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Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula

Enzymatic Therapy Metabólica Fórmula Advantage Thyroid 100 Cápsulas

Preço: R$53.23

by Marie Grace B. on 17 de Outubro de 2013
Love Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula! I no longer have an active thyroid issue. Under control and feeling very good.
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by Connie on 30 de Janeiro de 2013
Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula works well for me. My TSH was slightly elevated at 5+. I was gaining weight and fatigued. After one bottle of Metabolic Advantage, a reduction in eating carbohydrates, and a complete abstinence from Diet Coke, I lost three pounds and feel much better. I showed it to my doctor who noted the product was completely natural, and recommended to keep on taking it -- which I will! I highly recommend it.
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by Anonymous on 9 de Dezembro de 2012
I love this product! I won't live without it after trying for 5 days. It really helps boost my thyroid. It helps with my energy level and also allows me to get a better nights sleep. I'm a huge fan of this product!
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by Anonymous on 8 de Dezembro de 2012
I've been taking this for 10 years for bipolar. If I heard even so much as a rumor that it was being discontinued I'd get all my money together and buy as much as I could afford. It keeps me alive! When I first started taking it, I didn't really notice any difference. So I quit. Then I suffered a severe depression. My friend, who had my bottle of Thyroid Formula, suggested I take 2. In 45 minutes I was back from the raving maniac mood to feeling quite normal. I no longer wanted to kill myself. I've been taking it every since. It has pulled me out of 3 suicidal depressions, the other two being when the doctor told me to stop taking it. I take 2 in the morning - with food, otherwise it tends to make me sick to my stomach for about 1 minute. When life gets a bit tough, I may take 1 or 2 later in the day. It has worked well for friends for episodic relief of anxiety and panic attacks, and migraine headaches. Since I've been taking Metabolic Advantage I don't get headaches. Even friends who don't think it will work on panic attacks or anxiety attacks see relief in as little as 45 minutes. Sometimes less. When I moved here, I checked out the local health food store, but they didn't carry it. The owner ordered it for me, and commented that, after researching it, it was a very good product. I heartily agree!!!
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by Jody78 on 23 de Novembro de 2012
I just purchased a 100 capsule bottle of Metabolic Advantage Saturday 11/21/09 and began taking them on 11/22/09. I have suffered with an uderactive thyroid for about 8 years now. It is really starting to take a toll on me. I can't concentrate at work, my attitude stinks, haven't seen a period in 8 months, (not pregnant), memory loss and dramatic weight gain. Since I have been taking the pills, I haven't felt much of a difference yet, but its still early. I feel a little nausea though. When I lay down to sleep at night I feel a little restless. I also gained 5 lbs overnight. Is this normal with the Metabolic Advantage Pill? Also, is it safe to take a Kelp Powder, while taking this product?
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by Rebecca on 24 de Outubro de 2012
This is a great product. I was struggling with such low energy that I was dragging myself around from room to room. Some days I only seemed to have enough energy to sit and breathe. I started taking this thyroid formula at the suggestion of friend. It took about 2 weeks before I began to notice a positive change in my energy level. My energy has picked up considerably to where I am now able to exercise, run errands and work a full day without feeling fatigued. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules 3x/day and I found taking that much initially was fine but after about 1 month I began to feel anxious and figidity inside 30 min after each dosing as though I was hipped up on too much caffeine. I cut the dosage back by half (1 capsule 3x/day) and that seems perfect for me - no anxiousness and still enough energy to get me through my day. I took the bottle to my acupuncturist who looked it over and told me that the people behind Metabolic Advantage are very careful how they put together the ingredients in their products and that this thyroid formula is very good and well worth taking if it helps you. I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to anyone suffering with low energy.
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by Nikki Mayhew on 22 de Agosto de 2012
I have had thyroid issues for a couple of years. I finally had blood work done and my TSH was elevated, and measured 5.69. The Nurse Practitioner prescribed me Levothyroxine. I threw the RX away, instead I took Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula for about 3 months (felt gradually better), and had my blood work done again. My TSH was down to 2.93!! I was elated. I have to give some credit to the Extra Virgin Coconut oil, too. When I took it, my hair loss diminished. Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up from me...My NP was quite surprised with my (NATURAL) thyroid improvement.
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by Linda on 4 de Março de 2012
Metabolic Advantage Thyroid Formula is great! A great supplement to use with any raw thyroid formula, if your thyroid isn't working properly. Or if you are fortunate enough to have it working properly, to keep it that way!
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by Anonymous on 19 de Janeiro de 2012
This does help with boosting energy levels. I recommend it to anyone feeling like they don't have enough energy.
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