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Aangamik DMG

Food Science of Vermont Aangamik DMG 125 mg 60 Tabletes

Preço: R$44.35

by Kizzy on 5 de Novembro de 2013
I'm a 29 year old female and have been suffering from asthma for over a decade. AANGAMIK DMG 125 is a great product. I have not had to take any steroids since I have been taking this product. My breathing is better now than it was when I was taking all other medicines. My cousin brought me a supply of the tabs and I am highly appreciative. My energy level is back to normal, my appetite is better, my attitude is better, and I just feel great!
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by Bob Kornstadt on 14 de Janeiro de 2013
My daughter who runs track and cross country, has exercise induced asthma. After track meets she suffers from a nagging cough that lasts for hours. A consultant to the track team, suggested DMG to us as a possible solution for this problem. We tried it, and it has only been a couple of days, but there is a marked improvement. The consultant also told us about the improvement in oxygen delivery to the heart, and that this would help her stamina when running. Her first 3 mile cross country meet after using this product was yesterday, and concluded the race with a personal best time. Perhaps the most impressive aspect, was that even though she improved her time by a good 30 seconds, but at the end she commented that she could have run harder, but got hung up behind a slower runner in a narrow part of the course. DMG will continue to be an important part of her diet, exercise and training routine.
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by mark ellman-sinatra on 30 de Agosto de 2012
I am a retired thoroughbred race horse trainer. I started using dmg on my horses in 1989. Horses that would come from the farm would go to the track for a gallop. Some would come back all tied up. The horses would be tied in a knot from lactic acid. This is a by-product of muscle cell over use. People can feel the same affect when they go to work out for the first time after a long lay-off. You get that muscle soreness the next day that lasts about three days. It is caused by lactic acid which starts to eat at the muscle fibers causing pain. The saying no pain no gain is lack of knowledge of the cause and effect of lactic acid build up. I used to give my horses 750mg. every day and never had a tie up again. I used to buy it in 25lb. containers. I found aangamik at a health food store about 20yrs. ago. and started to take 250mg. once a day. It will relieve the aforementioned pain of doing any exercise you are not used to doing. nn-dymethylglycine is what the Russian athletes got busted for using in the past Olympics. People in the past wanted to name this vitamin-15, but it does not meet the criteria of a vitamin. I have been using it for 20 yrs. and have never had any side effects and found it to be completely reliable.
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