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Natural Joint

Greek Island Labs Natural Joint 30 Cápsulas Vegetarianas

Preço: R$ 186,82

by Lilian S. on 7 de Outubro de 2014
☑ Compra verificada
I bought Natural Joint for my mum, whose arthritis in her hands didn't let her sleep. After three days use told me that on the forth night she had painless sleep. I bought it because it was highly recommended by other users -- well that wasn't a lie. I highly recommend it myself.
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by Sandra on 2 de Janeiro de 2014
These vitamins for joint pain are the best I've ever used. They really work well. I had trouble even bending my left knee. When I am taking Natural Joint regularly, I can bend my left knee without any pain.
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by Mr. Kraft on 2 de Junho de 2013
Here is my story: I am 58 and in generally great health, fit and active. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe osteoarthritis in the C3 and C4 neck joints in Jan 2011. I tried some doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory pills which created side effects and didn't offer a solution. I researched my problem and ran across your product. I ordered it and started March 3rd and charted my progress. I started at an 8 for the neck area. Today I am very pleased to say I am a 1. That is a big improvement with almost zero aches today, touch wood!! As a solution I also use an Arthritis cream from another manufacturer, used twice daily and take acupuncture treatments every 2 weeks. I also use Robex platinum a couple times a week at bed.The 4 combined treatments have given me the solution I was searching for. Hope this helps other folks that need help. Thanks for a great product.
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by Ben Catanzaro on 8 de Fevereiro de 2013
I'm not certain what to think about Natural Joint except for the fact that the formula contains natural ingredients. I already had a partial shoulder replacement two years prior to taking Natural Joint. I started taking it to try to avoid any other problems [to other joints] and as a general supplement per its essential Mediterranean diet ingredients. To be honest, I had been off the medication for a period of two months due to dental surgery during which time I felt no different not taking it, nor did I feel any different once I resumed taking two every morning. I have no idea how to determine if this supplement is doing anything for me and my general health.
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by Jo Ann Miller on 27 de Janeiro de 2013
I have been taking Natural Joint for almost two months. My joints feel better, I am having much less pain. I have severe osteoarthritis to the point of having to get injections in my knees every three months. I rest at night pain free!
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by Anonymous on 30 de Dezembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
It really made a difference. Didn't realize how much of a difference it made until I ran out. Good product.
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by Nathan on 15 de Dezembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I have found Natural Joint to be excellent product! Helped me intensify my workouts as well as at work, where I am on my feet all day. I would highly recommend this product for any of you gym rats who work out all the time and are thinking about your joints for the long haul.
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by Hans on 6 de Dezembro de 2012
Natural Joint didn't notice any change - do not notice anything.
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by Kay on 14 de Outubro de 2012
I've had osteoarthritis for quite a while and couldn't get relief. My sleep was maybe 2 hours at a time, at best!Finally, Natural Joint has helped me tremendously! I took it for 3 days and I slept all night last night! What a difference! I would highly recommend it to anyone else with arthritis.
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by Anonymous on 4 de Agosto de 2012
I have been dealing with work related knee pain for years. I started taking this product and have never felt better. The swelling is gone and I have not taken any anti-inflammatory medication for 6 weeks. I even have been able to extend the time between chiropractor visits. This is Great!
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