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Behavior Balance - DMG Liquid

Food Science of Vermont Balanço Comportamento - DMG Líquido Preto Cherry 12 fl oz

Preço: R$ 115,20

by Kelly S. on 22 de Abril de 2014
☑ Compra verificada
Instant change in behavior from my six-year-old autistic boy. Usually he's very violent and not very cooperative, but now he's like a completely different boy. He's loving, kind and already starting to show signs of toilet awareness. School, friends and family have noticed. I actually call it his miracle juice.
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by Holly on 5 de Maio de 2013
My daughter has Asperger's Syndrome. I had a conference with her teacher in the fall of the school year. Her teacher mentioned that she was having a hard time with my daughter being able to focus and suggested that maybe a mild medication would help her. I didn't want to just throw my child on a drug because she has trouble focusing so I started to do some research. I found several sights talking about Behavior Balance DMG and how it helped other people's autistic children. I bought a bottle and we tried it for a month. When her grade card came in at the end of our four weeks, every one of her grades had gone up a whole letter grade. When I asked her how she felt taking it, she looked me in the eyes and said "Mom I can think better, and I feel better." She doesn't argue as much, she focuses on tasks better, and she doesn't get as frustrated over little things either. I'm glad I chose to do some research to try and find a natural approach to helping her.
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by Amr E. on 1 de Abril de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Yes, Behavior Balance-DMG LIQUID helped my autistic child to gain some behavior stability.
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by Holly on 28 de Julho de 2012
The Behavior Balance DMG liquid has changed my Autistic son dramatically. He used to have daily temper tantrums, not follow directions at all, and he would have melt downs when changing class in school. I started last fall giving it to him in his juice everyday and didn't really notice anything and then his teacher asked if he was taking something because he was actually sitting in circle time and snack time, etc., where he didn't before. I was able to start taking him to the grocery store, etc., without the meltdowns. His temper tantrums are only on occasion now and not nearly as violent. He has actually started saying a few words in communication now where he didn't communicate at all before although he can repeat anything or memorize cartoons or songs. He would never ask for juice, now he has a few things he asks for. I never run out of Behavior Balance, I keep a bottle at home and one at my mom's. My mom never forgets to give it to him when he is there because they see the dramatic difference also.
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by Tanya Aucoin on 13 de Maio de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I bought this for my 9 year old son at the recommendation of an herbal shop employee. He was and still is having behavioral problems in school. I thought this would help him to focus on school work, and to curb attitude issues at home. Although, the cost on eVitamins was about 1/2 of what I spent originally, my son has been on the max dosage for his age for quite some time, and I don't feel it's been effective. We will probably continue to purchase items from eVitamins because of the cost, but I will not be purchasing this particular item again.
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by Bert Lego on 4 de Abril de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
It is great for my 10 yr old autistic child. It improves behavior, that is, less head banging and more manageable.
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by Loraine on 4 de Março de 2012
I have been tired for over a year now and had medical professionals tell me I was depressed. I did not think I was depressed I just knew something was not right for me to be so tired all the time. I started taking DMG liquid along with Adrenal Terrain and within 3 days, I was awake and feeling better! So much that I have even been running again in the past week! I have been taking this for 9 days now and I am a new woman!
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by Anonymous on 1 de Fevereiro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
We use DMG to help support "positive" behavior in our six-year-old daughter who is diagnosed with moderate autism. She has some difficulty sleeping through the night, so we thought the DMG (being a precursor to serotonin) may help as well. She does seem to have less frequent tantrums or at least tolerant tantrums. Is it all because of the DMG?...who knows. In the end our daughter has not had any negative side effects. She seems to be moving in the right directions...less tantrums.
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by Anonymous on 5 de Janeiro de 2012
This product is excellent! We took our 9 year old (autistic) off Abilify because it had some serious side effects for her. One of the side effects was that she became extremely depressed and was crying all the time. We started her on this product and it has made a whole lot of difference. She is now very pleasant and for the most part in a good mood all the time. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.
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