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Pure Essence Labs Candex 40 Cápsulas

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Candex Works
by Ozzie Girl on 5 de Maio de 2017
☑ Compra verificada
Candex is good stuff. Did the job well. I noticed a reduction in the 'uncomfortable' feeling in my gut.
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by Anonymous on 6 de Novembro de 2012
I've been taking Candex for one week. After 2 days of taking Candex, my vaginal yeast disappeared. I had taken Dr. prescribed med's and suppositories for 2 weeks for the problem. Two days on Candex and symptoms disappeared. I am going to continue taking for one more week. Very strong broad spectrum antibiotics brought this on even though I was taking probiotics hoping to avoid problem. Candex really helped.
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by Anonymous on 15 de Outubro de 2012
There is so much I want to say about Candex! To say it has changed my life would not be an exaggeration. I have suffered from intestinal distress for several years. Sometimes in such a severe way that I saw 2 seperate doctors to try and find some relief. One believed I had injured myself and gave me painkillers, and the other believed I was suffering from anxiety, (which I was) but still could offer no sort of solution. I had pretty much decided that I would simply be sick my entire life and there was nothing I could do about it. On occasion I would get yeast infections (maybe once or twice a year), which I was told was due to stress/antibiotics, and the only thing I could do was to treat them with over the counter yeast infection cream. After only 1 week of taking this product my lower back/intestinal pain stopped. I feel healthier and have more energy. Probably the most delightful side effect is that my period (which since I was teen was always all over the place and sometime would be either very severe to very weak) seems to have stabalized. I've only been taking the product for about two weeks now so I can't be sure, but it seems that all my problems were connected. I'm elated to report that I haven't felt this healthy since I was 10 and I haven't changed my diet at all. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms I have, I would seriously urge you to try this product.
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by Anonymous on 11 de Outubro de 2012
I have to say that I am very pleased with Candex. I was put on some antibiotics that gave me a terrible yeast infection which ended up spreading to the skin! I have been taking this less than a week and it has done more for me than all those pills, creams and powders have. This is something that I would recommend to everyone! I will be adding it to my diet regularly for maintenance.
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by Kristin on 12 de Setembro de 2012
Candex seems great. 've used it for over a week now, and saw improvement after using it for 1 day. I have had vaginal candida for the past 3 years; it was more likely that I would have a yeast infection than not, and I was just keeping it at bay by changing my diet and other such nonsense (I was diagnosed by a doctor with a yeast allergy, and yeast is in many common foods). Now I don't have to be overly concerned with what I eat.
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by Anonymous on 25 de Agosto de 2012
As of now, I have been taking Candex as instructed. It has been a total of four weeks. There is some improvement. I have been suffereing with yeast infections for several years and I've heard good things about this product. I sure hope that it will work in the long run!
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by Anonymous on 27 de Julho de 2012
I just finished my third jar of Candex and have seen no difference. I do as instructed - take two at night on an empty stomach, and two in the am on empty stomach. I have systemic yeast - yeast on tongue, on fingers and toenails and I eat zero sugar - have rarely used any form of sugar in the past several years. Candex hasn't reduced my symptoms at all, that I can tell. I'm going to buy one more jar, just in case I haven't given it long enough - then will try something else.
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by Monika on 17 de Junho de 2012
Didn't work for me. I took it for 3 months because I suffer from chronic yeast infections and I must say that Candex didn't make any difference. I was on the yeast free diet too.
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by Anonymous on 14 de Junho de 2012
I had been so irritated with my vaginal yeast infection and the constant itching and pain that it brings me. Candex helped to eliminate that, in less than a week. Not only is Candex a natural remedy, but it is easy to take and inexpensive.
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by Anonymous on 5 de Junho de 2012
If you are looking for a natural remedy for even severe vaginal(or systemic) yeast infections, that really works - this is it! It begins working overnight, with clear results showing after three days. I noticed these results when taken on an empty stomach. Fantastic!
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