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5-hour Energy

Living Essentials 5-Hour Energia Berry 6-2 Garrafas fl oz

Preço: R$41.45

by Colin on 28 de Dezembro de 2013
I had a few 5-Hour Energy work amazing. But do not take it on an empty stomach. This energy drink has a few things in it that break down your foods and if you don't eat, it will cause you serious problems later on. You need to eat, and eat a lot. It will then break down the food and cause more energy. I asked a doctor about this drink and showed him what's in it.
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by Anonymous on 29 de Novembro de 2013
I would say 5-Hour Energy is pretty good, but the taste is nasty. I like how small this bottle is, though for the amount of 'energy' it supplies (doses of caffeine). I used to take this in the early mornings on my way to work on days that I wanted a boost of energy. I would say in minutes I felt a rush and used to breeze through my day without noticing the clock. One side effect you might not expect is nausea.
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by Anonymous on 24 de Novembro de 2013
I took 5-Hour Energy one day and it worked fine; I felt great. I then took it again about 1 week later and started feeling hot spots on my body, got dizzy, my arms felt like small needles were going into my skin. I had to take Claritan to get rid of the symptoms.
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by Andrew on 13 de Novembro de 2013
I have taken 5 Hour Energy two times now and both times it has worked great. It did not give me the shakes like energy drinks do. It's a great product! I will buy it again.
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by Chris on 2 de Outubro de 2013
5-Hour Energy is a great product. I recommend taking only half, otherwise you might get jittery (unless you are used to taking this product). Half of a bottle and I'm good for several hours. The taste is very pleasing (if you like sweet/sour candy) and it begins to work immediately.
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by Anonymous on 29 de Setembro de 2013
I think 5-Hour Energy is wonderful. I have a really hard time finding energy products that work for me. I'm a 41 year old female and I really miss ephedra based products. They were the only ones that got me going. This product is what I've been looking for since ephedra was taken off the market.
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by Anonymous on 13 de Setembro de 2013
I drank a bottle of 5-Hour Energy 10 minutes ago and I'm finally coming down from the niacin flush. It was really intense and honestly very uncomfortable, but now that all that is calming down I'm definitely feeling the energy. I've read that if you flush really hard it's because you jumped into too high of a niacin dose without building up your niacin level first. So I guess the flush isn't an issue if you take enough niacin.
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by Anonymous on 8 de Setembro de 2013
Besides the horrible taste it felt like 5-Hour Energy took away energy. I got jittery, but I was still half asleep. I also got really paranoid over nothing and had a short temper with my girlfriend. I use other energy drinks and find them much better than this. I use them for staying alert during ice hockey (I play AAA so it's very important that I do well) and I never played worse. I even started seeing double, like there were two pucks.
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by Chris V. on 28 de Agosto de 2013
Since using Chaser 5 Hour Energy, I have more energy and my headaches are pretty much gone.
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by Tracy on 28 de Agosto de 2013
5 hour energy is an awesome product. It works great to get me going in the morning. You really do need to take it on an empty stomach to get the full effect. It also is a great appetite suppressor. It gave me the boost to lose a few pounds. I am so grateful this product exists and it's safe.
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