any thing else. The Phenocane is great!
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by Josette on 19 de Setembro de 2012
Yesterday fibromyalgia pain was I am so much better I can laugh about yesterday.
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by Anonymous on 23 de Agosto de 2012
I have 34% scoliosis between L2&3 of my lumbar spine. It looks like a little dip or curve on the x-ray. Nothing was ever done about it until I was in my 50s when an x-ray or some such procedure detected it. By then I was having such severe pain in my lower right back that sometimes I could not walk. A massage therapist recommended Phenocane as I did not want to take ibuprofen or tylenol due to side effects and because they did not relieve the pain. Muscle relaxants didn't either. Along with yoga and daily walking, Phenocane relieves the pain with no upset stomach.
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by Jim on 13 de Agosto de 2012
I'm quite surprised at how well a natural pain killer can work. I have ankle pain when I walk or run too much. It takes 2 Ibuprofen 200's to take my pain away. I use 3 or 4 Phenocanes to do the same thing. Bonus is that the ingredients are actually good for me (alkalizing, helps me stay regular, etc.) so I don't have to take some of the other things I was taking.
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by Anonymous on 29 de Julho de 2012
I tried Phenocane on the recommendation of my cousin. Amazing results for chronic lower back pain. Two days later my wife "threw her back out" and after several trips to the Chiropractor was feeling a bit better. She then tried the Phenocane and in 48 hours her back felt "great".
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by Diane on 24 de Julho de 2012
I have had chronic arthritis and lower back problems for many years. NSAIDS work only for awhile; glucosamine works some; but a couple of days on Phenocane and I had an overall feeling of less/no pain. Condition(s) are still there, but, boy, do I feel good!
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by James Wiitala on 11 de Julho de 2012
I have had progressively worse arthritis in my knees and was ready to set a date for surgery. My wife is a pianist with painful arthritis in her hands. Without any real hope for success, we purchased Phenocane on advice from a close friend. We were both pleasantly surprised when in only a few days of 3 tablets a day our pain went away. Of course it does not "cure" arthritis but certainly reduces the pain-causing inflammation. We have since reduced our dosage to 1 or 2 a day and have had no side effects. Take this advice from a skeptic - Phenocane works!
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