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Pea Protein

Proteína De Ervilha Now Foods Sem Sabor 907 g

Preço: R$70.34

by Richa Thukral on 22 de Outubro de 2015
☑ Compra verificada
Awesome for everyone, specially vegans and vegetarians... I gained muscle with this.
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by margarita ruiz on 17 de Junho de 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Me encanta que sea una proteína vegetal!
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by Cesar on 30 de Abril de 2016
☑ Compra verificada
Very good product. I don't have an opinion yet if I'm building muscle with this but I can tell you is that the taste is very acceptable and my tummy feels good. My stomach is very sensitive and almost everything makes me feel bloated. This product doesn't. Two thumbs up!
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by David D. on 15 de Fevereiro de 2014
☑ Compra verificada
Best protein I have ever had (not taste-wise though; however, the taste is not horrible when mixed with juice). Anyway, this protein actually has all the essential amino acids required for building muscle. In addition, it comes with 2 g of arginine and 5 g of glutamic acid. That is outstanding. I've experienced better mood/cognitive function, digestion and results with this powder than any others I have ever used, no matter how fancy they were.
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by Thomas D. on 10 de Janeiro de 2014
☑ Compra verificada
I have lost 15 lbs recently and every morning I mix Pea Protein, banana, almond milk and either sea buckthorn or elderberry juice. No added sweetener is needed. Not saying this is a weight loss item just that I exercise, eat right, this is my breakfast. It works for me!
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by Eric H. on 10 de Novembro de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Pea Protein does not taste good. I have to mix it with other protein powders to help cover it up. The price is right though and it's an easy way to get more protein into your system.
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by Cindy on 21 de Agosto de 2013
First of all, this Pea Protein tastes fine. You should like peas and I have always loved peas. There is a specific taste. If you hate the taste of peas you may not like this protein but if you are someone who likes the taste then you should find this a good powder to use. I had it plain at first, not sweet and that was great since I am sick of drinks with sweeteners like stevia. I am capable of adding any sweeteners myself and I like it that way. Then I tried vanilla and a spot of agave, that was good. This last one I added an apple and some frozen fruit. To me it tastes as good or better than any other shake. Seems to hold me ok for food, we will see about weight loss in future.
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by Anonymous on 19 de Maio de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Easy on the stomach although the taste is'nt great unless you throw in some fruit - maybe a banana. I use papaya juice and a little water and ice,
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by Mae on 18 de Maio de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
This tastes awful. I've been looking for a vegan protein that tastes good just mixed with water, and this is definitely not it. But it's so good for you, so it's a trade-off. I've been mixing it with green smoothies for breakfast. It tastes awful, but I feel really good after I finish my smoothie and rinse out my mouth. But if you are looking for a vegan protein that you can stomach very happily, try Optimum Nutrition's soy protein. But as far as a vegetable protein goes, this isn't too bad. And it's cheap!
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by Regina C. on 16 de Maio de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Pea Protein is an excellent quality product. Great source of amino acids. More than other protein powders I've used. Solved constipation by increasing the amount of fiber I add to the morning smoothie I make with it and using more fluids. It works well with all the flavors of the fruits I use to make the smoothie. Very tasty that way.
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