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Perfect Food Green Label

Garden of Life ALimanto perfeito Green Label 75 Cápsulas

Preço: R$80

by Anonymous on 8 de Novembro de 2013
Perfect Food Super Green has increased my health and vitality. I mix it with Apple Cider, mixed frozen fruit and ground flax meal. It cleanses my system and actually tastes pretty good when blended with the above. It still has no fat and adds healthy calories for a complete morning meal.
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by Anonymous on 10 de Setembro de 2013
Perfect Food™ Super Green tastes terrible, but I will continue using it for at least one month. I predict it will increase my health and vitality. So when you buy it and realize it tastes bad, mix it with a lot of water (like 16 -32 oz) and visualize your cells thanking you after a long day of stress. It's the only way to survive this. Hang in there, and don't skip a day. You are a fierce organism that can handle any type of foul mix. You will be laughing when you move into your 80s and 90s with healthy grin and a sharp mind.
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by Anonymous on 22 de Agosto de 2013
Perfect Food Super Green is wonderful. I have so much more energy and feel much better when I am taking my Perfect Food tablets regularly. My husband can also tell by how clean the house is, if I have been taking this product. I recommend it to everyone. I will be a customer for life.
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by Vermel Alford on 19 de Junho de 2013
As is true with most people, I knew I was not eating enough vegetables. I had taken Perfect Food Super Green Formula back in 2006, but for some reason I quit taking it. One night recently I was totally exhausted... then I began thinking to myself about how much more energetic and busy I was back in 2006. What had changed?? Then I remembered "Perfect Food". So, about a month ago I began taking it again. There is already a tremendous change in my physical energy and my clarity of thought. I have also managed to lose 7 lbs, in the past month, without doing anything different in my daily regimen. I am a 57 year old female. My 20-something year old daughter and nieces marvel at my energy level.
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by Anonymous on 17 de Setembro de 2012
I mix Perfect Food™ Super Green Formula with some orange flavored fiber for my cleansing drink in the morning and then late afternoon. The morning drink is kind of a ritual to start my day off right and the late afternoon drink helps me control my hunger. I have been taking it for six months now and feel great - my body is getting the nutrition it needs.
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by Dina on 6 de Junho de 2012
Perfect Food™ Super Green Formula is part of a morning breakfast shake that I drink that my gynecologist/herbalist recommended for pre-menopause symptoms, and overall good health. I have to add orange flavored cod liver oil and other omega 3 oils and juice, water, fruit, flax seed & coconut. I hold my nose and chug it down. It tastes nasty, but makes me feel much more energized and focused. I'm sticking with it!
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by Dina on 6 de Junho de 2012
This is an ingredient in a morning shake that my gynecologist/herbalist directed me to drink for pre-menopausal symptoms as well as overall wellness. I mix it with apple juice, water, ground flax seed, coconut, frozen fruit, omega 3 udo oil blend, and cod liver oil (that last one is the hardest for me, I don't eat fish or meat!) I hold my nose and chug it down in 4 intervals. It tastes nasty. I wipe my mouth while holding my nose too, and breathe out a few times, then let go. The taste/smell is nauseating to me...but afterwards I feel really rejuvenated and have more energy and feel more focused. I am sticking with it!
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by John on 25 de Março de 2012
I tried Perfect Food Super Green Formula full strength as listed on the package and it tasted terrible! I could barely choke it down. However, by dividing up the dosage to 1 teaspoon in a 16oz water bottle an drinking it several times a day, it tastes more like tea and the flavor is starting to grow on me.
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by Anonymous on 3 de Fevereiro de 2012
Perfect Food tastes so gross, but I will hang in there. I know it is doing its job and making my body stronger. If it wasn't for that then I would have dumped it a long time ago!
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