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R$61.33 R$32.22
Nutrition Now PB 8 Vegetarian Formula

"Como todos já conhecem este produto é excelente! "

"I love PB8. Been using this for digestive support for years. It's not super strong and was recommended by ND so I have been using it for a few years now and it has helped me with a multitude of things including sleeping (not sure why) but also just feeling better overall."
- James W.
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R$99.24 R$52.15
Nutrition Now PB 8 Vegetarian Formula

"Ajuda muito na digestão a noite, me faz dormir merlhor."
- Jose Domingo Bouzon

"Tomei 2 toda noite. Comecei a tomar porque tenho muita infecção urinária. Mas não senti diferença nem no intestino nem na melhora das infecções."
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R$60.76 R$33.83
Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Pearls Acidophilus

"I have tried many probiotics and this is certainly the most effective that I have found yet. I have suffered with digestive problems. I have been taking Pearls for 20 days now and feel that I have finally found a cure! This product is amazing."
- Valentyn

"Acidophilus Pearls are a wonderful product! Very convienent and cost-effective. I had been suffering from chronic constipation for a long time when my doctor suggested probiotic therapy. It worked from day one, no more constipation. Very effective product!"
- Anonymous
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R$99.24 R$52.15
Nutrition Now PB 8 Original Formula

"OTIMO RECOMENDO. Tomo todos os dias antes de dormir e logo que acordo meu intestino funciona."

"Produto com quantidade boa de cápsulas, e excelentes resultados!"
- Isabela Oliveira Furtado Gomes
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R$101.04 R$72.31
Garden of Life Primal Defense

"It works well, but it gives me gas. I am going to try something different. I have a high protein diet, and every once in a while I still have a day I don't go on this. Might change if I take more than one pill per day, but then it starts to get expensive. "
- Steve Sunn

"Primal Defense is a very good product that is a godsend, since all other "probiotics" rarely work as they claim they will. I believe it is Primal's special blend that gives it an advantage over others. I had been taking this product for about a year, nearly two years ago, then quit. I regretted doing that because I developed worsening symptoms very recently, such as new attacks of IBS (diarrhea mostly), burning, gassiness, etc. I am just starting to take it again tonight and I will tell you, I already feel the difference. It's not a "miracle pill", but it really works and, when taken consistently, can really help people with digestive problems. It's worth trying a bottle to see if it works for you!"
- Evelynne
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R$180.46 R$97.43
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"Estou tomando a três semanas, intestino regulado. Médico inclusive recomenda."
- Fabio Antonio de Borba

"Comecei a usar probiotico porque minha alimentação não é muito boa. Por enquanto não vi nenhum resultado por essa razão vou continuar tomando. A marca é excelente, já comprei varios produtos dessa marca e não me arrependo."
- Katy
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R$108.26 R$58.45
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"It is an effective probiotic. I liked it. "
- sheetal dhillon

"Ótimo produto, regula o funcionamento intestinal com as suas inúmeras bactérias do bem."
- Daniel Peregrino de Brito
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R$198.51 R$138.95
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Ultimate Care

"Produto de qualidade diferenciada, elevou minha condição a um nível que nunca havia sido alcançado com produtos nacionais similares."
- Osvaldo Batista Ferreira

"Fantastic product & very effective..."
- RS
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R$61.33 R$32.22
Nutrition Now PB 8 Acidophilus

"Atinguiu o objetivo desejado com ótimo preco!"
- GUstavo Pereira Zapaterra

"C'est merveilleux pour moi et ma copine , mon systeme digestif fonctionne a merveille. Merci."
- Jacques K.
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R$180.46 R$97.43
Now Foods Probiotic-10

"Excelente, produto cumpre o que promete, restaurou a minha flora intestinal, vou fazer uso continuamente."

"É de suma importância para minha família. "
- claudio de carvalho
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R$64.94 R$35.05
Now Foods Gr8-Dophilus

"Excelente produto. Melhora a imunidade e regulariza o intestino."
- Marcilene Heidmann Soccol

"We are using this product to help in the process of healing my husband's gut. It works primarily in the intestine which is awesome. We use it in conjunction with the NOW brand super enzyme which works primarily in the stomach. And we like that they're both organic."
- KarolAnn Clopton
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R$39.75 R$22.36
American Health Chewable Acidophilus Wafers

"sinto maio conforto com ele"

"Chewable Acidophilus Wafers do have a chalky taste, but they're really not that bad. They do the job and mine have been in my fridge since March and I take them when I remember. It's October, I just finished them, and they tasted just like brand new still. I'm buying more :)"
- Mettie M.
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R$69.85 R$59.38
Nature's Plus Animal Parade AcidophiKidz

"I don't know how any child could eat it. My son chewed it up, gagged it out, then threw it up. I tasted one, it's terrible. Bitter, sour,and chalky. "
- Ashley L.

"Animal Parade is very good for children and it works great!"
- Cheryl Christensen
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R$97.29 R$68.12
Jarrow Formulas Fem Dophilus

"Gostei do produto, durante o uso achei que combateu a candidíase, mas tem que usá-lo durante alguns meses. "

"I usually use acidophilus for my stomach problems, but when I read about this product I was pretty excited. I have frequent uti's and yeast infections and really wanted to try this out. I do think it helped with the yeast infections but I did take more than the reccomended dosage because of the medication I take. As far as helping with the uti's I'm not so sure it helped with them, but who's to know for sure with a woman's body."
- Dana Roth
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R$144.36 R$122.70
Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora

"Excelente produto. Entrega rápida e confiável."
- joe machado

"Esse produto é excelente! Eu tomo diariamente e posso dizer que não tenho mais colite somente com o uso deste suplemento."
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R$198.51 R$138.95
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Women

"Very effective probiotic.. It helped me a lot in bringing my digestive system back to normal..."
- RS

"Regula as funções intestinais e com isso a enxaqueca diminuiu 90%."
- Aline Olivetto
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R$198.51 R$138.95
Garden of Life RAW Probiotics Men

"This returned my digestive tract back to normal. "
- Adam Rigden

"No more acid reflux when I go to bed."
- Robert L Wurtz
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R$72.16 R$38.95
Now Foods Saccharomyces Boulardii

"Produto excelente!"
- Carmem Lucia Marcos Manco

"Though the capsules may be a bit large for some people, I find that they do help ease my stomach irritability and bloating. I take 2 a day and they help me feel free to do whatever I want without fear of an upset stomach."
- Gina K.
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R$86.60 R$46.75
Now Foods OralBiotic

"This stuff really works. I have a chronic condition of BB and that puts down my confidence level always. Thank God, these pills took care of it. At least for the time being. But the problem returns back which tells me that I have something inside which is causing the actual problem. But I found this product to be effective as when I take it, I could feel my mouth is getting cleansed. So I will continue to take this product and meanwhile searching for the underlying cause of my actual problem. Thanks for this product. I am highly glad."
- Karthick

"I got it for a chronic sore throat, it does give some temporary improvement but it doesn't seem to cure the overall problem."
- Michael Plesset
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R$162.41 R$116.93
Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra

"I had leaky gut really bad, which caused my MS to act up. These probiotics are the best. Brought my digestive system right back to order. I highly recommend Primal Defense Ultra. "
- Marie Grace B.

"I take this because a nurse practitioner recommended it for my acid reflux. I must admit that I stopped burping so I guess it did some good."
- Cheryl F.
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R$151.58 R$106.10
Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Probiotics Once Daily Women's

"I love this product. It has made me feel so much better."
- Pamela Martin

"I have always used these probiotics, these truly help us women."
- Linda K. Arahill
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R$63.86 R$42.09
Solaray Multidophilus

"I'm now itch free. Before taking Multidophilus, I could hardly go a night without itching. Now I can finally get a good nights sleep and this is my first week of use thank you so much I'd recommend it to anyone during the stage of menapause."
- Blanch

"Believe it or not but Multidophilus can help with athelete's foot. I have had it on one of my heels for about three years. Nothing helped. But an employee at my local health food store told me this should help. It took about two months for it to kick in but it worked. But, don't stop taking it because I did and it came back. Give it a try. I hope it works for you too. Lisa"
- Lisa
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R$39.35 R$29.53
Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus

"This product is so good and has exactly the required things in it.."

"I love all of Solgar products!"
- Desiree Van Den Oever
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R$79.38 R$67.47
Renew Life Extra Care Ultimate Flora

"For the last couple of years, I've increasingly suffered with bloating. Many people have suggested a probiotic, but I've tried so many with very little result. I saw a review for Critical Care & it was much cheaper on this site so gave it a go. What a difference it made, stomach is flatter & I don't feel so uncomfortable. Really pleased."
- Sharon

"I used Ultimate Flora for one month straight. I would take one cap at around evening time. After three days I noticed my bowel movement was very healthy and my stomach felt empty, like I had a complete "emptying out". It was a feeling that I had not felt in a long time. Thank you so much for this product!"
- Russell
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