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Aloe Herbal Stomach Formula

Lily Of The Desert Aloe Ervaal estômago Formula 16 fl oz

Preço: R$37.93

by Vanessa on 30 de Outubro de 2013
Before Aloe Vera Organic Stomach Herbal Formula I was suffering from an ulcer due to stress. The burning pain was horrible! I couldn't eat any solid foods and I was reduced to drinking fluids only. I asked a friend of mine, who happens to work in an herb shop, what I could take to make it stop burning and start to heal. She recommended Lily of the Desert Stomach Formula. I went to the health store and bought it. Took the 2 oz, and 10 minutes later the burning pain started to go away! By that evening, the pain was totally gone! Sure it doesn't taste great, but it works wonders! I have been pain free for several weeks now. A friend of mine lost his job 2 weeks ago and he has been having stomach pains due to stress. I bought him a bottle of the Aloe Vera Organic Stomach Formula, and he also feels much better. Oh and I believe it has helped with some skin problems I had. I have smooth skin and a healthy glow...
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by Anonymous on 20 de Outubro de 2013
I tried the Aloe Vera Stomach Formula after 2 doctors could not identify the cause of my severe and episodic stomach pain. I took 2 oz of this and it stopped the pain immediately. I am now taking 2 oz twice daily and there's no more pain! It has also stopped the gas, bloating and cramps. Great stuff!!
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by Steph Wohlfeil on 11 de Outubro de 2013
I have ulcerative colitis and it was my doctor who actually recommended I take the Naturade Stomach Formula. I took 4 oz. in the morning and 4 oz in the evening and slowly the bleeding stopped and my UC went into remission. I was on several other supplements as well but I strongly believe this one was a major contributor to my healing.
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by Maggie Villegas on 9 de Outubro de 2013
I started taking Aloe Very 80 Stomach Formula in the evening before bed time and it brought me relief. I take it in the morning before I eat or drink anything. I have suffered with stomach problems for more than 30 years. What a difference in just a few days! I know the taste is not the best, but I take it just the same. Everything takes time for your body to heal itself and I know that this Stomach Formula will make a big difference in my health and I am very excited about the results in the near future. I would recommend it to anyone with stomach problems and those who don't. Keep a bottle in the fridge instead of coke. You have to try this product and stay on it to see the benefits. Good health to you!
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by Lisa on 26 de Julho de 2013
After taking Nexium and suffering from acid reflux & heartburn for 10 years, I went to my local Whole Foods store to find a natural or herbal remedy. A store clerk suggested the Aloe Vera Organic Stomach Herbal Formula by Lily of the Desert and I started taking it the same day I stopped the Nexium - that was 3 years ago! This product has truly been a miracle for me.
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by Ericka on 25 de Julho de 2013
After being diagnosed with Acid Reflux, my pain would not go away. I had stomach cramps, nausea and back aches. An employee at Whole Foods recommended this product and it was HORRIBLE. Not only was it hard to keep down in my stomach but it gave me SEVERE stomach cramps and nausea for 1 1/2 hours. I had to take Tums to calm my stomach down. The taste was very bitter/sour. But I expected this, with a natural product. I returned this the next day.
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by Alicia on 6 de Maio de 2013
I am totally cured of severe heatburn! Lily of the Desert's aloe vera gel gave me unbelievable results in just 2 days. I have also had the added benefits of less bloating, gas and irregularity. I simply took 1/8 cup with a glass of juice, my problems are gone. I could not recommend a better product!
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by Shiela on 21 de Abril de 2013
After suffering through the side effects of Aciphex for over a year, I decided I HAD to get off this PPH. I tried several times to wean myself off of it, but the heartburn and acid reflux would just become unbearable. I saw the Stomach Formula at my local health food store and purchased it. The first dose was quite a surprise in taste. I didn't think I could keep it down, but I was determined to give it a try. The taste is pretty awful, however, after just a few days, I was Aciphex free! I take 2 Tbsps several times a day and can't believe how fantastic I feel being off the Aciphex!! This product is incredible!!!! For anyone trying to get off proton pump inhibitors, this is the product to buy.
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by Anonymous on 30 de Março de 2013
Lily of the Desert Stomach Formula Aloe Vera Gel has kept me off Prilosec for 10 years! I put 1/4 cup of it in a big glass of water and sip it through the evening. It's also great for heartburn.
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by Anonymous on 7 de Março de 2013
My wife and I are firm believers in Aloe Vera. Since originally reading about it online, we've done more research. We love the Stomach Formula for digestion!
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