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3.2 out of 5 stars
Estrin D

Covaxil Laboratories Estrin D 90 Cápsulas

Preço: R$100.04

by Garfield on 28 de Junho de 2014
Estrin D has helped me so much. I just wanted to say thank you.
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by Liz J. on 24 de Agosto de 2013
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I love Estrin D.
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by Karon G. on 26 de Julho de 2013
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It took a few nights for my body to get used to the extra caffeine and finally get some rest. After that, Estrin D seems to help shed the pounds more quickly that in the past.
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by Shirley C. on 14 de Junho de 2013
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I don't go without Estrin D!
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by Leslie Jones on 16 de Dezembro de 2012
I have been taking Estrin D for only a week. My energy level has increased and my appetite has decreased. I only take 2 capsules in the morning and it helps me throughout the day.
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by Anonymous on 13 de Dezembro de 2012
Estrin-D gives me a lot of energy, but so does coffee, which is a whole lot cheaper. Don't waste your money.
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by Anonymous on 7 de Dezembro de 2012
Estrin-D really works! Not only does it produce and help maintain weight loss, but it really does help the mental aspects as well. As a matter of convenience, I hate that Estrin-D is no longer available at my local Wal-Mart at a very reasonable price for 90 pills. I've tried many other products on the market and not one of them makes me feel like the Estrin-D did. I suffer from many illnesses, one being severe depression and when I'm taking Estrin-D I feel better about myself which means I am not nearly as depressed. As my weight escalates due to depression, so does my depression due to the weight gain but Estrin-D allows me to maintain a healthy weight, less depression, less asthma attacks, less acid reflux, less stress and panic attacks. These are just a few illnesses I deal with on a daily basis and have for many years. I can't afford to purchase all my daily medications that are necessary for me to live a functional life while trying to be happy at the same time. When I was taking the Estrin-D I was very happy "EVERY DAY" (even if I had to miss taking or even stretch my other medications) and my outlook on life was much better. I recommended Estrin-D to many of my friends that have other health problems to see if it helped them and the results were phenominal and an overwhelming land slide that Estrin-D did in fact help with the mental aspects as well as the weight. By no means am I saying or recommending that anyone stop taking their medications for any reason. I'm just saying that from my experience and the experience of my friends that having Estrin-D along with our medicines was wonderful. Since I've no longer been able to obtain estrin-d I haven't been the same. "ASK ANYONE", especially my family and anyone I try to have a lasting relationship with. I haven't been blessed with estrin-d now for about a year. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by Bernadette Dunn on 4 de Dezembro de 2012
I tried Estrin D for a month thinking it would help my low energy level. Instead, I got headaches, bloody nose, did not lose weight. I would not recommend Estrin D.
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by Angela Johnson on 16 de Novembro de 2012
I'm not at all happy with Estrin D. I was very excited to try it with high hopes that this one would be different. Instead, when I started taking it, I immediately felt very sick (nausea, headaches, bloody nose, etc). I continued taking Estrin D, thinking my body just needed to adjust. The symptoms aren't quite as strong any more, but I have not had more energy (in fact, I have less) as the product promises. I have not lost any weight, I have actually gained some. I would NOT recommend Estrin D!
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by Cathy on 7 de Novembro de 2012
I have been taking Estrin D for a year now. I started taking them and felt a difference in the hot flashes, my energy was boosted and I walk each day now, unlike being the couch potato I was. I have lost 52 lbs in a year with these and I eat smaller portions, and I truly believe it is all due to the Estrin D. What a difference they made in my life.
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