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Immune Life

Esteem IMUNE Vida 60 Cápsulas

Preço: R$110.96

By Helen Harper on 25 de Abril de 2013
IMMUNE LIFE has become a mainstay in our family. In this era of so many diseases being passed around by everyone we put our trust in IMMUNE LIFE. Our family physician assures us that folks need all the protection they can get. Our family has had very few health issues since we all take and rely on this very needed product.. Thank you ESTEEM for such a needed and important supplement.. We all love what it does for us.
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By John Sheaffer Pres. CEO, ESTEEM on 20 de Novembro de 2012
Some time ago I was working late in my office when I received a telephone call from a sobbing Doctor in Michigan. He told me that his wife was dying and he didn't know what to do about it. He further stated that he had heard about good results people were experiencing with IMMUNE LIFE where their immune systems were too low to "fight back". He said he wanted to buy some IMMUNE LIFE and try it as a last resort. I sent him three cases. Three months passed when he called me in a very cheerful mood to tell me that her cancer was in remission and they were going on a Mediterranean Cruise. A very happy turnaround. We do not claim IMMUNE LIFE as a cancer cure but stories like this are very interesting.
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By Greg Towning on 8 de Novembro de 2012
My entire family takes IMMUNE LIFE and we don't get colds in the Winter. A friend was kidding me about spending money on IL. I asked him how much money he spent last Winter when his wife and two kids all had bad colds at the same time. He said I see what you mean because I spent nearly $300 plus my kids missed school and my wife missed 2 days work. The small amount we spend monthly during cold and flu season is well worth it and not to mention all of the discomfort.
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By Helen Harper on 2 de Outubro de 2012
IMMUNE LIFE is a mainstay in our medicine cabinet. At the first sign of a cold I and my family reach for the Immune Life. Even if the cold has already got its grip on any of us, good old Immune Life shortens the ordeal to a very few days. We wouldn't be without it.
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