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ACF Fast Relief

Buried Treasure ACF Rápido Alívio 16 fl oz

Preço: R$ 111,05

by Brenda Sneckenberger on 27 de Fevereiro de 2015
☑ Compra verificada
Awesome Product!!! Knocks a cold right out of you in most cases or at least makes the horrible symptoms that go along with it more manageable.
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by Colleen Murphy on 22 de Julho de 2013
☑ Compra verificada
ACF Fast Relief works! The minute anyone in my family starts to get that feeling that something is coming on we take a couple of tablespoons of this and that's it. It is fantastic, we are never sick. The taste is something to get used to (blech), but it is SO WORTH not getting sick. I highly recommend ACF Fast Relief.
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by Anonymous on 24 de Dezembro de 2012
I've been using this awesome product for a few years and now I'm giving it away in gift baskets. I just take it at the first sign of a cold and voila- no more symptoms! I sent Buried Treasure Acute Cold and Flu formula to my nephew who is away at college out of state and he just told me "Auntie, everyone was getting sick around me and I just kept taking this stuff and I'm not sick for the trip home." He couldn't thank me enough. My father-in-law got sick and I gave him some of mine. He felt better that same night! I just included a bottle in a gift basket for him for Christmas. Can't say enough about this excellent combination product.
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by Anonymous on 17 de Outubro de 2012
I flew cross-country with the nastiest cold imaginable. The pain in my ears was like being stabbed with an ice pick. When I got to my aunt's house she forced two shots of ACF on me every couple hours... and let me tell you, I woke up the next morning nearly recovered. I can't fully express how amazing the result was. The only issue is that it tastes absolutely horrid. If you take a shot and chase it with a fruit juice, the taste does not linger.
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by Anonymous on 4 de Outubro de 2012
My wife gave me this stuff the other day because I started getting aches and had a headache. I took a TBSP before bed and another one in the morning. By afternoon, I felt fine and still do. She originally found it last year when she started coming down with a cold or flu. She started taking a TBSP, 3x a day and it prevented her symptoms from progressing, and in a few days, she felt fine. Her symptoms were minor and never even slowed her down. We credit that to ACF. As for the taste, I would say it tastes horrible, nor would I say it tastes good. It tastes like you would expect cough syrup to taste. It's been a winner for us!
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by Rosalind Rauschenberg on 14 de Agosto de 2012
I am on the tail end of a miserable cold. I hate colds and the flu too. (The flu is worse!) They both rob you of your energy and leave you feeling miserable. Both are something that simply have to run it's course. But who says you cannot find some comfort while going through that bad cold or flu? This is where Acute Cold & Flu Liquid Formula comes into play. You can take it at any point while experiencing cold or flu symptoms. It actually contains immune boosters, expectorants and fever reducers. And is also safe enough for kids to take. It is okay tasting, as far as any medicine or tonic goes, but I love how it helps me "cope" through my nasty cold. I only take a tablespoon every two to three hours. Basically as needed. And of course I am getting lots of rest, and drinking plenty of liquids. There is no cure for the common cold, but this cold & flu formula really helps you get through it. I borrowed this from my Mom. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm claiming it. At least until I am "all better".
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by Anonymous on 7 de Junho de 2012
We've been using ACF for more than a year. It really works! If taken at the first sign of a cold symptom, the symptoms do not worsen and are gone within 12-24 hours! It helps if you drink fresh Aloe Vera gel (blending it with water is the way to go).
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by Carol on 10 de Maio de 2012
I ALWAYS keep a bottle on hand (just in case) as I work in the health care profession and am exposed to upper respiratory infections frequently. I take this as directed and it has NEVER failed me! If feeling signs/symptoms of a cold, I immediately start taking and within 24 hours I have no residual symptoms. I wouldn't be without it.
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by Anonymous on 7 de Abril de 2012
I'm not quite sure why everyone loves ACF so much. Besides tasting completely horrible, I've never experienced any relief from it. Besides that, I started looking it up, and a lot of the ingredients are barred by the FDA from medicines! They're only allowed to sell it as a "dietary supplement". All in all - a really disappointing experience.
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by Walt on 5 de Fevereiro de 2012
I love ACF Fast Relief! And frankly the taste is wonderful! I've used it twice, when I was starting to get the bug that lasted in other people up to 5 weeks. It kicked it in less than 4 days tops!
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