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Only Natural Olive Leaf Extract

"Olive Leaf extract is just short of a miracle. This is amazing. I have been in pain for more than 12 years with every year getting more and more painful. I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning due to extreme back and neck pain. I have been going to doctors for years and I am still suffering greatly. Today, after only using olive leaf extract for a 3 days, I woke up pain free. No back pain - I do not know how this works, but it does. Maybe my problems have been related to a parasite or viral infection (for 12 years)? I noticed a difference in my level of pain within the first hour after taking the capsule. Within 2 hours I was able to move around freely and walk up and down the stairs with minimal pain."
- Melissa

"I dare any sceptic to try olive leaf extract. I take both a caplet and oral liquid every day and the benefits have been that good that my friends noticed the improvement before I did. I have steady energy levels from the moment I wake up until bed and have no trouble falling to sleep. My mood has improved and my outlook on life is just so positive."
- Kohn
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R$79.36 R$59.51
Nature's Answer Oleopein Olive Leaf AF

"Good immunity booster and tummy cleanser, Amazing... this is so natural and the quality is good. Tastes a little bitter but that's okay since you mix it with water and take it anyway. It's not too strong smelling or anything... its' just dark green and smells green. Now about the benefits - its great for cleansing the stomach and an array of other things that olive leaf is known for. It is good at boosting immunity."
- Geetha

"So much easier to use than take another pill. Wirks great with orange juice, no yucky flavor !"
- Ksgurl
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R$86.94 R$73.92
Nature's Plus ARA-Larix Olive Leaf

"I have been taking one daily for years now and I never have cold sores as long as I take this regularly. However if I run out of this product I will always have a cold sore pop up. It really helps your immune system to fight off the infections!"
- Susan K.

"I have used this product for the past several years and have avoided many cold and flu episodes. When I feel something coming on, I take one capsule a day for 2 or 3 days and it never gets me down. when I don't recognize something coming on and it "gets me", I take a double dose morning and night for one day and then one a day for 2 to 3 days. I have had miraculous results. I can't recommend it enough!! I never take it daily, just when needed."
- Anonymous
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R$65.07 R$41.51
Nature's Herbs Olive Leaf Power

"Olive leaf power is great for a cold, sore throat, acne etc."
- T. Hunter
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R$88.33 R$75.07
Nature's Plus Oliceutic-20 250 mg

"This product has helped keep ear infections away from my daughter."
- Karen Miller
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R$47.44 R$25.69
Now Foods Olive Leaf Extract

"When I remember to take this daily, I feel so much better. I don't get headaches as often, or muscle pain. I assume its because of the detoxifying benefits of olive leaf extract, but whatever it is, I like it!"
- Anonymous
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R$83.29 R$70.07
Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex

"Olive Leaf Complex by Barlean's offers great benefits."
- Taneisha S.
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R$41.65 R$23.68
Nature's Way Olive Leaf Olea Europea

"Fat loss without catabolism. / Perda de peso sem catabolismo."
- Bruno Marques de Jesus
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R$150.78 R$127
Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex

"Taste is not the best - but i will say that the amount of antioxidant properties this stuff contains is unreal. So if you don't mind a bit of an olive-y metallic taste and want to be super healthy internally this is for you"
- Jean-Claude Van Damme
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Nature's Way Olive Leaf Standardized
R$188.38 R$131.88
Barlean's Olive Leaf Complex

"These softgels are the only ones in the market that help to control my mom´s disease. I hope that in future there will be bottles with more quantity of softgels. Thanks! :)"
- Jonathan Cabrera
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