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Advanced Yohimbe-Plus

Irwin Naturals, Yohimbe-Plus Avançado - 100 Cápsulas Líquido Gel

Preço: R$ 89,25

by Frank V. on 12 de Junho de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is very strong product! I only need one or two softgels for a good and fast result. I highly recommend this supplement.
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by P on 16 de Fevereiro de 2013
I have used Advanced Yohimbe-Plus for the past one month one tablet daily. Initially (2 or 3 weeks) the results were great but now I see no difference. It is as good as not taking the tablet. In fact I took 2 tablets yesterday night and still I feel nothing. I have decided to stop taking this tablet. In fact I feel better now by not taking this tablet.
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by Mateo on 14 de Fevereiro de 2013
Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is a decent product for those who know what to expect. Those who aren't familiar with Yohimbe, proceed with caution. For men who are having equipment issues this is not a quick fix. First look at your health. Do you smoke? Drink in excess? Have a marginal/poor diet? Are you over weight? Do you exercise regularly? Being out of shape can drastically reduce performance. If your gut sticks out farther than your appendage you might want think about hitting the gym instead of looking to pharmaceuticals for an answer. Doctors wont tell you that though. They would just rather sell you a pill.
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by Anonymous on 26 de Dezembro de 2012
I just tried it. After one hour of the first pill it started to work. I got a very firm and full erection that I never ever had before. I tried so many different pills in the past such as Viagra, ciallis and other but Advanced Yohimbe Plus is the best. No side effects and very, very effective. It works with me.
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by Kashmirgrey on 17 de Novembro de 2012
I have been taking "one" Advanced Yohimbe-Plus a day for the past week. Do yourself a favor and heed the warning repeated throughout these reviews regarding dosage. Start with one. Don't start with three. Side effects are starting to subside, but first few days were awful. Nausea, whacked-out body temp fluctuations, anxiety, sweaty palms and feet, significant increase in heart rate, and insomnia. However, as I said, these are subsiding, and if you take one of these in the morning with breakfast, that seems to work best. Positives: Firm erections, increased libido, weight loss, etc. I'm still just doing one a day. Perhaps down the road I'll try two.
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by Anonymous on 5 de Novembro de 2012
Great product, increased blood flow sensitivity and stamina. It works, unlike products that aren't Irwin Naturals. I noticed a difference as soon as I had intercourse first day I started using them.
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by Anonymous on 19 de Outubro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
This product works great. I have been using it for about a month but I started seeing results within the first couple weeks. I would definitely recommend this product.
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by Anonymous on 28 de Setembro de 2012
☑ Compra verificada
I would take Advanced Yohimbe-Plus™ as directed (1 in the morning and 3 before sexual activity) but I soon found that I had an increase in energy, but a major decrease in sexual stamina. The sexual performance was the main reason I decided to take the pill, I was very disappointed in the results.
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by Randy Bobandy on 22 de Setembro de 2012
I took two Advanced Yohimbe-Plus pills on an empty stomach before class (probably a bad idea). An hour later I was unable to take notes, and I felt my heart racing. I couldn't sit still. However, it did help with stamina. It also "messed with my mind" - I felt very paranoid and uncomfortable and at times like I was tripping. So the side effects can be terrible. I may try taking one pill on a full stomach in a few days and see how that goes.
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by Josh L on 18 de Setembro de 2012
Advanced Yohimbe-Plus is an absolute killer. I wouldn't wish the way I felt after taking 2 Yohimbe Plus pills on my worst enemy. I had anxiety, cold shivers and hot flashes, runny nose, goose bumps the size of tomatoes, sweaty shins and calves, my heart felt like it either was going to explode or just flat line. (Oh I forgot the psychedelic tripping on acid feeling). I will be returning this product ASAP only after 2 pills and read the what the FDA says about Yohimbe because it is very dangerous as I found out.
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