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Anxiety Relief

Natural Care Ansiedade Relief 120 Comprimidos

Preço: R$ 59,24

by Jen on 21 de Abril de 2014
This product works. I love it!
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by Tammy Dale on 19 de Julho de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Excellent product! It really works !
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by Berdie_36 on 19 de Maio de 2013
I started having anxiety attacks about a week and half ago and immediately went to see my doctor. She prescribed me an anti-depressant (which I had never in my life taken) and sleeping pills since I was not sleeping because of the anxiety attacks. I had an adverse reaction to the prescribed medication and ended up in the hospital worse, and with suicidal thoughts, the anxiety attacks had gotten worse and I was not sleeping more than 2 hours a night. One of my best friends saw me in such distress that she took me to a health food store and the lady at the store suggested Anxiety Relief tablets. My life is sooo back to normal. I am sleeping and no anxiety. I highly recommend these tablets. I will never again touch those anti-depressant pills. With my friends help, my faith in God and Anxiety Relief tablets my life is back to normal or more normal than ever.
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by Anonymous on 14 de Setembro de 2012
I had been feeling so depressed and sad, wanting to cry over anything since my separation. I've been taking Anxiety Relief for 2 days now and I feel great, with no worries and stress. They work great!
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by Kevin on 23 de Julho de 2012
I'm not sold yet. I've only been taking Anxiety Relief for over a week now and don't feel any calmer. I guess my anxiety and stress is too strong for it to have any affect. I think it's in people's mind, they take a pill or vitamin and they think their cured all of a sudden. Unfortunately, I don't believe it to be that easy.
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by Michelle on 8 de Junho de 2012
I love Anxiety Relief! I have been experiencing anxiety for almost two years now. I have been afraid to take any kind of antidepressants because I had a bad experience with two of them. Both of the antidepressants had adverse reactions, and made my anxiety worse. I wanted something natural and safe. I wanted something that would not make me drowsy or feel weird in any way shape or form. This product gives you instant relief, and has no side effects. I recommend this product to anyone who has anxiety or anyone who gets nervous or jitty from time to time. I can say it really works!
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by Kim on 19 de Maio de 2012
I started having these anziety attacks out of nowhere. My daughter (who is a nurse) went to the health food store and got a bottle of Anxiety Relief for me to try. I'm sold! They work and have really helped me.
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by Tiffany on 9 de Maio de 2012
I've been using Anxiety Relief by Natural Care for 3 days now and have seen awesome results so far!
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by Sandra on 10 de Março de 2012
I was experiencing terrible anxiety attacks and crying all the time. I went to the Health Food Store and a gentleman recommended Anxiety Relief. He actually had a bottle by his register that he said he takes. He also told me that you can take as many as you need to get results because they were safe and everyone is different. I was feeling very anxious before going to the store and didn't take anything before going because I wanted to see if what he recommended was going to work. I took 6 pills immediately. They taste like candy to me and I let them dissolve under my tongue. Twenty minutes later I took two more. I was then calm enough to go visit my daughter, whose mother-in-law was visiting, and didn't feel any distress at all during the visit. I have been taking them almost non-stop for a week and took the entire bottle in 5 days and bought another. I am doing so much better. I am starting to get out of the house more and am feeling more social. I am not taking as many as I did with the first bottle. I think once they get into your system that you don't have to take too many. I have felt better this week than I have in months. These pills do not have any adverse reactions for me. They don't make me sleepy or feel sick at all. I recommend giving them a try.
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by Jill on 21 de Fevereiro de 2012
Anxiety Relief is such an excellent product. It really does take the edge off of anxiety or panick-y feelings. No real taste to them either, so taking them is so easy. Highly recommend.
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