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Nature's Plus HEMA-PLEX

by Nature's Plus

Preço: R$22.30

Best complete iron easy on the stomach
By Gramzie on 23 de Dezembro de 2016
Compra verificada
Easy on my stomach. I would give a five but dropped down one because the pill is a bit large. Otherwise, this iron is all natural and seems to work great
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A great product, saved my iron deficiency!
By Francesca Mari Torres on 1 de Dezembro de 2016
Compra verificada
I love this supplement. I used to have low iron in my blood, but since I started taking Hema-Plex twice a week, my iron levels are just fine in the analytics. So, so far it works in keeping my blood iron levels good without the hassle of the pharmaceutical traditional iron supplements (you know what I'm talking about if you have taken them).
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By Margaret H. on 19 de Novembro de 2013
Compra verificada
This product is great and it is providing the sufficient iron that I need daily paired with vitamin C. HEMA-PLEX does not mess with my digestive system.
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By Ahmed S. on 13 de Maio de 2013
Compra verificada
HEMA-PLEX is a very valuable product and it does work as mentioned. Thanks!
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By Marc Moock on 10 de Maio de 2013
Compra verificada
From the moment I started taking this product I began to feel myself much better, it is a very good supplement.
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By Rena on 5 de Maio de 2013
I'm a runner but always ran out of energy before anyone else. Then I started taking Hema-plex and 2 weeks later I was feeling great! I was running more than I ever had and still having energy afterwards.
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By Tosha on 28 de Abril de 2013
I'm iron deficient anemic and this supplement alone boosts my iron and hemoglobin levels better than an actual iron infusion. I doubt I will ever stop taking it.
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By Monique Freeman on 24 de Novembro de 2012
I Love Hema Plex! My friend and I both take it and love the results! Pefect after menstrual cycles. We have more energy than ever!
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By Beth Carlson on 8 de Novembro de 2012
This is the second time I have had to be on Iron supplements for iron-deficiency anemia. I found this at the health food store. I only have to take my iron once a day, instead of three times with the other supplements. It is the same cost per month, has other ingredients that I need, so it also acts as my multivitamin. I have had no constipation with this product, which can be a problem with taking iron. I have also had no stomach problems. I usually take it at night, a few hours after eating, so I don't know what it would be like on a empty stomach. After almost one month on Hema-plex , I can tell that my energy level is greatly increased, so I must be absorbing the iron. A great product!
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By Hayley on 24 de Outubro de 2012
Hema-Plex really has changed my life. I had no energy, could not get up in the morning and needed to sleep during the day. After 1 week of taking it, I felt wide awake and full of vitality. It's an excellent product!
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