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Beco Things Beco Ball

"Comprei essa bolinha para o meu cachorro por ser ecologicamente correta, porém o cheiro dela é muito forte de borracha e eu não gostei e ele menos ainda! "
- Tata

"This Beco Ball from Beco Things is a decent option toy wise for pets. It's fantastic that it's eco friendly for sure. It held up pretty well but it smells a little weird so it took a while for our dog to get used it. The awkward shape of it was also a little tricky to get used to but it does make play time more interesting. I don't regret trying it. The only problem we really had is that it didn't last as long as we thought it would. Our family pet chewed it apart after just a couple uses but it was still a great toy while it lasted."
- C.W.
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R$29.40 R$24.99
Beco Things Becobowl

"My only complain about the Becobowl in the large size is that it doesn't have the plastic or non-slip bottom. Sometimes when my dog is eating she'll push the bowl around the floor since there is nothing on the bottom to prevent it from moving around. It's super easy to clean. Love the bowl!"
- Harley Kensington
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R$14.68 R$12.48
Beco Things Cat Bowl

"My cat loves these bowls so much she wont eat out of any other bowl now since i bought them, they clean well and store great on top of each other will purchase again!"
- Kathleen Rosenberg
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R$35.29 R$29.99
Beco Things Travel Bowl

"This great collapsible bowl from Beco Things has become a life saver. We always forgot to pack a bowl for the dog when it came to traveling because honestly traditional bowls are bulky and don't fit into tight spaces very well. This bowl however changed to game for us. The small compact size means it goes right back into the car after washing so we never forget it. It fits just about anywhere! The pop up design is easy and leak free. It's the perfect size for quick stops on the road and feeding/water time at our destination. It cleans out nicely for wet and dry food conditions. Fantastic product!"
- C.W.
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R$20.57 R$17.48
Beco Things Food Scoop

"Amei esse scoop. Eu tenho um depósito bem grande onde eu guardo a ração da minha cadela, o bom é que esse scoop pega o tamanho certo que cabe no bowl médio da Beco então eu não tenho que ficar medindo. A qualidade é excelente bem durável não quebra e a cor é bem igual a que aparece na foto do site, só um pouco mais clarinho. "
- kdano
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R$91.96 R$78.16
Beco Things Litter Box

"The hunt for all things eco friendly was on so this was something we tried when our old litter box finally broke. The two piece snap on was a little hard to get used to but truthfully it's very helpful - it keeps the litter bag in place! Score! The color options where wonderful - this green one matches perfectly to the room it's in. The size is decent for an average size cat. Our older cat has a problem with it but that's more so because he's a rather large cat. The litter stays in very well due to the designed raised sides. Over all a very decent option that is eco-friendly! "
- C.W.
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R$23.88 R$20.31
Beco Things Plush Cat Toy

"Millie the Mouse Plus Cat Toy from Beco is a welcomed addition to our collection of cat toys. We love that the product itself is eco friendly and made from recycled products. Our cats, well our cats can't get enough of it. The quality of the product is outstanding. Our cats get a little rough when it comes to play time and this adorable thing has held up well. Its a great quality product that is adorable as well. "
- C.W.
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