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DMSO Liquid Glass 99.9- Pure

Nature's Gift DMSO 99,9% Puro - 237ml - 8 fl oz

Preço: R$102.20

by Larry Moyle on 12 de Agosto de 2015
I have been using this product for over 40 years and it virtually saved me from having to live my life in a wheel chair after I was involved in a MVA.
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by Pieter on 24 de Fevereiro de 2014
Do NOT get DMSO in your eyes! Period.
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by Kim on 8 de Novembro de 2013
I use DMSO for my eyes. When my eyes are dry or sore I put a drop in each eye every four hours, or as needed. I have also used colloidal silver in this manner, both of which work wonderfully for keeping my eyes healthy.
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by Ann on 29 de Dezembro de 2012
I have had Chronic Lyme disease, cfs, fibromyalgia, Babesoisis, and other related health issues for the last four years. DMSO Liquid Glass 99.9 Pure helped me to regain mobility in my back and my spine. For over two years, I had the feeling of being struck by a 2x4 24/7. Like white noise from a TV, I became accustomed to the pain although energy was pretty much nil. I was sent 99% Pure DMSO from a kindly member on a chronic disease board telling me it had helped them immensely. How it is to be used: clean applicator EACH time never double dip into the jar to prevent contamination. Paint a thin layer over the painful area TOPICALLY and let dry. Repeat about 1-2 daily. That was how I did it at least. It took a week, but such a relief to have that sensation gone and not have my strength zapped like that. ALWAYS make sure DMSO is 99% pure, in a glass bottle and NOT a 70/30 solution.
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by Henry on 17 de Novembro de 2012
I have been using DMSO for about twenty five years. All I can say is that it is unbelievable.
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by Shawn on 20 de Setembro de 2012
DMSO is an amazing product. Simple, yet highly effective for a variety of conditions. My only recommendation would be that it be stored in a glass container rather than plastic as its very nature will pull trace chemicals from the plastic. Something to think about.
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by Eric on 8 de Julho de 2012
I saw the great reviews for this product and was a bit skeptical about trying, I looked around for any doubters about any adverse effects that it may give you. Two years ago I tore my ACL and medial meniscus and had re-constructive surgery on both, patella for my ACL and my meniscus was taken out on the inside part. Every now and then I would have pains on the front of my patella tendon and on the inside of my knee my LCL hurt especially during rigorous activity, football, track, and gymnastics. The first time I put the dmso on it was very warm to the touch and I didn't feel much right away, about an hour or two I didn't feel any pain in my knee. I put the dmso on every four hours for the next two days and I went to gymnastics and my knee hasn't been inflamed at all! Before, it would become inflamed and it would be really stiff! Now my knee is not as stiff at all after activity and feels great! I keep putting it on every four hours and take a day or two off every now and then, sometimes a week! I did however get a weird rash behind my knee, the skin must be too tender and there is a little prickling but it could be from a sunburn so I don't suggest putting it on red or burnt skin!
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by Patricia on 20 de Junho de 2012
I have used this form of DMSO for many years - close to forty - reading everything I can find - and trying different forms. We have had our most spectactular results with brand new burns (three kitchen burns using it immediately as you know the pain is severe then) and heavy trauma bruising. A whole skillet of Mexican beans and rice was spilled over my left upper arm two years ago. This was virtually a screaming burn. As I tried to rub or lift it off, my daughter grabbed the DMSO, a cotton washcloth (always use 100% cotton cloths or pads/balls) and a bowl of ice cubes. As fast as we got the skin cleaned off we applied first ice and then the 70% DMSO. We expected the rapid pain relief but were stunned at how fast it improved the blistering of the skin. We wrapped the area with Saran Wrap, then rubbed ice over this for twenty minutes, repeating this regimen every three hours. Today I have three very faint lightly rosy stripes on my upper arm. The bruising type accidents were a hand caught in a door, a calf/shin and foot under a dropped medical gasses tank - very heavy and several others that we did not get to until the pain was heavy the next day. It took once a day soaks for twenty minutes to knock the hand/door bruise to nothing and a bit longer for the tank fiasco - like four times a day until the bruise was gone. The slightly itchy rash disappears with more ice and a benadryl cream. The first two times you use the 70% with 30% pure water solution the light smell will irk you but the results are so miraculous that you will not care.
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by Ric on 18 de Abril de 2012
I have been using DMSO for over 30 years. I was a serious power lifter for many years and met bodybuilders Olympic lifters from all over the USA. All of us at my club started using it and before squatting or benching we rubbed it on our joints and also crushed aspirin and rubbed it in! The aspirin was absorbed. I am 62 years old and still use it. I love it. You will have to try it!
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by Noemi on 26 de Fevereiro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
This product is great for inflammation. I'd suggest reading about the product before using it. I swear by it!
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