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Perfect Cleanse

Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse um Kit

Preço: R$101.18

by Anonymous on 1 de Dezembro de 2012
I have been cleansing for about 2 years, however this was first time taking a Garden of Life cleanse. I did not like it at all. I felt constipated, bloated and nothing good at all. Over a 1 week period, I had 3 bowel movements, and that was diarrhea, compared with other cleanses, when I had 2-3 soft bowel movements a day.
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by Gina on 17 de Outubro de 2012
I did not have good results with Perfect Cleanse, unless it works after you stop taking it a while. I felt so bloated and gained 5 lbs. My stomach is still distended a few inches, and I am constipated. I ate healthy and was not constipated before I started taking it. Also, I had gas and broke out with acne. It was easy to use and the taste was not terrible.
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by Anonymous on 13 de Agosto de 2012
Perfect Cleanse is a great product with a nice gentle cleanse. There is no terrible healing crisis with it either.
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by Anonymous on 16 de Julho de 2012
I'm sorry to say I did not have a good experience with perfect Cleanse. I have been eating very healthy for a long time (organic whole foods, have had regular bowel movements), but felt as though I should do a cleansing. After 7 days into it I had to stop because I was so bloated and constipated! I mean, isn't a cleanse suppose to cleanse you out?! It is suppose to work while sleeping and then you're suppose to have a B.M. the next day. It wasn't happening. During the "cleanse" I had stopped eating any cheese, dairy and wheat products and only ate organic. I did not have any tea or coffee. I ate small meals consiting of meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables and drank lots of water. I feel as though I did all I was suppose to do. I am still not regular and when I do go I am very constipated!!
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by Dee on 10 de Julho de 2012
Perfect Cleanse does what it says. I've been on it on for 7 days now and I feel better. I'm also sleeping better. I also don’t have nausea upon waking like I used to (felt like my stomach was full). Now I wake up and I have energy and my stomach feels fine. I noticed my energy has kicked up a bit. I have psorasis and noticed that my skin is improving a little bit. My BM's are in the morning, although when I first started taking Perfect Cleanse, I didn't have a bowel movement until 3 days later and all my bloating was done. I lost 2 pounds and as time progress on my 7th day I had big bowel movement. I will definitely make this my cleansing product from now on. It really cleans you out.
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by alex on 14 de Junho de 2012
I've been on this for 3 days and I've lost 3lbs. It might just be water eight, but my stomach is completely flat today, so even if it's just water eight right now it's a good motivation however, you can't just eat the same as always!!! I'm already a vegetarian, but eat LOTS of processed food, way too much soy, and way too much gluten - I'm a dessert fanatic and pretty much eat a dessert EVERYDAY, if not more than once a day. So for this cleanse I.... Went entirely off gluten, went off all soy, and definitely off dairy (if you're staying on dairy/gluten on this cleanse then there's probably no point in doing it - you're just adding toxins in while trying to take them out).So basically I'm eat all fruits and veggies (mostly organic), making fruit smoothies, gluten-free vegetarian chili, lots of almond butter on my bananas (I'm staying away from peanuts too since they're such a common allergen), and everything-free frozen waffles, and I let myself eat VEGAN gluten free brownies that are wonderful. There's a lot more food you can eat that is gluten-free, so don't be afraid of it - but I'm just a picky eater. THIS IS 5 STARS IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY!!! No side-effects for me - could be because I'm young (20) but I'm on tons of meds because I have narcolepsy/hashimoto's disease/heart arrhythmia/crazy hormones.... the list continues... so I thought I'd get sick from toxin build up, but so far, so good!
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by Mike on 21 de Maio de 2012
I've been on Perfect Cleanse for 4 days and it seems to stimulate my bowels more often and my feces does look different? I have no bloating or cramping - just a little more gassy in the morning. If the product makes me feel better by the end of the 10 days, then it probably is going well. I have lost weight because it seems I am not as hungry in the morning.
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by Anonymous on 23 de Abril de 2012
I started Perfect Cleanse three days ago and I am so mad about the results I am having. I spoke with two employees at my Vitamin store who recommended this product. Since then I have gained 5 lbs, my stomach looks like I am six months pregnant and I am so constipated I might have to use a laxative to relieve the symptoms. This is my very first try with a cleanse and have never been more disappointed in a product. I hope I can get back to my normal self which is 100% better than what I just experienced.
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by Anonymous on 7 de Abril de 2012
I'm not sure why everyone is having a difficult time with the Perfect Cleanse! So far, I am not bloated or constipated; slightly gassy, but only in the morning. I think the trick is to make sure you drink a lot of water before and after the fiber drink, which is not great, but tolerable. Step 3 should be taken before bed. I have been taking it about 30 minutes before bed, again with lots of water. Also taking a natural oil like cod liver or coconut oils are also recommended with this product. So far - a Great Product.
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by Kisha on 26 de Março de 2012
I have been on Perfect Cleanse for 5 days. I feel bloated, gassy and nauseous all day. I am considereng ending this cleansing but I am not sure if these symptoms will eventually turn around. I gained 5 pounds and I have never been so constipated in all my life. I am so confused. When does the cleansing take place?
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