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Batherapy Liquid Mineral Bath

Queen Helene Batherapy Líquido Mineral Bath Lavender 16 oz

Preço: R$21.16

by Sofia A on 26 de Julho de 2016
Very relaxing, Very relaxing. Great for a very rejuvenating soak.
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by Lisa H. on 10 de Julho de 2014
☑ Compra verificada
This was okay just. It did not have too much of a lavender smell. But, overall, it did relax me in the bath water.
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by Vivian on 3 de Setembro de 2012
After driving 10 hours, I was looking for something to add to a hot bath to help relax my tired, achy muscles. The Batheraphy Natural Mineral Bath therapy sounded like it might be what I needed. I LOVE this product! Not only does it help relax tired muscles, it has a pleasant aroma that relaxes your senses and helps you sleep more restfully. I have recommended this to many friends and each one of my family members uses it regularly after a hard day at work or play. Thank you very much for such a wonderful, natural product!
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by Anonymous on 26 de Agosto de 2012
Batherapy was my favorite product. I called it the "miracle" product for cramps and muscle aches and pains. For years, I aggressively recommended it to all my friends and family for muscle spasms and back pain. It even helped with post-partum issues. Then one day it didn't seem to relax my muscles or eliminate leg or back cramps. I discovered they removed the lithium chloride which seemed to act as a muscle relaxant without fogging the brain. For a time I was able to find some bottles that still contained the ingredient, and it was great. But now it seems the old supply is gone, and we are left with a much lesser product, not much better than any other bath salt. So sorry to see you go. Please bring back the lithium salts!
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by Anonymous on 7 de Agosto de 2012
Batherapy Liquid Mineral Bath used to be a great product, but the previous reviewer is correct - Batherapy has reformulated their products and eliminated the lithium salts. As a result, I have stopped buying their product.
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by Lauren on 31 de Julho de 2012
I really love the Batherapy liquid mineral bath - I've been using it for ten years! However, ever since they stopped putting lithium chloride in their product, it doesn't help to ease my stress like it had in the past. I called the company and they said if lithium was no longer on the ingredients list (it is, in fact, no longer listed on all new Batherapy products), then the chemists decided to no longer include it in their product. Many parents with autistic children reported very good results with this product, citing improvements in behavior/mood with regular use of Batherapy. I wonder if these people have also witnessed a change since the lithium has been removed? It still works well for a tired body. However, for the highly stressed individual with an extremely hectic/demanding schedule, it no longer takes the edge off like it used to.
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by Marian Brooks on 6 de Junho de 2012
Thanks so much for the Batherapy Liquid Mineral Bath. I walk on my feet all day long and I sit in the bath at night. It makes me feel so relaxed. I have turned a lot of people on to using this product. I am really thankful, because it really helps. Thanks again!
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by Anonymous on 17 de Março de 2012
I think they have re-reformulated the green liquid Batherapy. I can now buy it again with the lithium salts and the original formula. It says "original" on the bottle. I think this is the only one of their products that has gone back to the original formula. Buy buy buy and let Queen Helene know that their loyal customers will buy this product again!
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