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Liver Refresh

Desentoxicante e Regenerador do Fígado Now Foods 90 Cápsulas

Preço: R$51.41

Nice product
by Emron Musavi on 18 de Outubro de 2016
☑ Compra verificada
Seems to do it's work. I always pop 1 to 2 caps after drinks and it does help with the hangover and my liver enzymes.
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Great product for improving digestion
by Kusum on 18 de Fevereiro de 2017
☑ Compra verificada
The supplement has helped improved my digestion and bowel movement, completely recommend it for people looking at improving their digestion.
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Back to normal
by KHiller on 1 de Outubro de 2016
☑ Compra verificada
Now's Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator has helped to get my liver enzymes back in check. After my yearly physical I was notified that my liver enzymes were elevated. My friend recommended these liver support supplements and now I am happy to say my enzymes are no longer elevated. The liver is an important organ and I am glad mine is back to normal.
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by Connie Huffman on 25 de Abril de 2016
☑ Compra verificada
I love this product, and it works great. I was looking for a good probiotic and came across this one. Now Foods is an amazing company and I have used many of their products and trust their products. I highly recommend this product and any NOW products to my friends.
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by Chad Phifer on 12 de Fevereiro de 2016
Great product to boost liver functions. I use in conjunction with candida clear to detoxify digestive system and keep healthy gut flora.
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by ATHANASIOS ANTONIOU on 14 de Outubro de 2015
☑ Compra verificada
Another amazing product from Now foods. The capsules are big but easy to swallow. Take 3 capsules after a meal or just open 3 capsules and mix it in half a glass of water. The taste is very pleasant. The formulation of this product is very effective for a gentle liver detox without any side effects. The fact that each capsule contains Milk Thistle, Glutathione, NAC, Carnitine, Schizandra and Turmeric among other herbals, is a good reason to use this product for life.
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by Mark S. on 18 de Novembro de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
These are fine, but not quite as "fresh" as the last Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator I used to buy from eVitamins. They are rather large and not easy to swallow, but the price is right. I just hope they are full of the ingredients listed since they have no fresh smell.
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by David D. on 11 de Novembro de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator is amazing for cleansing the liver, mind and energy, too. After just two weeks of taking only this supplement to give my liver a break and a boost I felt better, had more energy and a clearer head. I recommend this to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Now Foods doesn't mess around. Their ingredients are all researched and used synergistically to make the product as effective as possible. That is rare these days. So go with Now Foods and get it from eVitamins where the service is excellent!
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by Anonymous on 6 de Janeiro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I've tried similar products and this stuff really seems to make a difference. Certainly nothing will cure drinking too much but this takes the edge off the next day when you may have had a couple too many. I noticed less severe hang over feelings and in some cases I felt fine the next day as if I didn't drink at all.
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by KONSTANTINOS ODATZIDIS on 23 de Fevereiro de 2016
☑ Compra verificada
Εξαιρετικό προϊόν της now foods, παίρνω 3 κάψουλες τη μέρα μετά το φαγητό. Ο μαγικός συνδιασμός με γαϊδουράγκαθο, καρνιτίνη, NAC, κουρκουμά & σχιζάνδρα έχει εκπληκτικά αποτελέσματα στην αποτοξίνωση του συκωτιού. Άριστη εξυπηρέτηση από την evitamins! & τέλεια τιμή!! πολλά Μπράβο!!!
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