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Nature's Plus Tabletes 60 Chew Pedi-Active

Preço: R$ 77,15

by MELISSA CHNG on 30 de Agosto de 2015
We just tested this on our son with ASD. He seems better at sitting and taking instructions. We are getting our 2nd bottle of 120 caps.
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by Heather on 12 de Abril de 2014
I saw immediate results within the first 24 hours. My daughter went from hyper to calm within the first two doses. She was asked to make her bed and made it within minutes and it looked wonderful ... not just thrown on ... like usual. She has been respectful. I am beyond impressed!
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by Samantha on 2 de Outubro de 2013
Last year my daughter was in third grade and struggled to pass certain classes, and sometimes didn't. During the summer, we started giving her Pedi-Active, and the starting of fourth grade has been awesome. She is paying attention in class and is passing, A's and B's, without struggling so much. She even notices the difference. She just doesn't care for the taste of the vitamins so much.
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by Sherry Brown on 10 de Maio de 2013
Pedi-Active has been a life saver. We have been on it for over a year. Have went up to 4 tabs a day. My 8yr old girl has ADD and some extreme moods, anxiety, ect. This has helped her in school and trust me we know when it's time for her tab. Two at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 at dinner during school. We go down to two in summer months. She is now 80 lb. This also helps with a good night sleep. The best part is no side affects. We would be lost without these. Hope they work for you.
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by Cathy England on 3 de Dezembro de 2012
I am a grandmother of a ADHD child. The doctor had the 4 year old on concerta and it was making her unberable to be around. The child was worse with the medicine than without. On Thanksgiving day, I got on to my computer and started to research this drug and I was apalled to find out that concerta was worse than cocaine. Conerta also should not be givin to a child under 6 years old. Well need I say this grandma stopped the medicine immediatley. The next morning I called the local natural herb store and explained to the lady what my granddaughter had and she told me about pediactive. It has been a blessing from god. This child is now bearable to be around and grandma's nerves and high blood pressure is comming down. She is not bouncing around anymore and we can play and do things together. I'm just happy that there is all natural ingredients that work for this diesease instead of those horriable prescription drugs that, by the way we had a very hard time getting her to swallow them. Now, she looks forward to us giving her her pediactive childrens chewables and she loves the mixed berry flavor. We just told her that they were a special candy made just for her. I just want to thank you very much from a grandma that can now enjoy being with her grandchild again!
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by Crystal on 31 de Outubro de 2012
When my oldest daughter was young she had all symptoms of ADHD. I used a product called composer to help her concentrate but it didn't taste good. Now she has outgrown most of her symptoms. Both of my daughters have difficulties falling asleep before 11PM. Tonight, I gave them one tablet about an hour and a half before bedtime. They were perfect angels when we went to eat supper and were asleep by 8:30PM with no complaining. I am interested to see their different attitudes after a good nights rest.
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by Fran on 31 de Outubro de 2012
I absolutley love Pedi-Active. My 2 year old has serious problems with hyperactivity - the poor baby has inherited my ADHD. I was honestly at my wits end because she never stopped. She never slept more than an hour at a time, never walked anywhere, would scream at the top of her lungs constantly, all day long, and the list just goes on. I started giving her this product over the summer and within 2 days I began to see results. She has stopeed the screaming and constant running, we can now actually go for walks, she not only will go to bed at 9 pm and sleep the whole night, but will also take a nap some days as well. They have even noticed a difference in her behavior at church, saying that she no longer tries to tear the nursery apart. I have also given these to my oldest child who is non-medicated ADHD when she has been having a bad day and the results have been fantastic with her as well. She has never been as bad as my youngest but she does have her trying times as well. I like this product because you can give it to them on a daily basis as with my youngest but it also has helped with my oldest on an as needed basis. Thank you so much for putting such a wonderful product on the market to bring some relief to the children who needed this and the parents/guardians that love them!
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by Kristy on 28 de Setembro de 2012
My son's first year in school was really hard. He had a hard time sitting still in kindergarten, he couldn't stay on task or really focus at all without the teacher reminding him what he should be doing. At home he was very hyperactive, and it was taking a lot of time reminding him to start or finish homework or just cleaning his room. One of my friends recommended Pedi-Active to me as she used it on her now teenage son. She said it worked very well and had good results with it, so I tried it. I have to say my mom even noticed a difference within three days. I started my son just before this summer, it is now september and my son is in first grade. He is doing great sitting still, completing his work on time, and not being so hyper as he was. I do have to say if I forget to give them to him I can tell. The only one thing that I can say is my son isn't too fond of the taste, but he just drinks it down with water.
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by Anonymous on 4 de Setembro de 2012
I purchased Pedi-Active for my son with ADHD. I stopped it after two weeks due to insomnia and night terrors. I have heard from other parents that their children experienced the same thing.
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by Anonymous on 19 de Agosto de 2012
I was so hopeful that this was going to be a great treatment for my son's ADHD, but he had a night terror the very first night we gave it to him so we won't continue. We're going to try just DMAE wafers.
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